The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 14


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In which there are romantic mishaps, romantic non-mishaps, Social Bunnies, and a surprise paramour.

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The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 14

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Vetinari Dualegacy! This is Chapter 14: When It Alteration Finds. Last time, Dora (on the left) and Coco (on the right) were named heirs to the Prettacy and Uglacy, respectively, and all five of the Gen 5s from the main households, plus Prettacy cousins Cam and Jordan, and Chad's SimSelf girlfriend, headed off to the Academie. Now on to college!
  2. 2. "Indy! Pledge in! I want to get the heck out of here!" "Uncle Rhea, I'll do anything to get out of this shirt. Purple isn't really my color."
  3. 3. "I rock the hat." You rock the hat. India "Indy" Vetinari, Gen 5 Prettacy spare. Indy's an Aries 9/10/9/4/2 Fortune Sim with the LTW to be a Hall of Famer. He may only have two nice points, but they're reserved for the exclusive use of his family. The Republic of India is a country in Southeast Asia. It is the seventh largest country in the world based on geography, and is the second most populous country in the world. The national bird is the Indian peacock.
  4. 4. "C'mon, Uncle Rhea, let's play!" "You asked for it."
  5. 5. "Hey!" "What?" "Mom said we were supposed to be nice to you, but maybe she should have told you to be nice to us!" Chad was nearly done with his pledge period at this point, so I had Indy invite Rocky, Coco, and Dora over to pledge them in. Turns out that Spider Jerusalem's not the only Vetinari you should never let off his leash.
  6. 6. NO INDY BAD INDY THAT IS A VERY BAD INDY! Coco: "He's not nearly as hot as Paperboy Komeiclone!" I made Rhea eat something before he passed out, and...
  7. 7. Thanks, Indy. Thanks a whole bunch. "No problem!" No. PROBLEM.
  8. 8. "I'm pretty sure this isn't supposed to happen." "Who'd have thought ten outgoing points would be so troublesome?"
  9. 9. "Er, Indy? What are we supposed to do now? I mean, it's not like we can end up together or anything." "I have no idea. I guess at some point over the next four years, there's gonna be some slapping." "Should we just get it over with, like ripping off a band-aid?" "It's pretty much going to suck no matter what." "Yeah, next time? NO HUGGING." "But I like hugging!" "Are you going to like getting slapped?" "Probably less so."
  10. 10. "I'm still cute! And also shy!" You are cute. And shy. Chad Vetinari, Gen 5 Prettacy spare. He's a Pisces 6/1/10/3/8 Knowledge Sim who is Permaplat from Maxing 7 Skills. Chad might be nice, but he's no pushover. Unlike big brother Indy, he's too shy to cause any relationship drama. Chad is very relaxing. The Republic of Chad is a landlocked country in central Africa. It is sometimes referred to the "Dead Heart of Africa" due to its largely desert climate. However, Lake Chad is the second largest wetlands in Africa.
  11. 11. Indy's love life may be complicated, but Chad's isn't. He calls up MichelleFobbs, his high-school girlfriend, and they pick up right where they left off. MichelleFobbs writes the Planetary Apocalypse.
  12. 12. A couple of flirts later, and the pink and red hearts are flying, and their Want Panels largely involve purple hearts.
  13. 13. "Do you still find my shyness adorable?" "Uh-huh." "Do you wanna go do some power Want-fulfilling?" "Uh-huh."
  14. 14. These two are officially cute together. And yes, the shyest member of Generation 5 is taking care of those "purple heart" Wants first.
  15. 15. Yup--pupil-less crazy-eyed purple hearts for Chad and Michelle. I have a feeling Michelle will be a frequent visitor at Havelock House. And yes, Chad and Michelle have both rolled the Want to get engaged.
  16. 16. "Woo schmatta! You're my brother's girlfriend! And you're in your underwear! Go Chad!" "Thanks, Indy, I'll pass that along."
  17. 17. "Hooray! I graduated!" Hooray! Go away now!
  18. 18. Whoa. That suit is SO not you. "Tell me about it. This is the sort of thing Finn would have loved!" Sadly, those days are past. Don't feel too bad for Rhea, though...
  19. 19. ...He's got a nice little house and he's Permaplat, and once Colin gets some kittens, he'll have a four-legged friend to share his placeholder responsibilities with. Coco and Rocky are all pledged in and ready to move in!
  20. 20. "I sorta look kinda pretty." Only because I found some hair with long bangs. Monaco "Coco" Vetinari, Gen 5 Uglacy heir. Coco's a Scorpio 7/7/10/3/3 Knowledge Sim with the LTW to reach the top of the Journalism career. She inherited most of her features from her father Cormorant, but her mother's Loki Beaker recessives are just waiting to pop out. The Principality of Monaco is a city-state in Western Europe that is completely enclosed by France. It is the most densely-populated sovereign country in the world. The late actress Grace Kelly is the mother of the current Sovereign Prince, Albert II.
  21. 21. "Look! Eyes!" I know--I managed to find a shot of you where your brows are not completely obscuring your eyeballs! Morocco "Rocky" Vetinari, Gen 5 Uglacy spare. Rocky's a Scorpio 7/7/9/3/1 Knowledge Sim with the LTW to be Education Minister. Unlike his twin sister, he inherited Helen's Loki Beaker brows. The Kingdom of Morocco is located on the Atlantic coast in North Africa. It is the third most populous Arab country in the world, and its largest city is the famed Casablanca.
  22. 22. The night Rocky and Coco move in, there's a storm, and one of the lights catches fire. I guess they didn't get the memo that the Asylum is over! Happily, no one was catapulted into Aspiration Failure, although Mitch Indie did get extremely smelly.
  23. 23. "You might want to leave now." "What's that thing?" "Don't say I didn't warn you!"
  25. 25. "WHY? WHYYYYYYY?"
  26. 26. "OH, THE COWMANITY!"
  27. 27. "BEG, maggot!" "Please don't shoot me with the repo gun! I don't want to be repoed!"
  28. 28. "Insufficient groveling." "Please?" "Bored now."
  29. 29. This totally enjoyable moment has been brought to you by TwoJeffs. Cow Mascot Head Trophy, where have you been all my life?
  30. 30. "This one's for cleaning the bathroom!" "Okay!"
  31. 31. "YES! Scissors beats paper; you have to clean the bathroom!" "Aw man, I wanted to clean the bathroom." "Wait, what? Indy, you lost. That means you have to clean the bathroom." "Huh? Were we not playing winner cleans the bathroom?" "Why would we be doing that?" "Isn't that how it goes?" "Only when you're playing against someone else with nine neat points. I have six; if you want to clean, go ahead." "Wow. Okay. So I guess we don't even need to Rock Paper Scissors for it." "Nope. But it's still fun to play." "And also fun to clean!" "...And they call me a freak." "It's all the nice points."
  32. 32. Hey! It's the streaker! It's really too bad Chad is at class! Dora's getting ready to move in, though, and she gave Cap'n Nudity a finger-gun.
  33. 33. "Can I cheat Chad at chess now?" There's not actually a chessboard here. Andorra "Dora" Vetinari, Gen 5 Prettacy heir. Dora's a Gemini 4/10/10/3/1 Grilled Cheese Sim with the LTW to Eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. She originally rolled Pleasure, but I am sick of serious Pleasure Sims, so she was Cheesed, and I think we're both happier this way. The Principality of Andorra is a landlocked country in Western Europe. It is located in the Eastern Pyrenees mountains and is bordered by Spain and France. It boasts the highest life expectancy in the world.
  34. 34. "You better talk about cheese! Or else!"
  35. 35. "Absolutely! I love cheese! I have eight nice points and I'm freakishly congenial!" Since Dora moved in and brought the rest of Gen 5's scholarship money in the form of statues crammed into her inventory, I decided to renovate and upgrade Havelock House. When I started the Greek House in Gen 3, I said it'd be a nice place to live around Gen 5, and it is!
  36. 36. Swapped out windows and doors for nicer ones, put some new siding up, and added a hot tub on the far left.
  37. 37. This was where Raven had her college prophecy. Looks a little different now, huh? Changed the flooring and walls. Upgraded the sofa and TV; the Bust of Tylopoda was a date gift. Maybe from Tom; I honestly don't remember who left it.
  38. 38. "I'm pretty sure it didn't look like this when I came in here." Got some new tile, new walls, upgraded tables, chairs, and countertops. Added Grilled Cheese Counter for Dora.
  39. 39. The main room on the first floor. Cow Mascot Head Trophy, new TV, new sofa and chair, new carpet, new walls, new doors, plant. I eventually bumped the outer wall out another couple of spaces so that I had enough seating for everyone in one room, and upgraded the stereo.
  40. 40. Also upgraded the bathrooms: nice tile, different walls, better sinks. Total Havelock House makeover cost: about $55,000.
  41. 41. "I like my new house, and I wasn't rolling a Fear of Singing Karaoke, and I have maxed fitness, and I'm in my jammies, so now there's a bunch of these pictures of me and my abs, lalalalalalaaaaaa!"
  42. 42. The Streaker returns. He goes and does his "I'M NAKED! WHEEE!" dance over Dora while she sleeps. It was creepy. Then, to amp up the creepiness...
  43. 43. ...he goes upstairs and does the dance over Coco while SHE sleeps. Rocky and Chad were also asleep, but he didn't go do his little naked dance over THEM. My Streaker is a perv who likes to dance naked over sleeping young women. This is horribly, horribly creepy. The Streaker will be joining Melody Tinker's Tombstone Garden. He is too disturbing to live. With luck, the replacement Streaker will be a little more "kooky naked guy" and a little less "Ted Bundy."
  44. 44. Later, Indy and Chad do a little brotherly bonding by heaving water balloons at Marla Biggs.
  45. 45. Andorra Vetinari, everyone! Ain't she a charmer?
  46. 46. I had Indy invite over Jordan and Cam, his cousins (sons of Raven's brother Wren and StyxLady), so he could pledge them in--they'll be placeholding Havelock House for me at the end of Gen 5's college years. Turns out Cam is gay. And has a thing for Rocky. I mean, that's not even a "Someone told me Rocky is hot!" gossip heart-fart, that's a full-on Swoon heart-fart! Rocky's not even a Romance Sim! I've never seen anyone Swoon over him before! They just LOOOOVE throwing me these bizarre romances this generation, don't they? StyxLady writes Just Another Legacy.
  47. 47. "I'm gonna go find Rocky!" "I'm gonna pretend like I didn't just see that heart-fart."
  48. 48. Of course, Cam and Jordan brought their roommate Michelle along. Indy immediately corners her, but happily, doesn't attempt any groping. "So, you know SupremeNerd?" "I know it's fun to make her a teenage Malcolm Landgraab's mother!"
  49. 49. "One of her roommates died!" "Well, that is how Melody Tinker got her Tombstone Garden!"
  50. 50. "She totally killed the Beta-Clone of PseudoBruty!" "Let's face it, she would have killed the Alpha-Version too! She hated PseudoBruty!" 'Kay, I admit to enjoying dropping a satellite on Beta-PseudoBruty. It was FUN.
  51. 51. I see A LOT of this. Chad's hotness is Michelle's favorite topic of conversation. As for Michelle...
  52. 52. ...she is ever the soul of grace and decorum.
  53. 53. "Coco! Don't clog the toilets!" "Then quit shoving grilled cheese sandwiches down my throat! We live on a steady diet of cheese; a little plumbing trouble is a natural consequence!"
  54. 54. Dora: "Hey, guys--I'm going on a cheese run. You want anything while I'm out?" Rocky: "The keg's dry." Dora: "I can't fit a keg into a shopping bag." Chad: "If a piano will fit in a trash bag, you can bring back a keg." Rocky: "And let's not even get into the stuff we can cram into our pants." Chad: "Yeah, Indy got hungry after your dad gave him those fish." Rocky: "Eeeewwwwww." Dora: "You know what? I'm going to buy cheese; you guys can buy your own keg!"
  55. 55. This is pretty normal around Havelock House this time around: Dora's cleaning up plates from grilled cheese sandwiches, everyone in the room has just eaten all or most of a grilled cheese sandwich, Coco's getting ready to take out the trash, a Knowledge Sim is doing homework, Michelle is wishing that Chad would do something with her on free will other than Play Catch, and there's a Dormie face-down in a grilled cheese sandwich.
  56. 56. Oh, and Indy is trying to drive me insane with his relentless stalking of Coco.
  57. 57. "So... Gay, huh?"
  58. 58. "Certainly seems that way."
  59. 59. OK, even OCD Jonny never washed the windows. Congratulations, Indy, you've just out-neat- freaked your grandfather!
  60. 60. NO. NO NO NO. NO. So Indy and Coco are madly in love, and now Dora's making a move on Rocky. Which I imagine will not make Cam particularly happy. Not to mention not making ME particularly happy. Why did I think college would be relaxing this time around? "Haha, for the first time in five generations, I don't have a Pleasure Sim at college, there won't be any Wants for crazy numbers of dates, it'll be nice and quiet and easy..." In my dreams, apparently.
  61. 61. "Hey. I'm Indy." "Topher." "Gopher?" "Topher with a 'T.' It's short for 'Christopher.' Like 'Indy' is short for 'Indiana.' " "It's short for 'India,' actually." "Oh. That's cool too."
  62. 62. "So, Badger--" "Topher." "Whatever. Feel free to help yourself to the poker table and the bubble blower. Oh, and if you want some lunch, my sister's probably Serving Grilled Cheese Sandwiches as we speak." "I like grilled cheese sandwiches." "That's pretty much a prerequisite for spending time here."
  63. 63. "I'm Topher. You must be Indy's sister." "VATTA SU LA GORN! VATTA SU LA BRONK! VATTA BABY OBA ABBY DONK DONK DONK! GERBITS! GERBITS! VOOOOOOOOO GERBITS!" "What? Your name's Joe-Bob? I'm Dora; it's nice to meet you!"
  64. 64. "What? Noreen? Hey, these are good sandwiches!" "VATTA SU LA GORN! VATTA SU LA BRONK! VATTA BABY OBA ABBY DONK DONK DONK! GERBITS! GERBITS! VOOOOOOOOO GERBITS!" "What? Yeah, I think there are witches in Apartment Life!"
  65. 65. "What? Man, this cheerleader's annoying!" "VATTA SU LA GORN! VATTA SU LA BRONK! VATTA BABY OBA ABBY DONK DONK DONK! GERBITS! GERBITS! VOOOOOOOOO GERBITS!" "What? I wish this cheerleader would just shut up already!"
  66. 66. "Dora, you know what we need?" "Is it..." "If you say 'grilled cheese sandwiches,' I'm so going to smack you." "I was going to say 'Toga Party.' To, you know, serve people grilled cheese sandwiches." "Maybe later. I'm thinking 'Girls' Night Out'!" "I'm down with that."
  67. 67. "Great! I heard the Friday night DJ at Club Dante is total win!" "Can we go out and make a pit stop for eating grilled cheese sandwiches first?" "Or we could just go straight to the club and have fun." "Yeah, I guess that works too. Will there be guys there? For the flirting?" "It's a club! I bet there'll be loads of guys! Maybe you'll even find a potential spouse there!" "I'm sold--let's go!"
  68. 68. "I thought you said there were gonna be guys here! All I see is the owner and a hoochie." "Well, it's early! I'm sure they'll show up later." "DJ's good, though." "Yeah. Let's go dance!"
  69. 69. " 'Sup, y'all? Holla!" What, YOUR Club Dante doesn't have a DJ booth and a dance floor and a poker table and a pool table and a bubble blower and a hot tub, but it does have a readily-accessible kitchen for zero- Cooking-point Townies to set the place on fire with? Well, MY Club Dante doesn't suck!
  72. 72. "Hey, barkeep! I'll have what she's having!"
  73. 73. "It's Malcolm. One glass of blue 'juice' coming up!"
  74. 74. "Coco, I sort of expected this place would be more, you know, hopping. Especially on a Friday night! But there's, like, no one here." "C'mon, there's a guy right there! Okay, so he's not exactly Legacy-spouse material, but he's a guy, right?"
  75. 75. "Sorry to disappoint you, ladies, but that's Cassidy. He's gay." "I totally could have stayed home and eaten sandwiches! Ugh, I'm going to see if there's anything fun to do around here."
  76. 76. "That was my drink. You just stole my drink. I wanted to drink my drink." "Are you familiar with the concept of a 'cougar,' young man?" "Are you familiar with the concept of 'gay,' grandma?"
  77. 77. "Look, I'm sorry about Dora. She's not exactly the nicest person around, and I'm sure she didn't mean to imply that this place is a bastion of suck." "It's okay. I don't get to spend as much time here as I'd like. Anyway, Saturday night's the busiest night of the week, and it really doesn't get packed until after eleven." "Well, maybe I'll drag her back then!" "You're welcome to come back any time! Bring friends. Lots and lots of friends." "Sure! But I'd better get her home before her grilled cheese level drops too low."
  78. 78. "Hey! I'm going on a cheese run. You need anything?" "Dora, we can get groceries delivered, you know." "Yeah, or I can go choose the perfect cheese in person!"
  79. 79. "So." "So." "We should probably nuke this Crush/Love thing, huh?" "Yeah, I guess." "I got some time now." "Now's good for me."
  80. 80. "I'm sorry about the slapping." "Ditto! I mean, I won't feel bad about it when I'm doing it, but I feel bad about it now and I'll probably feel bad about it later." "I'll try to avoid throwing down with you." "And unnecessary slapping after the fact." "Right. You wanna go first, or should I?" "Oh, you can go first. I may as well get my digs in first, since this is your fault, after all."
  81. 81. "Marla! Mind if I Charm you?" "No, but I think your girlfriend does." "Not technically my girlfriend. It's a whole thing."
  82. 82. "Now no more Leaping Into Arms, you outgoing menace!"
  83. 83. "I can't control what I do on free will, dammit!" "That doesn't even make sense!" "Yeah, well, now it's your turn!"
  84. 84. "Hey, blue-haired guy! Meee-yow!"
  85. 85. Wooo. Indy's got a good angryface. A sexy, sexy angryface.
  86. 86. "Why do you have to be so irresistable? Why?"
  87. 87. "In the future, rein in your libido, Indy! And then we can avoid all of this unpleasantness!"
  88. 88. Yeah, so they're Enemies now, and I'll have to watch them pretty closely over the next few days until the Furious has time to go away. I don't want them to throw down and brawl. Unfortunately, nobody's got any strawberries in their inventory, so I can't just have them drink away their Furious. Indy's a Junior now, so I don't think I'll have to do that much more micromanaging of the two of them to keep them from falling back in love. Indy's Furious at Coco and the blue-haired Dormie, Coco's Furious at Indy and Marla, and for some reason I cannot begin to fathom, Rocky is Furious at the blue-haired Dormie as well.
  89. 89. "Dora, wanna come help me nurse a broken heart at Club Dante this weekend? Saturday night's supposed to be jumping!" "I'll pass--if all those old people are jumping, someone's liable to break a hip." "Come on, it's not all old people and drunk gay aliens."
  90. 90. "Coco, why are you so determined to drag me out with you? If you want to go to the club, then go! Face it; you'll probably have a better time without me along." "I'm not worried about Gen 6 of the Uglacy what with the 'evil laugh plans' and all, but you should get out and meet some guys for the Prettacy!"
  91. 91. "It's not as easy as all that! I mean, your psycho Great-Great-Uncle is gunning for all of us, and me in particular! That's scary as hell, and how can some random guy I meet in a club be expected to deal with Crazyass Cypress? I don't need--or want--just any guy, Coco! I need, I don't know, a White Knight who's going to make me feel safe no matter what the future holds. I'll find him at my own pace, in my own way. I know you're trying to help, but I don't need it!"
  92. 92. "Okay, okay! You don't have to come out with me, Dora! ...Hey, who's the blonde guy?" "I think his name's Joe-Bob." "You think?" "There was a cheerleader yelling. I think he's looking forward to witches, but he's gonna be disappointed because of the whole graphics card thing. Seriously, I could 'Vo Gerbits' her into the middle of next week." "...My name's Topher..."
  93. 93. This is one way to keep Coco and Indy from beating the tar out of each other! I'm trying for the Romance Master Point, which involves catching a pair of Social Bunnies being Romantic with each other. So I need a pink Social Bunny and a blue Social Bunny, and hope they start groping each other! Plus I get toys and flowers. And since I'm doing this with both heirs, I'll count the point and the bonus--being able to choose Romance rather than having to roll for Aspiration--for both houses, should I happen to get the rabbit romancing.
  94. 94. "Oooh! Pretty!"
  95. 95. "And it's not even an EVIL Clown-in-a-Box!"
  96. 96. Yellow Social Bunny. No good. Gotta get Coco's Social up enough for it to go away, and then try again!
  97. 97. "I feel like there's something really creepy standing right behind me. Oh, wait, it's probably just Coco flamey-thought-ballooning me. That's gotta be it, right?"
  98. 98. "Oh joy! Rocky lives here!" So I popped his lot open, and he does have bolts for some ladies, including Coco and Michelle, but he WILL NOT STOP stalking Rocky! Cam is a little confused, I think.
  99. 99. This one's Dora's. And it's yellow again, so it is of no use to me.
  100. 100. "OMG I AM ALLOWED HUMAN CONTACT!" "Are you okay, Dora?" "Just don't turn around, mmmkay?"
  101. 101. Coco's starting to feel the strain. Evil Clown-in-a-Box! Of course, the Vetinaris are so mean, it doesn't really make much difference. They'll be quite happy with the evil one, I'm sure.
  102. 102. "WHY WON'T YOU LET ME TALK TO ANYONE?" Why won't you give me a Pink Social Bunny?
  103. 103. "HERE." Yaaay! Now cross your fingers that Dora's is blue!
  104. 104. zzzzzzzzzMylifesucksrightnowzzzzzzzzzzzzz "I really feel like something creepy is going on, and I'm sort of afraid to look."
  105. 105. Yaaaaaay! Now just hope they get all gropey if I keep Coco and Dora busy! I actually sent them to meditate, to freeze their Motives, including their low Social Motives.
  106. 106. Nothing yet. I wonder how long it takes. I checked, and there's no option to Influence them at all. Ah well, Coco and Dora are Meditating next to each other, so with luck, proximity will encourage the Bunnies to... well, act like rabbits, as it were.
  107. 107. "Yeah, I think I'm just gonna go play poker now. With Chad and Indy and Cam."
  108. 108. Sadly, the bunnies disappeared before getting busy. I will have to try again later, before Coco and Dora graduate.
  109. 109. "We're out of cheese. I'm headed to the store; you need me to buy anything for you?" "I could use some bleach. And scrubbing bubbles. And a new sponge. And maybe some of those scrubbies for cleaning your Grilled Cheese pan. Hey, maybe I should just tag along with you." "Nah, I got it. Cheese, bread, and one of everything from the cleaning aisle!" "You sure?" "I'm sure."
  110. 110. "Dora, hi! How's it going?" "Great! I ate the leftovers of two grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast!" "Is that good?" "It is if you're me!"
  111. 111. "So, do you have any plans for this weekend?" "Well, Coco will probably try and drag me back to Club Dante; she said it's busy on Saturday nights, but last time we were there it was full of old people and gay aliens, so I'd rather stay home and cook grilled cheese sandwiches." "Is that it?" "Then I eat them. And make other people eat most of one. And then someone gets desperate and sneaks out for a pizza." "I was thinking maybe, you know--if you wanted to, I mean--you could, like, go and, uh, eat something that's not grilled cheese, or even grilled cheese too, I guess, at Bernard's, maybe, if you felt like it, and, uh, I could be there too, you know, like, sorta at the same time, kinda together, like, uh--"
  112. 112. "Oh, jeez--can you totally hold that thought? I gotta get to class! I'll catch ya later if you're still hanging around, 'kay?" "Um... Yeah, sure, I guess." Time for a non-college interlude!
  113. 113. "Hey! I'm wearing clothes!" "And I'm grateful for that, Pervy Streaker." "I can't do my 'Naked Dance' with clothes on!" "Yeah, about the 'Naked Dance...' So it really creeped me out when you did that over my heirs, and not over their brothers, like, really, really creeped me out, and, to be quite frank, you sort of need to die now."
  114. 114. "You can't kill the Streaker!" "Can. Will. Want to, to be honest. Creepy NPCs join Melody Tinker's Tombstone Garden, and you're creepy. I'd say it's nothing personal, but... It's totally personal, StreakerPerv."
  115. 115. "Yikes! I'm gonna die!"
  116. 116. "What, you again?" "He was creepy!" "Then why are you crying?" "Tears of joy, baby! With luck, the replacement Streaker will be less of a perv, if such a thing can be said about someone who runs around naked doing the hula at my college students!" Non-college interlude over!
  117. 117. Indy: "You know, Dora, you need to get out there and find a boyfriend! It's not going to be much of a Legacy if there's no Generation 6." Dora: "Hey, Coco's sitting right there! Why aren't you dragging her into this too? She doesn't have a boyfriend either, and the Dualegacy succeeds or fails as a whole!" Coco: "I'm not really worried about it. 'Muahahahaha plans,' remember?" Indy: "And clearly I am not a part of those plans in any way. Seriously, Dora, even Chad's got a significant other, and he's not even a finger-gunner!"
  118. 118. Chad: "Could you sound a little less surprised about that, Indy?" Michelle: "Shyness is adorable. And Chad is hot!"
  119. 119. Rocky: "Indy does sort of have a point. It doesn't matter if Indy and Chad and I are dating, or even Coco, from all appearances. How can you continue the Prettacy if you don't have a boyfriend?" Dora: "Way to make it feel like I'm not being ganged up on, guys."
  120. 120. "And anyway--who says I don't have a boyfriend?"
  121. 121. Indy: "You have a boyfriend?" Coco: "Seriously? Who is it? Do we know him? Is he cute?" Chad: "He sort of has to be cute, if he's marrying into the Prettacy!" Coco: "So have you WooHooed him? I hear you should always make a test drive before you make the purchase!" Indy: "I'm not sure a car metaphor is appropriate here. And I really don't want to think about my baby sister WooHooing anyone." Dora: "I'm not a baby! I knew you'd react like this, which is why I didn't say anything before!" Michelle: "So tell us about him already!" Dora: "I met him at the grocery store on a cheese run. Some of my other cheese runs weren't really cheese runs. I was going out to see him." Indy: "More detail!" Dora: "His name's Ellis. He's a little older than me." Coco: "Oh gross, he's not all gray and saggy, is he? I mean, he could still get you pregnant, but, yuck."
  122. 122. "I said he was older, not geriatric! Anyway, he's really cute. And he's nice, too. Not fake-nice, but nice for real. And he's so sweet! He's kind of quiet and brainy, but when he looks at me, I just want to melt! We've talked about it, and neither of us wants to rush into anything. So no, Coco, we haven't WooHooed."
  123. 123. Indy: "So when do we get to meet this guy? Now that the cat's out of the bag, so to speak, you can't keep sneaking around to see him." Dora: "I guess I can invite him over for dinner tomorrow if you really want to meet him." Indy: "Of course we want to meet him!" Dora: "I guess it's time. I don't know why I was keeping him a secret; I'm sure you'll all love him as much as I do!" Indy: "You love him?" Dora: "Absolutely! He's sweet and kind and cute and perfect!" Indy: "So get on the phone already!" Dora: "How 'bout I do that when it's not two o' clock in the morning?" Indy: "Good point."
  124. 124. "Ellis, hi! Listen, I told everybody about you and they really want to meet you. Why don't you come over for dinner tonight? I promise I'll let someone else cook! ...All right, I'll see you later!"
  125. 125. Coco: "That was the bell! Open the door already!" Indy: "He better be nice. You know if he's not nice, I'm gonna pound him into the dirt." Dora: "There will be no pounding of my boyfriend!" Chad: "I trust Dora's judgment, Indy. I'm sure this 'Ellis' guy is perfect. But if he's not, I'll totally hold him down for you." Dora: "Chad!" Chad: "I never said I was a saint!" Rocky: "So are we supposed to not like this guy or what?" Dora: "No! I mean, yes! I mean, would you idiots just give him a chance before you jump straight to the beat-down? Give me a little credit here! Now shut up and let me open the door."
  126. 126. "Ellis, hi! I'm glad you could make it; everybody's dying to meet you." "Well..."
  127. 127. "...I hope I don't disappoint." Le gasp! Le shock! Le cliffhanger! Check back soon for Chapter 14.5!