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DocomUSA Innvoation - Gas Station of the Future
DocomUSA Innvoation - Gas Station of the Future
DocomUSA Innvoation - Gas Station of the Future
DocomUSA Innvoation - Gas Station of the Future
DocomUSA Innvoation - Gas Station of the Future
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DocomUSA Innvoation - Gas Station of the Future


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  • 1. GAS STATION OF THE FUTURE<br />“Biometric Payment Systems and Robotic Fueling”<br />
  • 2. New Biometric Systems let DocomUSA consumers walk up to the pump, scan their fingertips on a device and fill up their vehicles. <br />The systems are directly linked to customers' checking or credit-card accounts for payment.<br />Customers are always looking for ways to make buying gasoline quicker and easier, and always looking for ways to make their transactions faster and more secure. <br />DocomUSA customers will not have to carry more cards, kits and keychains. They will be free from these things and it wont cost them anything to participate.<br />Customers will be able to initially scan their fingerprints at a kiosk inside the gas station and can link payment information either at the store or online.<br />
  • 3. Dutch inventors have revealed their $111,100 car fueling robot that according to them is the first of its kind. As you pull up to the pump, the robot will register your vehicle and match it with a database to verify the proper fuel cap design and grade of gasoline. Assumedly, you will have to input a few commands such as to how much fuel and what grade, other than that, the entire process is automated.<br />A robotic arm extends toward the car and, using a small army of sensors so it doesn't scratch your paint, it flips open your fuel door, unscrews the cap and inserts the nozzle into the tank opening. The system which was named "Tankpitstop" will work with any vehicle that doesn't require a key to open the fuel door and whose dimensions were pre-programmed. <br />
  • 4. DocomUSA All-in-One Oversized Terminals<br />
  • 5. DocomUSAAutomated Convenience Store<br />by Redbox<br />Redbox, the Video Sales Kiosk people are researching an automated convenience <br />store Kiosk for stand alone gas stations.<br />Now gas stations that don’t offer automotive service or convenience stores can capture additional revenues by automating the sale of the most popular convenience store items.<br />