The Vetinari Dualegacy: Recap 2


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Which is comprising the second recap of the Vetinari Duelegacy, covering Chapters 12 through 20.5.

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The Vetinari Dualegacy: Recap 2

  1. 2. This is the second recap for the Vetinari Dualegacy. It covers Chapters 12 through 20.5, inclusive. Basically, everything from post-rebuild to now, or from Gen 4 coming back from college to Gen 7 coming back from college. I am not going to recap the first recap, because that would be silly. If you need to revisit the first few generations, go read the first recap. Like the last recap, this will cover only events directly related to the main houses and/or the overall plot. Anything to do with the extended network of spares is omitted to save on brain strain. This picture has nothing to do with the main houses or the plot. I just like it and will use it at every opportunity.
  2. 3. After being resurrected by her sister Banyan and subsequently staying off of everyone's radar, Sycamore revealed herself to Spider Jerusalem, who was understandably shocked to see her alive. She told him what she'd done and why, and asked for his help in stopping his father. Spider Jerusalem revealed that the only reason he was staying at all was in the hopes of helping his brother, Cassidy, get out of the abusive relationship he was in. Sycamore encouraged him to consider helping her, and offered herself up as a friendly face and an ear if he needed someone to listen to him. Spider Jerusalem left their meeting fully intending to continue his lone wolf ways.
  3. 4. Gen 4 saw the first of the family businesses. The Uglacy's was a shop called Finn's Fins that sold fish and juicers, the name being a nod to Finn the Romancer, who'd caught most of the fish himself and stuck them into his pants for storage. The Prettacy business was a lot called Swings 'n' Things that drew customers with its abundance of swingsets. Some of the customers, however, were unsavory sorts. Cypress showed up late one night not to enjoy a moonlit swing but to do his usual routine of threaten-and-bluster. Raven trusted in her prophecies enough to not be scared of his pronouncements of the doom to come; somehow, she knew that her family would be safe, and frankly dared Cypress to try and hurt her. He stomped off, determined to do just that.
  4. 5. Raven and Tom were married, and were determined to live happily together despite the looming threat of Cypress. Tom believed in Raven's prophecies as much as she did, and was going to stand by her side no matter what the future held. Raven's parents, Jonny and Jeannie, were still alive and kicking, and fully supported their daughter's efforts to stymie Cypress and to have a family. Jonny in particular looked forward to having more people around the house to clean up after. Though it took a frustrating amount of trying, Raven became pregnant, and gave birth to the oldest member of Generation 5, a gorgeous little boy named India (Indy).
  5. 6. Even before he was out of diapers, Indy's life was fraught with excitement and danger. Cypress, walking by and sensing an opportunity, let himself into the house and located the nursery, grabbing Indy for some nefarious purpose. However, Jonny stopped him before he got two steps with the toddler in his arms, snatching his grandson from the arms of the man who would do him harm. Cypress told Jonny that he'd be back, and that he'd keep trying, and that sooner or later, they wouldn't be able to stop him. Jonny hinted at Raven's prophetic gifts, saying that Cypress would find his daughter to be a tougher opponent than he realized, and chased Cypress out. Indy suffered no ill effects from his brief meeting with his would-be tormenter, and would prove to be the best-looking child of his generation.
  6. 7. Raven and Tom had two more children, Chad (left) and Andorra (Dora; right). Chad, unlike most of the other Vetinaris, was shy and nice, which often made him a target for his little sister. Indy, though he had a more typically Vetinari personality, got along well with his little brother, and very rarely antagonized him. Dora, like Indy, was outgoing and mean. She made friends easily enough, but never let Chad forget who was in charge. All three children got along well with their parents and grandparents, but they knew that Cypress existed and that he was looking to hurt them.
  7. 8. Uglacy heir Cory, after his stint at Finn's Fins, met Helen, a reversed-gender Loki Beaker who could provide some interesting genes for the Uglacy. After a fairly brief courtship, the two got married in a small ceremony. In other circumstances, that might indicate a marriage of convenience, but Cory and Helen did honestly love each other. The reason for their whirlwind romance was that Finn's life was nearing its end, and it was determined that he should be able to meet his grandchildren. Thus, Cory and Helen's romance was somewhat accelerated, and Helen got pregnant as soon as she was able.
  8. 9. Helen gave birth to twins, Monaco (Coco; left) and Morocco (Rocky; right). They both had personalities like Cory and Finn, being reasonably outgoing and fairly mean, although Rocky was the nastier of the two. However, he seemed very aware of how his mean streak affected his twin sister, and would stop cheating her at chess after she caught him a time or two. As they grew, both twins became close with their counterparts at the Prettacy, developing tight friendships with Indy in particular. Finn wasn't getting any younger, though, and there was one thing he had to do before he died.
  9. 10. Finn passed along his father's mysterious message to Cory: “When the time is right, let the rain wash away the sins of the past.” It made no more sense to Cory than it had to Finn, and from this, they judged that the time was therefore not yet right. Cory promised to give his heir the message before he died. Shortly thereafter, Finn died. He was followed several days later by his wife, Rosemarie.
  10. 11. Cypress, always intent on putting his next plan in motion, headed to the university where Spider Jerusalem had just finished his last exam. Telling his son that he had a plan with which he needed assistance, Cypress tried to bring Spider Jerusalem home. Spider Jerusalem refused, chafing under his father's rule. The two of them argued, Spider Jerusalem asserting his independence, and Cypress threatening his life if he refused to obey. Though unwilling, Spider Jerusalem found himself returning home, finally an adult and capable of helping his father in his attempts to harm the Legacy.
  11. 12. Almost immediately, Cypress started harassing Spider Jerusalem about his Reaper Child powers. Spider Jerusalem's sarcastic reply infuriated him, and they fought. Seeing Spider Jerusalem's angry side, Cypress laughed at him, noting that if Spider Jerusalem could display such anger, they were less different than he wanted to admit. Storming off, Spider Jerusalem began to wonder if there was truth in his father's words. He knew that he had a short temper, and that there was no longer a check on that temper in the form of Cassidy. He worried about the fights with Cypress leading him down a slippery slope from which he would never recover, and feared that one day, he'd look in the mirror and see Cypress looking back at him. Seeking reassurance, he called Sycamore and asked for a meeting.
  12. 13. Spider Jerusalem snuck away from Cypress and headed downtown to meet Sycamore. He asked her if there were similarities between himself and his father. She allowed that they were not entirely dissimilar, but pointed to Spider Jerusalem's conscience as evidence that they were different. After all, Spider Jerusalem felt guilty about his brother's situation and Jane's murder, and Cypress most certainly did not. For the first time, Spider Jerusalem spoke of his inability to see a rosy future for himself, and cited Cassidy as the only reason he continued to fight. He knew that his dependence on his brother was unhealthy, but there was no one else he cared about, including himself.
  13. 14. At the Prettacy, Jeannie died a second time. However, Jonny followed her almost immediately, where they were reunited in the afterlife. The family took the loss of Jonny and Jeannie particularly hard. Thanks to Jeannie's reset lifebar and Jonny's game of Cowplant The Townie, they lived extra-long lives, and their children and grandchildren didn't quite know what to do when they were gone. Jonny and Jeannie didn't care, as this time, they'd gone together, just like they were always meant to.
  14. 15. Cypress, with his unerring sense of the best time to make threats, crashed Jonny and Jeannie's funeral. He enjoyed watching the deaths of the people he assumed had been thwarting his efforts to destroy them. Tom stepped up, again hinting at Raven's prophecies protecting them from Cypress's murderous tendencies. Cypress failed to understand Tom's reference to Raven's power, but that did not stop him from promising doom as Tom kicked him out of the Prettacy.
  15. 16. Raven had another prophecy. Tom listened carefully and made a few educated guesses as to the meaning. The most obvious of Raven's pronouncements was that their daughter Dora should be the heir to ensure that Raven's protection would last. The second thing that Tom puzzled out had dire consequences for both he and Raven. She had indicated that he could not age up in platinum, foreshortening his life and meaning that he would die first. Raven refused to accept that he should die before her, but Tom pointed out that it wasn't her choice, and that, while he did not want to imagine her upset at his death, he was willing to do whatever it took to keep their family safe. Ultimately, Tom did not reach his LTW until after he'd aged to Elder, trading a longer life for the safety of his daughter.
  16. 17. The always-tempestuous relationship between Cypress and Spider Jerusalem finally came to a head when Cypress demanded that Spider Jerusalem help him with his latest plan, only to have Spider Jerusalem refuse. In refusing, Spider Jerusalem called his father a spoiled child who wanted to destroy the Legacy only because he didn't get to play with it, and told him to grow up. Cypress took it rather badly, lashing out and knocking his son to the floor. After a forced apology, Spider Jerusalem's stubborn, angry side kicked in, and he placed a call to Sycamore.
  17. 18. The two of them met downtown in a darkly-lit club. Spider Jerusalem told Sycamore what Cypress had done. After assuring her that he was unhurt, he told her the real reason he'd asked her to meet him: He was determined to stop his father, and was willing to help her, as long as she didn't ask him to kill Cypress. They came up with a plan. Spider Jerusalem returned home, told his father off for hitting him, and gave them both some time to cool down. When he judged that Cypress was calmer, he put the plan in motion, willingly offering his help to his father, secretly intending to sabotage his plots.
  18. 19. Tom and Raven gathered their children together to tell them that Dora would be the heir. Indy, who'd pried the knowledge out of Tom already, tried to act surprised, and Chad took the news well. Dora was more hesitant, knowing that Cypress was close and not shy about his desire to end the Legacy. As it turned out, Cypress was closer than any of them knew.
  19. 20. Given his penchant for turning up where he was unwanted, it should have been no surprise that Cypress had heard the whole conversation, including the announcement that Dora would be the heir. Raven and Tom immediately confronted him, but he made several direct threats towards Dora.
  20. 21. Indy and Chad put themselves between Dora and Cypress, telling him that they'd lay down their lives to protect her from him. Raven and Tom managed to get rid of Cypress, but the damage was done: Dora was afraid to accept the heirship because she was terrified that Cypress would kill her. It took a great deal of reassurance from her parents and brothers, but she agreed to be the heir. Raven's promise of protection over her family was the deciding factor.
  21. 22. Cypress, furious over his inability to intimidate Raven, went on a rant. Spider Jerusalem was an unwilling bystander, but when Cypress asked why he couldn't hurt the Prettacy, Spider Jerusalem went into a trancelike state and answered, “It's Raven.” He couldn't remember saying it, or explain why he'd said it, but Cypress combined that information with things Jonny and Tom had said, and intuited that Raven had some kind of ability to protect her family. Armed with that knowledge, he started thinking of ways to work around her protection.
  22. 23. During Gen 5's college years, Indy wasted no time causing trouble. His outgoing nature combined with his longstanding friendship with Coco led to the two of them falling in love. Sadly, since Coco was the Uglacy heir, their relationship was not allowed to continue. After some discussion, they decided to cheat on each other to break up. After a few apologies and some time apart to cool off, they renewed their friendship without the romance. Coco and Indy were not the only ones with relationship issues.
  23. 24. Her well-meaning roommates confronted Dora about her lack of a boyfriend. She was initially annoyed by their butting into her personal life, but eventually assured them that she did, in fact, have a boyfriend, even if she hadn't brought him to meet everyone. Indy in particular wanted to meet the man who'd captured his little sister's heart, and she agreed to invite her boyfriend, Ellis, over for dinner.
  24. 25. What none of them knew was that Dora's boyfriend “Ellis” was really Spider Jerusalem, in disguise and seducing Dora for Cypress's nefarious purposes. Dora's friends and family approved of Ellis, and none of them suspected that he had ulterior motives for his relationship with the Prettacy heir.
  25. 26. When Spider Jerusalem returned from a date with Dora, Cypress harassed him about the amount of time it was taking him to accomplish their goal. The plan was to get Dora in love with Spider Jerusalem in his “Ellis” guise, and then invite her over to meet his family. When they had her in the house, they would kill her and destroy her urn, meaning that she couldn't be resurrected. With Chad involved with a SimSelf, Indy would be the default heir, and they could focus their efforts on killing him. Without a Prettacy, there was no Legacy, which would be a victory for Cypress. Spider Jerusalem lied to his father about why he hadn't yet enticed Dora to her doom. He placed blame onto her, and to Cypress for threatening her and causing her to shy away from close relationships. Cypress bought his lies, but Spider Jerusalem could not lie to himself.
  26. 27. The truth was that he loved Dora, and had no intention of being the instrument of her demise. When he was with her, he got to have a taste of normality. Though he could not completely shed his past and she occasionally saw glimpses of the sadness in him, he was genuinely happy when they were together. He knew that the happiness couldn't last, but he wanted to hold onto it for as long as he could.
  27. 28. For Coco's part, she nabbed Bluewater Village's Most Eligible Widower, Malcolm Landgraab IV, former spouse of Sycamore. Malcolm had no idea that the wife he'd lost was still alive, and was ready to move on. His children, Eddie and Malcolm V, were less happy about their relationship. Due to Legacy rules, Coco would not be able to marry the man she loved. This was a source of endless frustration to Malcolm in particular, who had enjoyed being married and raising his children, but he was willing to take the relationship as it was.
  28. 29. Dora was in love with the man she knew as Ellis, and wanted to take their relationship to the next level. Spider Jerusalem realized that he couldn't go through with it. He'd always known that he'd have to leave her at some point, and he realized that if he slept with Dora, he'd never be able to walk away, and Cypress would kill her. Breaking her heart to save her life, he ran out, leaving her confused and upset. While Coco and Chad comforted her, Rocky and Indy tried to hunt down Ellis, but came up empty. Indy was particularly furious about Ellis's callous treatment of his sister. Spider Jerusalem returned home and attempted to forget about the woman he loved.
  29. 30. Dora had given up on the idea of love after having her still-beating heart ripped out of her chest and stomped flat right in front of her eyes, but she still needed to find a spouse for the Prettacy. Attempting to win her affections was Topher, a frequent Havelock House hanger-on who'd been nursing a crush on Dora for most of her college career. Dora accepted Topher out of necessity, but was reluctant to fall in love with him. For his part, he was already head-over-heels for her. Indy finally called Dora out on her behavior, telling her that it was unfair to ask Topher to give her so much more than she was giving him, and told her that if she didn't tell Topher she loved him or break up with him, he'd encourage Topher to break it off with her. Indy's words were harsh, but they forced Dora to realize that she did love Topher. She told Topher that she loved him and proposed, and he happily accepted.
  30. 31. Still hurting over the end of his relationship with Dora, Spider Jerusalem called his brother. Cassidy was still in his relationship with the abusive Jake, and did not appreciate Spider Jerusalem's attempts to get him to walk away from his lover. Spider Jerusalem did try, though, telling Cassidy that if he left Jake, Spider Jerusalem would leave Cypress, and the two of them could live their own lives. Cassidy refused, saying that he couldn't leave Jake, and didn't want to. The conversation was deeply unsatisfying for Spider Jerusalem.
  31. 32. Coco and Malcolm continued their relationship. Though prevented from marrying Coco, Malcolm was a frequent visitor to the Uglacy, and it was no surprise when Coco became pregnant twice in fairly short order.
  32. 33. Firstborn was Archimedes (Archie; right). His younger brother was Anaximander (Xander; left). Archie was unashamedly nasty, hating his grandmother, Helen, for no discernible reason, and picking on his little brother at every available opportunity. He had a short list of people he liked, which was made up of Coco, Malcolm, Cory, and the dog, Maggie. Xander was nicer and slightly more shy, and fairly inoffensive, and did not deserve the abuse heaped onto him by his brother. He got along well with everyone (aside from Archie), and generally stayed out of the limelight.
  33. 34. Another conversation occurred between Cassidy and Spider Jerusalem. This time, though, it was a result of Cassidy drunk-dialing his brother, apologizing for abandoning him and leaving him to Cypress's machinations. Spider Jerusalem tried to convince Cassidy that he had nothing to apologize for, but Jake took the phone away from Cassidy and sent him to bed. Cassidy's lover argued with Spider Jerusalem over the way he treated Cassidy, and Spider Jerusalem was forced to admit that there was nothing he could do to stop it, as long as Cassidy was unwilling to leave.
  34. 35. Spider Jerusalem's own personal hell was made a little hotter on the day of Dora and Topher's wedding. Though he knew how much it would hurt, he couldn't help but watch the woman he loved on the happiest day of her life, and viewed the wedding from afar. For a moment, he considered interrupting the wedding and telling Dora the truth, but he stifled the selfish urge. She was happy with Topher, and could never be happy with him. He realized that the happiness he'd felt with her was probably the last joy he'd ever feel. The son of the Reaper and a sociopath, a normal life was something he'd never get to have. Dora and Topher were oblivious to the presence of Spider Jerusalem, and were married without so much as a hiccup. After waiting so long for love, Dora wasted no time in having babies with him.
  35. 36. Dora and Topher had two sons. The elder was Ptolemaeus (Tolly; left); the younger was Eratosthenes (Rizzo; right). Both boys were playful and good-natured. Tolly was a bit more outgoing and made friends quickly, while Rizzo was content to have a smaller social circle of close companions. As always, new life in the house signaled that some lives were about to end.
  36. 37. Raven got a surprise at Tom's death: a second Reaper appeared while Death Spicoli was collecting Tom. The second Reaper asked for Raven's help, indicating that his son—Spider Jerusalem—could be helpful, if he was given the right advice. Raven was initially skeptical, asking why she should help the man who'd been aimed at her family like a weapon. The Reaper replied that by helping his family, she would be helping her own. He also said that he couldn't force her to do what he wanted, but ended with a plea to do what he could not, and help Spider Jerusalem. Raven had always trusted in her instincts, and they told her to do what the Reaper had asked.
  37. 38. As she started to die, Raven went into a meditative trance and drew in a sleeping Spider Jerusalem. Her words were cryptic, as with all of her prophecies, and Spider Jerusalem did not appreciate the vagueness. She told him that he had to let go of what he was to become who he was meant to be, and he countered by saying that if he let go, he'd become a monster, and if that was what he was meant to be, he'd rather not. Their meeting was unsatisfying for Spider Jerusalem, because it raised more questions than it answered. Raven understood his frustration, but she had done the best she could, and died with the knowledge that she'd done everything in her power to protect her family.
  38. 39. At the Uglacy, Cory's time was growing short as well, and he passed down the gibberish message his grandfather had insisted that each heir know. Coco made no more sense of it than her father or grandfather had, but promised to pass it along as Finn and Cory had. Mainly, the memory of Larch still lingered, and no one wanted to deal with his angry ghost. That alone was enough to keep passing the message down.
  39. 40. Undaunted by his inability to damage the Prettacy, Cypress set another plan in motion. This one involved his purchase of a derelict sports bar, filling it with items that might attract members of the Legacy. Spider Jerusalem was uncertain what his father planned, but knew that it could not end well. However, he could not think of how to stop Cypress.
  40. 41. While Spider Jerusalem tried to puzzle out Cypress's plan, Cassidy returned home to find his lover in bed with another man. Cassidy lost his temper, shouting at Jake and threatening to leave. Jake played on Cassidy's emotional vulnerability, and Cassidy's anger was short-lived as Jake talked him back into bed.
  41. 42. However, proof of Jake's infidelity was too much for even Cassidy to ignore, and he was forced to face the reality that he was in a relationship with a man who neither loved nor respected him, and that he was too emotionally damaged to walk away. The realization sent Cassidy into a tailspin, and he tried to drink away the hurt.
  42. 43. Partway through his binge, Cassidy attempted to reach out for help. Upon hearing his brother's voice, he realized that he couldn't tell Spider Jerusalem what kind of mess he'd gotten into, and hung up without saying a word, leaving Spider Jerusalem confused and feeling helpless on the other end of the line. Cassidy continued to drink, hitting the bottom of his downward spiral as he passed out on the floor.
  43. 44. College for Generation 6 was largely uneventful. Newly-minted Romance Sim Archie made it his goal to get as many of the neighborhood SimSelves into bed and beat up a Llama Mascot who had offended him. Tolly and Xander stayed out of trouble, and Rizzo worried about finding a spouse who wouldn't mind his Romance Sim nature.
  44. 45. Rizzo finally met Downtownie Zoe and began a very careful courtship. She made it clear that she wasn't of a mind to be played by an unfaithful Romancer, so Rizzo did his best to assure her that his version of Romance was to stay with one lover forever. Zoe finally fell to his charms, much to Rizzo's delight. For his part, Uglacy heir Xander knew that alien children were in his future, but struck up a relationship with cheerleader Brittany just the same.
  45. 46. Getting abducted was one of the first things Xander did upon graduating from college and moving back home. After the trauma of his probing was over, Xander hurried to the kitchen and made himself some cheesecake. Xander was a Family Sim, and the prospect of twins was too much for him to ignore.
  46. 47. Xander's twins were the nice-point-absent Fuller (Bucky; left) and the nice-point-deficient Marconi (Marco; right). The two boys were rarely apart. Bucky emerged as the leader of the pair, with Marco content to tag along with his brother's plans. One set of twins was not enough for Xander, so he set about getting abducted again.
  47. 48. At the Prettacy, Rizzo proposed to Zoe, and they got married in short order. Rizzo worried to Dora about what would happen to his and Zoe's children. Raven's prophecies had indicated that her family would be safe, but Rizzo was Raven's grandson, and his own children would no longer recognize Raven as family. Even Dora was unsure if “family” referred to a direct-line descendant of Raven, or if her protection would end when the heir would not be considered her family. Rizzo knew there was a chance that his children would be in danger, but that did not stop him from having some.
  48. 49. Rizzo and Zoe's eldest child was Carver, an outgoing, reasonably nice, playful boy. Carver was mellow and friendly, and easily made friends with Bucky and Marco.
  49. 50. Xander's second pregnancy also resulted in twins, thanks to cheesecake. They were a boy, Faraday (Fair; right) and a girl, Tesla (Tess; left). Fair, like his older brother Bucky, was without nice points, but Tess had a full 10. Xander adored his only daughter, and she even managed to charm her older brothers into doing whatever she wanted.
  50. 51. Rizzo and Zoe had unauthorized twins, Bell (left) and Whitney (right). Bell was on the shy side, and Whitney was more outgoing, but the two of them made a good pair, particularly when combined with big brother Carver.
  51. 52. Oddly Hot Gen 6 Bad Boy Archie became a Hall of Famer. Shortly after that, he received an offer from a small bar to be its spokesman. Since he thought there might be the chance to get some SimSelf lovin' out of the deal, he accepted.
  52. 53. However, Archie might not have been so quick to accept the invitation had he known that Cypress was the one who'd sent it. Upon arriving at the bar, Cypress gave Archie a drink and made him an offer: Archie could help Cypress take down the Legacy, and they could both get what they wanted—Archie the chance to antagonize Xander, and Cypress the opportunity to end the Legacy. Archie refused, citing lack of being able to get any tail out of the bargain. Cypress did not take Archie's rejection well.
  53. 54. Cypress revealed that Archie's drink had been poisoned, and withheld the antidote. Archie's punishment for standing up to Cypress was death.
  54. 55. Adding further insult, Cypress left Archie's tombstone—special message included—on the front lawn of the Uglacy for Xander and Coco to find. Coco was particularly distraught, as her theoretically-immortal son had been murdered, and his killer was all too obvious. Archie's father Malcolm was also devastated at the loss of his son.
  55. 56. Following the immediate shock of Archie's death, Coco called a family meeting, including Xander, then-teen grandsons Bucky and Marco, Malcolm IV, and Malcolm V. Though resurrecting Archie was a popular option, Coco rejected the proposal, and Malcolm concurred—Cypress had killed Archie for a reason, and if he were resurrected, Cypress would only kill him again, and the next time, he wouldn't be able to be brought back. Coco told all of them Larch's cryptic message: “When the time is right, let the rain wash away the sins of the past,” and announced that it was up to all of them to pass it along to the heir. Xander assured them that he'd do everything he could to make sure it was him doing the telling, but announced that Marco would be the Uglacy Black Sheep in case the family needed extra protection.
  56. 57. Cypress's latest plan involved getting Spider Jerusalem to help him rewire a weather machine. Spider Jerusalem was unclear as to the purpose of the changes they were making, and could see no use for the ability to make it rain or snow. Cypress seemed satisfied over the day's work.
  57. 58. Knowing that her time was near, Spider Jerusalem chose to reveal himself to Dora. She was understandably shocked to find that the man she'd loved was really the son of the man who'd threatened her life. Spider Jerusalem apologized for hurting her, but outlined Cypress's plan and explained that he'd loved her too much to have anything to do with her death.
  58. 59. Dora realized that her being the heir really had protected her family. If either of her brothers had been the heir, Cypress's plan of seduction would have been scrapped, and he would have struck at them some other way. Spider Jerusalem falling in love with her had saved her life, and had enabled her to have children and grandchildren. Topher had died several days before, and Dora allowed herself to feel for Spider Jerusalem what she had felt for his alter ego, and the two of them reconciled.
  59. 60. Shortly after his encounter with Dora, she died. Shortly after that, Cypress headed to the weather machine and sent Spider Jerusalem up to the deck to look at the Uglacy through the telescope. Baffled, Spider Jerusalem did so, and Cypress fired up the weather machine. Spider Jerusalem was surprised to see the weather change at the Uglacy, and not overhead. He was confused as to why they'd altered the weather machine to change the weather elsewhere when he saw Xander, who was home alone, come out of the house.
  60. 61. The playful Xander began jumping in a puddle. Cypress turned on the lightning, and Xander was struck almost immediately. Spider Jerusalem watched through the telescope, unable to stop the inevitable, as the Reaper came to collect Xander. Bucky and Marco were the ones to find their father's tombstone. Both boys broke down, but pulled it together enough to move it from the front lawn before their younger siblings came home from school.
  61. 62. Tess took Xander's death the hardest. After seeing her uncle's ghost floating around the yard, she became almost inconsolable, fearing that her father's death had been as painful and frightening as Archie's. Bucky and Marco did their best to console her. Marco, however, was overwhelmed by the responsibilities resting on his shoulders, and had a breakdown of his own. That left Bucky to be the rock of the family, holding them all together and convincing his twin that he could handle being the Black Sheep.
  62. 63. While Tess may have been sobbing over the loss of her father, her twin brother Fair reacted in a far more hostile way. His anger was obvious, and he rebuffed any attempts to calm him down or to draw him into normal activities.
  63. 64. Knowing that raising their younger siblings was a lot to ask of her teenage grandsons, Coco became a vampire, extending her lifespan. It meant that she was only available twelve hours a day, but her grandchildren took comfort in the fact that they were not completely alone.
  64. 65. Fair's anger became more and more intense. At a party thrown at the Prettacy, he was withdrawn and spent most of the time sulking by himself. When Tess invited him to come skating, he was rude, and he refused to spend any time at all with his siblings or grandmother. Tess was deeply hurt by her twin brother's attitude, but Fair was beyond caring.
  65. 66. Finally, Tess had had enough of Fair's attitude. He was out by the tombstones trying to set the record for continuous brooding when Tess came out and forced him to reveal his motivations for his bad behavior. He told her that he'd already lost two members of his family, and wanted to stay free of further entanglements so that it wouldn't hurt when they died. Tess showed him how ridiculous he was being, and he apologized to her, Bucky, and Marco, and agreed to be a part of the world.
  66. 67. Spider Jerusalem's battered psyche was beginning to crack. Unable to help his brother, the woman he loved dead, his only clue a nonsensical message from a dead woman, and complicit in the deaths of Archie and Xander, he puzzled over what to do.
  67. 68. Spider Jerusalem finally came to the conclusion that for the Legacy to be safe, Cypress had to die. And he was the only person in a position to do it.
  68. 69. Once Bucky, Tess, and Fair were off at college, Coco took Marco another step down the road to being the Black Sheep by turning him into a vampire. After her grandson was a creature of the night, Coco took a walk in the sun, deciding that she'd done enough, and deserved the chance to finally rest.
  69. 70. At college, many parties were thrown, and Marco was invited to any one that occurred after dark. Tess found the perfect (ugly) man in Brad the Hippie, although her brothers could not resist making sure he knew that they were the muscle behind Tess's big grin.
  70. 71. Prettacy heir Whitney also found love in the form of Arthur Schuster, and both she and Tess prepared to bring in Generation 8. And that is where I've got to now. With only two generations and change left, there probably won't be another one of these recaps, but that doesn't mean the fun's over yet! After all, there's still an Epic Plot Volcano on the horizon...