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New Jedi Order Website Revamp



Project was to revamp a website for a local organization.

Project was to revamp a website for a local organization.



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  • The New Jedi Order are a lightsaber stage combat performance group. They are located in the Philadelphia area. They choreograph shows based around lightsaber fights and are a combination of a performance group and an interest club. The members consist of martial artists and actors.
  • Currently their website is very text heavy, without putting the important information first. A lot of their information also exists below the fold. Navigation and website is boring. A group of entertainers needs a website that entertains.
  • We can solve some of the offline issues with solutions through the website. Club gets lost in multitude of lightsaber clubs – there are a couple of local clubs and no one understands which is which. A solution to this would be to differentiate this brand. It’s hard to attract members to the club because the website is unclear about how to sign up.
  • This is the new site map for NJO. The current website had the majority of webpages that it needed just not the organization and clarity that comes from a good site. The main new thing is the addition of the Jedi Training game, which will solve the problem of the website being too boring. All of the user segments would check out this game as they are all in the same category – gamer nerds.
  • This is Chewbookie’s areas of the website he will use. Chewbookie is basically on the site for informational purposes – he’s trying to look at the calendar to see if they’re available, he’s trying to find their press release so he can advertise it, and he’s trying to find out how to contact them. He also needs to find out if NJO is right for his event, so he’ll check out the videos and photos as well.
  • Newb Skywalker is going to use the majority of the site. He’s new to the NJO and really is interested in joining. He’s trying to find out everything he can about the club and where he goes on the website.
  • Master Vader is the one segment that has already been in NJO for a while so he doesn’t need most of the resources available in the site. It will be an easier portal for Master Vader to get to the links page and the Forum. He’ll also check the calendar to see current events they are going to. He will use the Jedi training game in order to learn the alphabet for choreography purposes.
  • The mood board focuses on a very blue, very steel, look to it. It has elements of technology that are apparent in the star wars movies.
  • The wireframe here is for the main portion of the site. You can see a main portion of the site is dedicated to the branding banner and the image navigation. There is also a larger section for content. The rest of the area is divided between the text navigation, animation section, and lightsaber activation for the game.
  • This wireframe is for the lightsaber training game which will be explained further in the web comp. Everything stays in the same place except for the side content.
  • The website will be reminiscent of a sci-fi room, with a floating object in the center with a hologram projector on the side. The holocron or the tech device in the center is a Star Wars icon, associated with being a resovior of knowledge in that universe. We picked the holocron here in order to be the primary way to navigate the site, with the user being able to rotate the object to find what they are looking for. There is a text navigation on the side, just in case the user does not what to navigate through the icon. Standard disclaimers are on the bottom of the site, with social media icons underneath the text navigation are also present. The best thing on the site is the interactive “tour guide” hologram on the side. He will help the user how to navigate the site through the holocron, as well as explaining things a bit when you click on the links. The hologram will be turned off if you click on it, so as to not annoy the user.
  • When you click on the lightsaber, an option to change the color will pop up, as well as changing the middle object into a silhouette of a man. Attacking certain points on the body with the lightsaber in a certain pattern will be the point of the mini-game/training exercise. The best thing is the hologram of the Jedi will talk you through the training process – and actually teach you moves that the NJO use in their training process.
  • Ultimately, the changes I’ve made to the website will reorganize the website to make it more effective at communicating to it’s users. The addition of the “lightsaber training” will be an effective addition to the website, using it as both a teaching tool and a entertaining game.

New Jedi Order Website Revamp Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Art Direction
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    • Multitude of clubs
      • Differentiate the club
    • Hard to join
      • Make it easy to join
    • Slightly intimidating
      • Make site friendlier
  • 5. Age: 31 Location: South Philly Occupation: Comic Store Owner Summary: He loves his job, and his side hobbies, and has dedicated his life to the geekier side of life. He helps his buddies manage and run GameXpo, a video game convention held yearly. His job is to find events to fill up the time blocks. He looks for performers and people to speak on panels. He wants to book the NJO for an event. Webpage Usage: Paul is interested in inviting the NJO out to the GameXpo. He needs to use the website to find out as much information about the NJO group as possible to see if they are the right performers for his event. He also needs to know how to easily contact them.
  • 6. Age: 16 Location: Philly Suburbs Occupation: High School Student Summary: Jason is a straight B student, spending most of his time playing video games. He’s a little bit of an outcast, with only a few close friends that he hangs out with. Webpage Usage: Jason saw NJO perform at Wizard World Philly. He wants to know how to become a member, where the meetings are held, and how he can one day perform with the NJO.
  • 7. Age: 24 Location: Center City Occupation: Cashier/Student Summary: Dexter is in college and has a part-time job as a cashier on the weekends. He’s pretty busy, but still makes time for NJO meetings and events. Webpage Usage: Dexter’s been a member of NJO for two years now. He usually only goes on the website to check out the forum and the fight resources on the webpage.
  • 8. Homepage ABOUT US Contact us faq members calendar media forum links Constitution Fight resources Videos photos Press Release Jedi Training
  • 9. Homepage ABOUT US Contact us faq members calendar media forum links Constitution Fight resources Videos photos Press Release Jedi Training
  • 10. Homepage ABOUT US Contact us faq members calendar media forum links Constitution Fight resources Videos photos Press Release Jedi Training
  • 11. Homepage ABOUT US Contact us faq members calendar media forum links Constitution Fight resources Videos photos Press Release Jedi Training
  • 12.  
  • 13. wireframe
  • 14. subwireframe
  • 15. comp
  • 16. subcomp
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