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    mcq ORTHODONTICS mcq ORTHODONTICS Document Transcript

    • Etiology , diagnosis and treatment planning ---- part I1) The term over jet refer to:a) Horizontal relationship between the maxillary and mandibular incisors (about 2 mm).b) Vertical relationship between the maxillary and mandibular incisors (about 3-4 mm).c) Horizontal relationship between the maxillary and mandibular incisors (about 8.5 mm).d) Vertical overlap labially of the maxillary incisors and mandibular incisors (normal range 0-33%).2) Ideal occlusion normally constitute the following percentage:a) 3-5%.b) 80%.c) 61.25%.d) 43.75%.3) Treatment of cleft lip and palate:a) The treatment is usually started for lip closure at 2 months of age.b) The surgical closure of the palate is started at around 18 months-2 years of age.c) Orthodontic started usually after permanent teeth erupt and is of long duration.d) All of the above.4) Hypothyroidism is characterized by:a) Constricted lower arch.b) Short ramus and constricted maxillary arch.c) Class III malocclusion and open bite.d) B and c are true.5) During mastication the force exerted on the teeth range from:a) 400-700 pounds.b) 150-500 pounds.c) 50-150 pounds.d) Up to 1000 pounds.6) The term incompetent lips refers to:a) Lip which do not seal when relaxed with the mandible in its rest position.b) Lips against which tongue thrusts during swallowing.
    • c) Lips that contract during swallowing.d) Lips which have some dryness.7) Space maintainer after early loss of EE around 8-9 years of age:a) Is not required.b) Is of utmost importance.c) Can cause impaction of 55 if not done.d) Both a and c are true.8) Chin caps are helpful in treatment of:a) Class I malocclusion.b) Class III malocclusion.c) Class II div2 malocclusion.d) Reverse over jet.9) Thumb sucking is considered normal tilla) 2 years.b) 2 months.c) 3½ -4 years.d) 6 years or till permanent teeth erupt.10) Reciprocal anchorage is term applied to:a) High level of force between molar and incisors teeth.b) Reciprocal movement of two teeth with the same periodontal area.c) A force differential between cortical and medullary bone.d) None of above.11) Incisors teeth should not extracted because :a) There is tendency to develop open bite occlusion.b) There is tenancy to develop an abnormally deep bite.c) It interfere with the distal movement of the maxillary/mandiblar arch.d) Arch form is difficult to maintain.12) The 1st permanent molars should not be extracted if:a) The 2nd molar in bucco-version.b) If the molars are beyond repair.
    • c) The third molar are absent.d) All the above.13) The main cause of bruxisim is :a) Physiological problem.b) Periodontal problems.c) Traumatic occlusion.d) Psychological factors.14) Extraction is not usually required in:a) Open bite cases.b) Calss II div.2 cases.c) Class III cases.d) Lip sucker.15) The contraindication of 2nd permanent molar extraction includes:a) Undersized 3rd molar.b) Impacted 3rd molar.c) Absence of third molar.d) All of the above.16) A large over jet may be caused by:a) Maxillary proganthism.b) Retrognathic mandible.c) Lip biting.d) All of the above.17) When the SNA is large , it indicate:a) Procumbency of maxillary incisors.b) Procumbency of mandibular incisors.c) Severe class II.d) A large maxilla.18) Second premolar may be extracted instead of first premolar if:a) They are severely carious.b) The case is of border line extraction.c) If they are blocked out of alignment and would require extensive orthodontic tooth
    • movement.d) All of the above.19) The father of modern orthodontics:a) Edward H Angle.b) Norman kingsley.c) George crozat.d) Charles tweeds.20) Serial extraction should not be undertaken if there is:a) Severe crowding.b) Presence of ectopic eruption.c) Deep bite or open bite.d) None of the above.