Hostgator Coupons


Published on provides you with tips and advice of how to pick the best hosting company with the least expensive price to kickstart your online business. This video presentation shows you how you can save money using Hostgator coupons. Click on the link now to find the
latest Hostgator coupons and to grab your bonuses when you buy through the links found on the site!

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Hostgator Coupons

  1. 1. Hostgator Coupons
  2. 2. With the competition among online businessesin the past, the perks for customers often varied from a little in savings to a lot. Then the economy went downhill andbusinesses cut back on savings to customers in order to protect their profits and stay afloat.
  3. 3. But right out of the starting gate, one companydecided to give more back to customers and thathasn’t changed despite what’s gone on with the economy.The HostGator discount isn’t just limited to their monthly plans.
  4. 4. Even with those great prices, they decided todo more for companies. It’s almost like theircustomers are a member of their family with all of the discounts being offered.It might be that the founder decided to make customers a number one priority.
  5. 5. Whatever the reason for the pricing and helpoffered by HostGator, it translates into great deals for customers. Let’s take a look at some of the deals this hosting company offers to everyone who becomes a customer.
  6. 6. Besides the $100 in advertising credits you canget with Google, HostGator customers can also enjoy discounts on advertising services with Bing and Yahoo.These are both huge search engines that sadlymany website owners ignore - when these sitescan help generate steady traffic and everyone knows that traffic can lead to sales.
  7. 7. Not only can you find advertising discountsby having your sites hosted with HostGator,but you can also find savings in the cost of necessary tools used to conduct your business.
  8. 8. For example, with iPayment USA (this is aservice that allows you to accept credit cardpayments on your site), you would normally pay between $25-$50 a month for their services.
  9. 9. But, if you’re a customer with HostGator,you’ll only have to pay $10 a month to acceptcredit card payments. That’s quite a savings.Not only that, but iPayment waves the $200-$300 activation fee it usually charges - only for people who host with HostGator.
  10. 10. Other discounts HostGator customers can findare home phone service through VoIPo, which isbacked by the company. You’ll pay only $99 for a year of phone service. Also, website owners wanting a quote for webdesign services can get one free from an Inc. 500 company - just because they’re a customer of HostGator.
  11. 11. Finally, a HostGator discount that money and time is if you buy the SSL certificate through HostGator. You’ll save the installation hassle to install it.Other companies charge transfer costs and they don’t install the feature.
  12. 12. The SSL is important to businesses because themajority of customers will not shop on sites that don’t have that lock icon in the address bar.With all of the savings you get from HostGator, you can’t afford to have your website hosted elsewhere.
  13. 13. Check out the 2 vitalHostgator Coupons Codethat can help you in your online business:
  14. 14. 1 Cent Coupon Code“hcx1centcode”
  15. 15. This“hostgatorcouponsx1cent”coupon is valid only forthe Hatchling and Baby Plans.
  16. 16. Reseller Coupon Code“hcxresellercode”
  17. 17. Reseller Coupon is for people who run a web designing business andthey sell hosting plans to their customers as well.
  18. 18. To learn more about savingmoney and how to grab your bonus while hosting your websites, check out now!