Mutter Musuem Campaign


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Project was to create a campaign for a local brand that was suffering from identity crisis. We created a radio ad, bus shelter ads, and a guerilla event based around the "Meet Your Mutter" idea.

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Mutter Musuem Campaign

  1. 1.
  2. 2. New Campaign Proposal for the Mutter Museum<br />Objective: To interest and educate people on the Mutter Museum through a comprehensive campaign that will incorporate various aspects of advertising.<br />
  3. 3. What does Mutter’s represent?<br />Obscurity<br />Fascination<br />Bizarre<br />Victorian<br />Reality<br />Science<br />Promise:  The Mutter museum is a unique and interesting destination for those who are curious about the unusual things the human body can do.<br />Support:  The Mutter museum has a vast collection of medical mysteries, oddities, and tools spanning hundreds of years, available to be viewed by the public any day of the week.<br />
  4. 4. Inspiration<br />
  5. 5. What are the ideas behind“Meet Your Mutter” ?<br />The campaign focuses on the reactions that people will have to the museum. <br />It’s introducing the museum to the world through it’s own exhibits. <br />Shock value and bizarre attitudes will be used.<br />
  6. 6. Whois the target audience?<br />Sam<br /><ul><li>Alternative
  7. 7. Free-thinking
  8. 8. Interested in science and horror
  9. 9. Outside of the mainstream
  10. 10. Darker sense of humor
  11. 11. Fascination with past
  12. 12. Body modification
  13. 13. Young
  14. 14. College-aged
  15. 15. Questioning Nature
  16. 16. Appreciates the retro
  17. 17. Doesn’t fit into the museum crowd</li></li></ul><li>Radio Spot<br /><ul><li>Uses sound effects to it’s advantages
  18. 18. Uses a non-mainstream band for credibility
  19. 19. Robert Englund is the unnamed celebrity voice
  20. 20. Nightmare on Elm Street
  21. 21. Popular among target</li></li></ul><li>Bus Shelters<br /><ul><li>Pictures dwarf and giant skeleton
  22. 22. Placed life-size
  23. 23. Yardstick on the side is for measurement
  24. 24. Pictures wall of skulls
  25. 25. Placed lifesize as well
  26. 26. Mirror in the middle </li></li></ul><li>Guerrilla<br /><ul><li>Stickers placed on signage around the city
  27. 27. Adding extra arms, torsos, horns
  28. 28. Website will be on the stickers as well</li></li></ul><li>Lifestyle Event<br />Meet Victoria.<br /><ul><li>Animatronics skeleton that will be placed on a bench.
  29. 29. Placed in a busy area such as Love Park or Center City.
  30. 30. A puppeteer and voice actor will be hidden.
  31. 31. Re-emphasizes the “Meet Your Mutter” concept.</li></ul>SAMPLE SCRIPT<br />Question: Who are you? <br />Answer: My name is Victoria. I live at the Mutter Museum, along with my other friends.<br />Question: Who are your other friends?<br />Answer: There’s giants and dwarves, things in jars, a wall of skulls, and many more. <br />Question: Why are your bones deformed?<br />Answer: I was born in a time when women were forced into itty bitty corsets. Over time, over rib cages were compressed from the tightening of the laces.<br />
  32. 32. Considered<br />Online<br />Interactive Photoshop manipulation contest<br />Weekly contests on different subjects<br />Performance<br />999 Eyes Freakshow<br />Makes the museum come to life in a sense<br />
  33. 33. Are you prepared to <br />“Meet Your Mutter” ?<br />Thank you for listening.<br />