The *Drool* Simon Vetinari BC Day 2

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In which our bachelor is still nervous, and another contestant is eliminated.

In which our bachelor is still nervous, and another contestant is eliminated.

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  • 1. Break out your bibs and buckets: It's time for the *Drool* Simon Vetinari Bachelor Challenge! This is Day 2: SimSelves, hot tubbing, and shy Sim flirting!
  • 2. "Why, I do believe you're trying to flirt with me!" said Indy, pretending to be shocked. "What gave it away?" Di asked. "The part where I offered to get in a hot tub with you, or the part where I asked if you kept your hat on all the time?" "Yes," Indy said with a grin. "Those would be the parts." "Get a room, you two!" Doc shouted from the pool table. "We might, if you'd bothered to furnish the rest of this place," Di retorted. "Like I don't have better things to do when I play Pleasantview!" Doc said. Indy is one of my Gen 5 Prettacy spares; he's Simon's uncle. Di is Dicreasy, writer of the Victorian Legacy; she's married to Indy in Riverblossom Hills. Doc is me: DrSupremeNerd, writer of the Vetinari Dualegacy.
  • 3. Theo looked at the newspaper. The date did, in fact, read 2008. He was a long way from home. He set the paper down and turned around to find Cassidy browsing the bookshelf. "I would not have thought you a lover of literature," Theo said. "Man Maid Lust is a classic!" Cassidy replied. Theodore Harrison hails from Di's Victorian Legacy, and my SimSelf won his Bachelor Challenge. Cassidy is one of the spare-spawn from the Vetinari Dualegacy.
  • 4. "I probably shouldn't have said that," Cass said, remembering Theo's reaction to seeing him and Gil snuggling on the couch. "Sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel weird." "I must apologize as well," Theo said. "It is a very strange thing to find yourself a hundred years out of place. In my day, such relationships might be hinted at behind closed doors." "Some of us are more 'out' than others," Cassidy said, his tone wry.
  • 5. "I really do apologize if I offended you," said Theo. "I hope you can forgive me. I would very much like it if we could become friends." Always a Knowledge Sim, Theo was curious about Cassidy's green skin and black eyes. "Sure," Cass replied. "I bet Doc would like it if we all got along." "Excellent," Theo said, smiling. "May I ask where you're from originally?" He'd learned that Indy was a transplant from another neighborhood, and he and Di were clearly from Regalton; perhaps if he knew where Cassidy was from, he could determine why he looked the way he did.
  • 6. "I don't know," Cass replied. "Larch and Wren are from Riverblossom Hills, and so are Indy and Simon, and Larch is my uncle, so I guess I must be from there too. That makes sense, right?" Theo was confused. He could recall events in Regalton quite clearly, and from all appearances, Indy had no memory loss. "You don't know?" "No," said Cass. "But I did come here with Larch and Spider Jerusalem, so we all had to come from the same place. Which was Riverblossom Hills for Larch. So that's where I'm from." "Does it not bother you that you cannot remember your past?" "Should it?" Cass asked, wondering if there was something to Theo's words.
  • 7. Gil had been walking by and heard the turn of the conversation. He went in and interrupted them. "Cass, Doc and Di and Indy are playing pool, and could use someone else to even out the teams." Cass laughed. "The girls against the boys? No contest!" He sighed. "I really hate losing." He nodded to Theo and headed to the pool table.
  • 8. "I didn't mean to interrupt, Mr. Harrison," Gil said. "That's typically done by not talking," Theo pointed out. "It's just... There are very few things we don't talk about around here. Cassidy's past is one of those things. Everyone else who comes here seems to remember where they've come from. Cass and his brother don't. Doc's said there's a reason for it, and I can only imagine that that reason is a bad one."
  • 9. "I didn't know that," said Theo. "I certainly don't want to upset Doc." "I believe that," Gil said. "I've seen the way you look at her." It didn't take a Romance Sim to see that Theo was carrying quite the torch for their host SimSelf. "I shall refrain from inquiring into Cassidy's past in the future," said Theo. "Does it bother you that your... friend... cannot remember who he is?"
  • 10. "I don't care about who he is somewhere else," Gil said. "I care about who he is here. Sure, he's silly and impulsive and easily distracted, but he's also kind and sweet and generous, and if someone was cruel to him, I don't want to know." He paused. "But I'm sure you don't care to know the details of our relationship, being from when you are."
  • 11. "That is not... I had many surprises when I arrived last night, and my behavior was somewhat remiss," said Theo. "While it's true that a relationship like yours would not be carried out so obviously in Regalton, they are not unheard of. My own Aunt Charlotta has traveled the world with her very dear friend Hannah, whom the rest of the family quite adores, and I would not presume to look down on anyone for finding love wherever they can." "So my 'very dear friend' Cassidy and I don't make you uncomfortable?" Gil asked. "I understand how powerful love can be," Theo said with a smile, thinking of the witty, outspoken Doc. "Guys! The Bachelor Challenge is starting and you're gonna miss it!" Doc called from the living room. "I believe we're wanted," said Gil. "Shall we?" "Oh yes," said Theo. "I'm keen to see a Bachelor Challenge from this side." He and Gil joined the others and watched the fun unfold.
  • 12. After Lark had gone, Simon plunked himself down at the computer to check his e-mail as he'd been instructed to. Sure enough, there was one in his in-box. He scanned the first few lines. I have to Chat with each of them? That didn't sound so bad. He'd talked with a couple of them already. The next few lines made his insides quiver. Hot tub? I have to get in a hot tub? With three of them? In a bathing suit? The thought of sitting half-naked in a jacuzzi with three of his guests who were also half-naked was less appealing than it might have been to someone less painfully shy. His final task for the day made his brain shut down temporarily. He had to read it again just to be sure. Flirt? I have to Flirt? That was even worse than the hot tub. Simon considered hiding out in the computer room for the rest of the day. There was a *bloop* as a new e-mail popped up. It simply read, "Get a move on." He sighed and left the room, locking it behind him.
  • 13. Simon ventured outside, where Marina immediately engaged him in a game of catch. Three of the other SimSelves who'd been stalking him were hovering nearby, waiting for an opening.
  • 14. "Simon?" Stacie said. "You are still freakin' gorgeous. I just thought you should know that." "Thanks," said Simon. He was getting used to the compliments.
  • 15. "Take that!" Marina said, whapping Stacie upside the head with a pillow. "This is what I get for telling the truth?" Stacie said.
  • 16. Simon took the distraction as an opportunity to head for the hot tub. "I'm jumping in the jacuzzi!" he hollered, anticipating the frantic stampede of scantily-clad women.
  • 17. "Did he say 'jacuzzi?'" Lea asked. "Hot tub time!" Silvain said with a grin. "Race ya there!" SimSelves converged on the hot tub from all corners of the house.
  • 18. Simon Vetinari, Gen 6 spare-spawn: son of Prettacy spare Chad and the SimSelf of MichelleFobbs, writer of the Planetary Apocalypse and the Not Quite a Vacation Asylum. Simon's a Sagittarius 6/1/10/7/4 Knowledge Sim--his shyness means that this experience is less the enjoyable vacation that it might be for most of the other Vetinaris, and more a torturous minefield of social interaction, occasionally involving bikinis. And the lucky three who made it into his hot tub?
  • 19. Marina (smoothiequeen87, writer of the Villainous Apocalypse), fellow Knowledge Sim and fifth coming into Day 2 with a score of 26.
  • 20. Stacie (stacilee []/stacierearden [Exchange], writer of Whedonberry), also a Knowledge Sim, and sitting very comfortably in second with a score of 62, and is Friends with Simon.
  • 21. "Too bad Lark's gone, huh?" Silvain (SilvainTheShadow/Sellan, writer of the Cooke and Leo Legacies), also a Knowledge Sim, was fourth at the end of Day 1 with a score of 31. And the unlucky ladies relegated to the backup hot tub?
  • 22. Lea (tlhs0/Tlhs0, writer of the Barsoom Legacy and mod at, is a Family Sim rocking out in third with a score of 51.
  • 23. Pen (penguingirl0384, writer of the Penguino Legacy), Knowledge Sim, is the clear frontrunner after Day 1 with a score of 99, and is Friends with Simon.
  • 24. "Think Doc's just gonna recycle 'sexy lamp' jokes?" Jamie (DocGirlP/DocgirlP, writer of the Bohemian Legacy) is a Family Sim and was second to last at the end of Day 1 with a score of 13; missing out on being in Simon's hot tub could spell the end of her stay.
  • 25. "It must have been strange, all of us showing up like that yesterday," Marina said, acknowledging Simon's shyness. "I hope it wasn't too overwhelming."
  • 26. "Well, it's true that I'm not exactly a Popularity Sim over here," Simon admitted. "But it could have been worse, I suppose. I did have a fair amount of fun pillow fighting and playing catch and water balloon fighting." He ran a damp hand through his hair, momentarily slicking it back. "It is just a bit odd having people come up to me and tell me how attractive I am, though."
  • 27. "How great is it seeing Cass in Squeaky Clean?" Silvain said. "It's cool to see him with a good family." "I know what you mean," Stacie replied. "I wonder if Prof will give him the leather pants, though."
  • 28. Marina laughed. "Good thing Cass is an honorary Roman, because he's neither a goody-two- shoes nor Squeaky Clean, whether he's in noisy pants or not!"
  • 29. "Who likes sports?" Simon asked, desperate to turn the conversation back to something that made sense to him.
  • 30. "Poor, sad little Cubs," Stacie said. "Seems like they're never even a bridesmaid."
  • 31. "We've got some good weather for this," Silvain said. "And it's not even dark or anything!"
  • 32. "It's supposed to be cloudy later on, though," Simon said. "If it starts to rain while we're still out here, we should probably head inside. Unless you Want to get struck by lightning, of course." It was something that currently didn't sound like fun to him.
  • 33. "Fried eggs?" Marina said. "What does that even mean?" Silvain replied. "...They make a tasty breakfast with toast?" Marina said with a shrug.
  • 34. Simon's playful side decided to surface for a moment. "Pssst! Stacie!" he called.
  • 35. Stacie took the splash to the face with a grin. "Dirty trick!" she said, thinking Person Person Plus Plus! Simon smiled back. "That's about as dirty as I get." "I hope not," she said with a wink. Simon blushed and looked away.
  • 36. Marina turned to Simon. "So I guess you're not much for public speaking, huh?"
  • 37. "I would rather stick a fork in a light socket," Simon said, nodding enthusiastically. The thought of having to eliminate one contestant in front of all the others the day before had been terrifying; talking in front of a huge crowd was something he'd rather avoid at all costs.
  • 38. "I think there's altogether too much violence in the media," Silvain said. "Don't you mean 'violins?'" Stacie asked. "It's a pun or something," Silvain replied. "It wasn't funny." "Are they ever?"
  • 39. "What's it like hanging out with Archie and Tolly and Billy and Rizzo?" Stacie asked. "Those four really contribute to greenhouse gases, if you know what I mean." "You get used to it," Simon said. He wasn't a slob like they were, but he wasn't as fastidious as his cousins Bee and Becca either.
  • 40. "Spatulas!" Jamie yelled, trying to catch Simon's attention from the other hot tub.
  • 41. "So what are your thoughts on kissing?" Marina asked, recapturing Simon's focus.
  • 42. "Really, M'ina?" Stacie said. "You had to go there?" She shook her head. "That's the sort of thing you should work up to."
  • 43. The sudden talk of kissing made Simon nervous, and he was entirely glad when the sun set.
  • 44. As Simon climbed out of the hot tub to refill the buffet table for dinner, a soft rain began to fall, and his houseguests quickly joined him inside.
  • 45. "I'm sorry if all that talk of kissing made you uncomfortable," Stacie said, accosting Simon at the platter of salad. "It's a bit overwhelming to think about," Simon admitted. "I mean, there's the actual kiss itself, and then the part where I worry if I'm any good at it because it's not like I've done a lot of it, and you all seem to be looking forward to it and I don't want to hurt your feelings if it's bad..." His voice trailed off. "I'm not usually a worrier, but I have to say, you ladies have me flustered." "We don't mean to fluster," Stacie said with a smile that was most definitely meant to do just that. Simon felt his cheeks get hot and reached for a plate of salad.
  • 46. "So, I guess the writing was on the wall as soon as Cypress showed his Eeevil head, huh?" Silvain asked.
  • 47. "Seriously, I have no idea what that means," Simon said. Silvain sighed; she suspected she wasn't doing well despite spending a few hours in the hot tub with Simon.
  • 48. "Do you find it easy to make friends?" Simon asked. "I mean, I have a few, but mostly they're family, like my cousins, or people I've met through the Wishing Well at home, or friends of my family."
  • 49. "It's not really that hard," said Marina, flashing Simon a smile from across the table. "Sometimes you just have to be willing to share a little bit of yourself with someone else, and let them share part of themselves with you." "Or you could just sit down for a nice cup of tea," said Jamie. "Conversation seems so much easier over some hot Earl Gray."
  • 50. "I guess so," said Simon, knowing that while the hot-tubbing was over for the day, he still had to Chat and Flirt with each of his remaining guests. He didn't even really consider doing them both at the same time; he knew he'd never be able to finish a Chat if he was worried about the upcoming Flirt. Though he was getting tired, he thought he could get at least a few Chats in before retiring.
  • 51. Simon pushed up from the table just as Stacie finished putting her dish in the dishwasher and Lea emerged from the bathroom. Stacie yawned so loudly that her jaw cracked; Simon decided to talk to Lea instead.
  • 52. "So..." he started, trying to find a good topic of conversation. "Do you like to travel?"
  • 53. "Who doesn't love to see new places?" she replied with a broad grin on her face. Simon relaxed. So far, so good.
  • 54. "Have you ever thought about going to Switzerland?" he asked. "I hear the skiing is fantastic in the Alps."
  • 55. "Oh, and the shopping!" Lea exclaimed. "The watches and the chocolate and the cuckoo clocks!" "Cuckoo clocks? Really?" he asked. "Well, they are sort of like big watches," she said. "I guess they are, aren't they?" Simon agreed. He watched as Lea stifled a yawn. "You should go to bed," he said. "I'm sorry to have kept you." "It was no hardship, trust me," she said, but she slipped past him and headed up to her bed.
  • 56. Who next? Silvain was just getting up to go to bed herself, and Pen was complaining about being tired. Jamie had resorted to taking a nap on the sofa, perhaps hoping to gain relationship points with Simon via same-room-osmosis, but Marina was free.
  • 57. "You know, I think there was something odd about those ninjas who kidnapped me," he said.
  • 58. "I guess you could say that," Marina replied, thinking of the identity of the men who'd abducted him from Academie Le Tour. "But it's a beautiful, wonderful, happy-making sort of oddness, and if anyone says it isn't, I'll... I don't know, sic Rhys on them." Simon sighed. "Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting the whole story here."
  • 59. "So, uh, have you been abroad?" Simon asked, trying to steer the conversation back to a less-baffling place. "Sure, I've been to Europe," Marina said. "Germany's loads of fun!" "Ever been to Oktoberfest?" he asked. Marina winked at him. "Now that would be telling." Simon laughed, and an exhausted Marina took the opportunity to head upstairs to bed.
  • 60. Simon looked over at Jamie, who was clearly regretting not being faster to his hot tub. He debated on whether or not to wake her so she could sleep in a proper bed, but she solved his dilemma by sitting up, so he went over for his Chat.
  • 61. "I feel like I really haven't gotten to know you, and I sort of think that's a shame," Simon said. "I mean, you seem pretty cool."
  • 62. "I suppose I've just gotten used to ACR," Jamie replied. " 'Making friends' takes on a whole 'nother connotation there, I don't mind saying." "I don't really understand," Simon said. Jamie gave a wry smile. "You're probably much happier that way. In this case, I do believe that ignorance is bliss."
  • 63. "So, how freaked out are you by the thought of kissing some of us?" she asked.
  • 64. "Fairly freaked out, actually," Simon said, mulling it over. "Do you wish you didn't know about it so you didn't have time to worry about it?" "I don't know," Simon said honestly. "I mean, I have a few days to worry about it, but I also have a few days to muster up the courage to do it. It really is a hell of a thing to spring on a shy guy like me." He sighed. "I'm sure if Archie were here in my place, he'd be annoyed that he'd have to wait a few days to kiss anyone."
  • 65. "Well, Archie is a bit of a troublemaker," Jamie pointed out. "There's no telling what manner of bother Archie and his attitude will get himself into." Simon thought of his confident, cocksure friend. Archie might get into trouble, but Simon suspected that sometimes it was worth it.
  • 66. "Well, he did get Tolly brought home by the cops that one time," he said. "Aunt Dora and Uncle Topher weren't too happy about that." "Did you ever Sneak Out with Archie?" Jamie asked. Simon shook his head. "Not with a Servo in the house. It's a little hard to make a break for it when the 'Bot That Never Sleeps is following you around trying to play Red Hands." Jamie laughed. "I suppose not." She stood, stretched, and headed for her bed. Simon went to his room as well.
  • 67. Simon's mind was still awhirl as he climbed into bed. He'd gotten half his Chats out of the way, and they'd gone well, which was a boost to his self-confidence. But he had three left to go. What if one of them went badly? Would he still have the courage to finish? And what about the Flirts? Could he actually bring himself to be so bold? What if someone rejected him? With a million thoughts buzzing through his head, he dropped off to sleep.
  • 68. Stacie and Lea both got up before dawn. Stacie headed to the pool table to hone her skills; Lea merely watched. "How d'you think you're doing?" Lea asked. "Fantastically," Stacie replied, lining up her shot. "I mean, I've been friends with Simon since Day 1, and I snagged the spot in the hot tub next to him yesterday. We could have the worst conversation ever, and I'll still be here tomorrow." "I'd feel better about my chances if I'd made it into the hot tub," Lea said. "At least you're not avoiding him like Jamie and Silvain," Stacie pointed out, shrugging.
  • 69. Ugh, sloppy SimSelves, thought Marina, going around the room and making all of the beds. They don't care one bit about the Environment score!
  • 70. Simon woke, dressed, and looked for a SimSelf he hadn't yet Chatted with. "So, Stacie, what do you think of the theater?" he asked.
  • 71. "You're kidding, right?" Stacie replied. "I'm only an actress! And sometimes I teach theater to kids. It's totally my deal!"
  • 72. "I just really love the arts," she said. "I think they're so important. They're a uniting factor in cultures all around the world!"
  • 73. Simon could sense her passion for the topic. "I loved growing up in a house where there was always music," he said. "There was always someone on the piano; I really learned an appreciation for music and how it brought us all together." "That's so great," Stacie said. "I feel the same way."
  • 74. "Laying it on a bit thick, don't you think?" Lea muttered. "Shhh!" Stacie hissed.
  • 75. "You must be quite the reader, too, if you're into theater," Simon said.
  • 76. "Oh, of course," Stacie replied, "Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, Neil Simon--and those are just the playwrights! I do love a good well-written story. Occasionally involving chupacabras, too." Once again the conversation had veered into strange territory. "I'd love to talk to you more about this," Simon said. "Right now I have to go talk to a couple more guests. Maybe later, though?" "Count on it," Stacie said.
  • 77. Simon found Pen next. "I'm glad I met you," he said. "You're a lot of fun, and I probably never would have met you if I hadn't been heaved through this door."
  • 78. "Oh, I'm sure we'd have bumped into each other sooner or later," Pen said with confidence. "Riverblossom Hills isn't that big, after all." "I guess you're right," said Simon.
  • 79. "Does it feel like I'm having the same conversations over and over again?" he asked. "I hope I'm not. I'd hate to think I couldn't go outside my comfort zone a little."
  • 80. "You seem to be doing fine to me," said Pen. "After all, no one's stuck their fingers in their ears yet, have they?" "Nope," said Simon, relieved on that front.
  • 81. "I think my parents might be expecting me to throw a big wedding at some point," Simon sighed. "I mean, I don't know if they know about this, but if they did, I bet they'd already be planning the shindig. And I'm not even sure if I want half the 'hood to show up. What's your take on the whole thing?"
  • 82. "Well, you certainly shouldn't feel pressured into throwing a party," said Pen. "The perfect wedding involves both halves of the couple feeling good about it. If that's a simple exchange of vows in the living room, then that's what it is." A relieved Simon begged off and went in search of Silvain.
  • 83. "So, uh, what do you think about gas prices, huh? We should really reduce our dependence on foreign oil."
  • 84. "Bleah, who wants to hear about crude oil first thing in the morning?" Silvain retorted, throwing her hands up in disgust. "Really. I mean, the many uses of baby oil is a much better conversational gambit before breakfast." Simon couldn't believe it--the last Chat had derailed immediately. He'd been doing so well! He knew he had to act before panic set in. And, well, he had nothing left to lose here...
  • 85. "I might be interested to hear some of those uses for baby oil," he said, smiling shyly. "Well, you can use it for cleaning the edges of your ears," she said. "And it makes a nice moisturizer. And it's good for getting sticky things out of hair."
  • 86. "That's really fascinating," he said, watching Silvain fan herself after the Charm. All things considered, it had been relatively painless. He looked around the room for his next target.
  • 87. "So, uh... Sometimes you're a little confusing, but I think I might sort of like that," Simon said.
  • 88. "Any time you need a good confusing, you know where to find me," Marina replied.
  • 89. Simon suddenly felt an interest in being much more confused by Marina.
  • 90. "Maybe you and I could get a cup of tea or something some time," Simon said to Jamie. "With little pastries. And perhaps scones."
  • 91. "Just give me a time and a place!" said Jamie, swooning.
  • 92. "I was thinking maybe we could watch that movie on your shirt together," Simon said. "It's sort of a horror movie, if that matters," Lea said.
  • 93. "I'd keep you safe from the boogeymen," Simon said. "Would you hack through an army of Deadites with a chainsaw?" "Sure, I suppose so."
  • 94. Simon found Pen next. "I find your prodigious knowledge of penguins to be extremely appealing."
  • 95. "It's not just penguins, you know," she said. "It's all flightless swimming birds." "Like what else?" he asked. "Ducks that have had a traumatic injury," she grinned. Simon laughed. "I walked right into that one." "Just like a wingless duck."
  • 96. She may have been comparing him to a grounded waterfowl, but Simon suddenly felt like he was flying. Pen merely mused that Simon was looking extra-hot.
  • 97. "I'd love to come see you perform some time," Simon said. "I'm sure you light up the stage."
  • 98. "Well, I do throw myself into my roles," Stacie replied. "Is this a role?" he asked.
  • 99. "Most definitely not," she said.
  • 100. "Almost noon!" Marina said. "How's my hair? Do I look all cute?" "Why so worried?" Silvain asked. "Because I'm sticking around, and I want to look fab when I go hunt down Simon for a pillow fight!" It was, in fact, noon, and Simon made his decision.
  • 101. "I really do think you're cool," he said to Jamie. "But it sort of seems like you're avoiding me. I'm really sorry." "It's okay," Jamie sighed. "I suppose there's always Gilbert Jacquet to comfort me." She remembered where she was. "...Never mind." Jamie gave Simon a sad smile. "It was fun while it lasted. Give me a jingle sometime when you get back to Riverblossom Hills. I want to take you up on that offer of tea." "Sure," said Simon. "That'd be nice." Jamie headed off to the computer room and arranged for a cab. Silvain barely alive with 47 and 2 bolts Day 2 scores: Jamie bringing up the rear with 38 and 2 bolts Pen still in the lead with 127, friends, double-crush, and 2 bolts Missing out on getting into Simon's hot tub ahead of Silvain or Stacie closing the gap with 123, friends, double-crush, and 2 bolts Marina did her in. Marina surging from fifth to third with a 76-point gain to 102, friends, a crush on Simon's side, and 2 bolts Lea hanging on with 79, friends, and 3 bolts
  • 102. "I must say, it's far more relaxing to be on this end of a Bachelor Challenge," Theo said. "Not having to worry about who has to go home or having un-Victorian thoughts..."
  • 103. "Maybe if I'd had a few more un-Victorian notions, I'd still be there," Jamie said. "You know, a little more flinging myself at him, a little less waiting for him to come to me."
  • 104. "If you'd just been a bit faster to the hot tub, you might have lasted," said Gil. "Miss Marina did seem very determined today," Theo said, resisting the urge to look over his shoulder at Doc. 'Determined' was almost an inadequate word for her attitude in his Bachelor Challenge. "Do you Want to be friends with Don Lothario?" Cass asked.
  • 105. "Let's just say my Want Panel and my actual desires do not exactly mesh on that particular topic," said Jamie. "Why couldn't I Want to be friends with Simon instead?"
  • 106. "There's always Archie," Indy said with a knowing grin. "Why yes. Yes there is," Jamie said, thinking of the infamous Bad Boy of Gen 6. "Thanks for the shot at Simon, Doc. Just hook me up with Archie and it'll all be cool." She stood, waved, gave a slight "squee!" at Cass and Gil, and headed out to placehold.
  • 107. "Want to head up to that hot tub now?" Di asked. "Yeah, I suppose so," Indy said nonchalantly. "Well, if it's such a chore..." Di said. "Sorry; was I not supposed to play hard to get?" "Only if you are." "Well then, race you there!" Indy said. "All right!" Cass said, finger-gunning the pair as they ran past.
  • 108. Cassidy tracked down Theo. "I haven't forgotten everything," he said. "Some stuff I remember. Mostly to do with my brother." "Why tell me this?" Theo asked. "Because it's not good," Cass replied. "Whatever happened to me--to us--back in Riverblossom Hills, we're not happy there. And I don't want to be unhappy. Here, none of it matters. I can be with Gil and I can be happy and if that means I don't remember what happened back there, then I don't care if I remember or not." "I understand your decision," said Theo. "I won't ask you about it again." "Okay," said Cass. He saw Doc standing behind Theo and went to find Gil.
  • 109. "I really am sorry for the culture shock," said Doc. "I guess I was thinking more about how glad I would be to have you here, and not about how it would affect you. That was kind of selfish of me, and I'm sorry." "It is never a bad thing to see you," Theo replied. "Although this place is very strange to me. I suppose I will just have to adjust." He smiled. "There are a lot of new things to learn about, like that talking moving picture box on which we observed the Bachelor Challenge, and the machine Simon used to get his tasks for the day." "It's not all televisions and computers," Doc said. "The people are different too." "I had noticed," Theo said, thinking of Cassidy.
  • 110. Doc reached up and ran a finger along his jawline, encouraging him to come closer. She kissed him lightly, something a respectable Victorian woman would never have done to a man to whom she wasn't married.
  • 111. "Welcome to the twenty-first century," Doc said. So this was the future? Theo thought he could live with it. Will Doc and Theo manage to rekindle their relationship? Will Di and Indy ever get out of the hot tub? Will Cass and Gil ever stop being "squeee"-worthy? Which one of the SimSelves will be leaving the BC house? The answer to at least one of these questions will be revealed on Day 3!
  • 112. The correct answer to the third question is "No." Squeeee!
  • 113. What?
  • 114. OK, fine. Hot Simon is hot.