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Customer Service: Your Place in history Leading the Social Customer Interaction
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Customer Service: Your Place in history Leading the Social Customer Interaction


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Who should lead the social customer interaction? Some say PR and Marketing. My vote is for Customer Service. Why? Customer service is where the brand is interacting with the brand. It's where …

Who should lead the social customer interaction? Some say PR and Marketing. My vote is for Customer Service. Why? Customer service is where the brand is interacting with the brand. It's where customers are giving feedback to the company about its products and services... That information is gold to a company if they know how to use it.

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  • As for the general customer care forums…Many of the non-technical issues posted can only be addressed by authorized Dell representatives with access to customer information-NOT BY PEERS as the Forums are designed to facilitate.That said, these questions are best handled through other secure, online tools.”
  • Cluetrain Manifesto (a book in 1999) said…Your best customer service agents & marketers? YOUR CUSTOMERS If you trust them… Dell shut general customer forums…
  • Social media is explodingBrands are no longer in control of their destiny Consumers “own” brands…and blog about it!Marketing investment continues to shift online
  • Transcript

    • 1. Your Role In The Transformation of Business As We Know It By Dr. Natalie L. Petouhoff @drnatalie
    • 2. Listening to Customer conversations: • Monitoring • Responding • Reacting • Solving • Resolving and • Using customer feedback.
    • 3. What’s really new? What’s theOpportunity for YOU?
    • 4. Dell Hell… started with a post and…Source:
    • 5. “DELL SUCKS.DELL LIES. PUTthat in Your Googleand smoke it…”And gainedmomentum…
    • 6. And it grew…Dwight Silverman, reporter from Houston Chronicle,Calls Dell : “Dell monitors forums, but its policy is not to respond. Contact us directly.” Dell Lies To Customers 2005Jeff says: I did. There’s a loop-hole repair/return policythat leaves customers unsatisfied
    • 7. Source:
    • 8. There would beA place in timeWhere the customer would in charge of themessage …And there would be an enabling technologyWe are here now…This is your opportunity…
    • 9. A Blog•One-way communicationpush•Moderated Postings andcomments
    • 10. Their employees some of them had suggested thisAs an engineer at GM… I thought…
    • 11. Dell’s CAP Mtgs Bringing Loversand Haters of thebrand together to learn: “What would be better if…” Customer Advisory Panel
    • 12. Dell’s Social MediaCommand Listening andresponding to thesocial networks… 22,000 daily Topics, posts… They look for sentiment, share of Not including voice, geography, and trends. twitter…
    • 13. $6.5 million in sales via links from one of its Twitter
    • 14. What’s the business case forsocial media customer service?
    • 15. Social Media is ExplodingSource:
    • 16. •Blogs•Twitter•Consumer reviews • yelp, citysearch•Social networking sites • myspace, facebook, LinkedIn•Photo sharing sites • flickr•Video sharing sites • you tube, hulu•Online forums and
    • 17.
    • 18.
    • 19.
    • 20. Does word of mouth Matter? Ask Tony and Alfred…Source: and
    • 21. Source: and
    • 22. Ands the story ends up on CNN… Wolfe Blitzer’s… The Situation Room…Source: and
    • 23. We have a perfect storm that is super charging change… The attention of mass media Customers with higher expectations Customers with new tools to complain No way to control the conversation…
    • 24. Can social mediai.e., feedbackbecome abusiness asset?
    • 25. •Heard what her customers weresaying•It was not always positive – andwas stopping sales!•Gathered screenshots•Put them in a powerpoint•Gave them to her CEO
    • 26. The CEO appointedher the lead on social customer interactions…
    • 27. …the results were a complete business transformation…  Absent of:  Politics and resistance  “Not invented here” or “not my problem”  Social media lead to transformation of:  Engineering, Product Development, QA  Fulfillment, Order Management,  Marketing, Sales and AdvertisingChalk it up to the “Witness” factor
    • 28. ROI? Reduction in call volume  Superusers answer customer questions Increase positive sentiment  Increase in positive word of mouth  Customers become marketers  Increase in sales New product lines  Specific products based on customer’s wants
    • 29. Note to self: All social conversations have value Customer Service PR/ R&D Marketing Service / Sales Support
    • 30. Dr. Natalie’s ROI MethodologyBenefits to Abilitybusiness to ROI Costs execute toimplement
    • 31. ROI = Gains – Costsx 100 Costs
    • 32. Benefits  Decrease Support Costs  Increase effectiveness of Self-Service  Increase effectiveness of Agent Assisted Service  Increase Product Ideation  Reduces “Broken/Doesn’t Work” call volume  Improve natural SEO of website  Reduction in paid search  Increase in revenue  Higher customer satisfaction/loyalty = higher customer lifetime value  Buy more; don’t disconnect the service; go elsewhere
    • 33. Take Charge of the Social Customer Interactions 1. Learn about social media and enterprise 2.0 2. Listen to your customers 3. Capture what they are saying 4. Present the information to executives 5. Be ready with an executable strategy and plan
    • 34. Take Your Place InHistory THANK YOU Dr. Natalie L. Petouhoff !!!
    • 35. DR. NATALIE L. PETOUHOFF @drnatalie 310-910-1542Curious about Link to the Social Media ROI videos: The ROI of Media? see-the-videos-on-the-roi-of-social-media Link to white papers on the ROI of Social Media: social-media-white-papers-by-dr-natalie- petouhoff *Artwork by Joe Bertelli #SMB_LA #SMWLA @DrNatalie
    • 36. How to build a How to Get 750 Million Members Facebook Store TO BUY YOUR STUFF ON FACEBOOK By Dr. Natalie L. PetouhoffTo get a free chapter of Dr. Natalie’s newest book scan this QR code: About the Author Dr. Natalie, a USC Adjunct professor and President of Social Media Club Los Angeles, former Forrester Analyst, an Agency executive, and management consultant, is an accomplished keynote speaker, quoted expert and featured guest expert on TV and radio.. Dr. Natalie helps companies understand how social media affects the bottom-line and to create strategies that provide real business value. She does this by benchmarking your "As Is" and compares it to your "Could Be" via best practices. With this insight, you can create a world-class social media and digital presence. You’ll be well-armed to devise a social media strategy and tactical roadmap, track your progress, gather the right metrics to transform into a social media ROI analysis, articulate the business case, and justify the plan to upper management. Reach out to her: