Facing the university examinations in medicine


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Facing the university examinations in medicine

  1. 1. FACING THE UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS IN MEDICINE Dr.T.V.Rao MDI will justbegin with the quote “Fear of exams is the biggest enemy of students. “Whatever you think, that you will be. If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be; if you think your selves strong, strong you will be. ”you can do anything and everything, you are almighty (Swami Vivekananda),the university examinations in Medicine are a difficult proposition to any student who wish to succeed, If I think back to my student life I do not know how I passed many examination, as a Student I wished best of the help from the teachers, today as a Teacher I wish students should know many things, before I am satisfied with their success. In reality the Examination are not accurate to assess our Students any however there must be a parameter to qualify the students so the examinations we conduct. Today I find the Medical examination question are standardised as per the MCI for overall assessment of the students in the core subject. When I was a student the subject was limited, and assessment has no standards it was vague valuation, many times I got more than I expected, however we are moving towards an era there are comparative assessments, with ideas of must know, nice to know and excellent to know where we award many times maximum marks. In the examination system a bad student, tries all the ways to pass the examination it is immaterial how he passes, this is the concern in the days of privatization many people want the title of doctors thecontents of the knowledge are back seat, and very good students wish to be top rankers, rest of students float in the system, which are favourable to them as it is not possible to fail a mediocre as the questions are difficult to be valued accurately. Many students need to plan their knowledge to write in the examination for a success, just learn from many ideas however Preparation is a solution for facing exams boldly. If you are well prepared then you do not have to worry at all and it gives you confidence too” 1 Don’t Leave Any Questions Unanswered.Attempt All the Questions, If You Really Don’t Know about the Particular Question Asked, Write Something Related to That Topic, never write the answers to these question in the beginning of the answer script as you lose all impression, and examiners think you are trying make something which you do not know? 2 Stick to the idea and write The Important Key Points With Neat Handwriting Your First Impression Is The Best Impression, never mind even it is least marks question make use of the best of the talents impress, as the examiners have sympathy if you in the margins to fail I have revised at 1 or 2 marks just to give a chance to the candidate, 3 Plan Your Time, Take Minimum of 30 Minutes To Write the 10 marks question on applied topic never forget you lose your confidence if you make many blunders on this question so read all subjects with applied medicine talents, In many valuation if the student losses 10 marks out 40 marks, he has to score many many marks in other questions. 4 Use Pencil or only appropriate colour as violet, blue or red and not rainbow colours To Mark Diagrams, Use Black Ballpoint Pen to Highlight the Key Points. 5 Medicine is a flow of knowledge for appropriate action write answer with flow charts, 6 Keep Enemies of the students Away Bad Handwriting, Wrong Spellings, Copying from Other Students, your neighbours may be worse than never forget a secret eye is watching all the subject behaviour 7Important Thing Is, Never Leave The Exam Hall Earlier. As some recall ideas may strike on repeated thinking, realise if you sitting in examination hall you are doing best of the duty.
  2. 2. 8 Get Yourself with Proper Sleep, Food and Don’t Panic, there is no use burning midnight oil in the last days of the examination. It may impress that you are hardworking but use. 9 If you are afraid of tough questions, it helps to know that most questions are of average difficulty and designed to be answered correctly by most examinees. Most tough questions are valued liberally by learned and experienced examiners, never forget your chances to get more marks for tough question are higher than easier questions. 10 If you find yourself getting much stressed about an upcoming exam, don't be afraid to talk to somebody. This can be a parent, a friend or read a little chapter how the people win the life. It's better to talk to somebody before you let your nerves affect your health. A simple prayer and a little meditation attain you unknown strength to face many challenges in many matters in life never forget examination are little part of the real life. Take it is easy win the life for great success.Think that “Tomorrow is another day with fresh hopes and opportunities, and you should look forward to take up new challenges and responsibilities” Just read the Humour on examinations many are worse than us. Keep reminding yourself that your hard work will not go to waste. On the day of the exam, feel happy! Many ideas and solutions to pass the examination yet there is no substitute for hard work Think positive and keep cool! Good luck! Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer