Just Because: An Asylum Challenge, Part 2


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Part 2 of an Asylum I did, just because.

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Just Because: An Asylum Challenge, Part 2

  1. 1. When last we left our unlucky patients, Larch had gotten fired from his LTW job. Arvi and Anne had paired off, and Penelopeand Oz were crushing on each other. Pop Sim Miranda was having a bit of trouble making friends, Aria was missing sweetsweet WooHoo, and Theo set the kitchen on fire.But Im betting you already know that, since youve just read Part 1!
  2. 2. Larch takes the news about as well as youd expect from a Family Sim with one nice point. Tantrum, cry, tantrum, cry,tantrum, cry.The only positive side to this situation is that he lost his job on Friday, and he would have had the weekend off anyway, so aslong as I can get his job back by 8am Monday, he wont lose much time. Hell have to start at the beginning of the career pathagain, but he can spend the weekend greeting all the walkbys and making friends, and should be able to get promotionspretty much every day.Assuming Education comes back up in the paper, that is.
  3. 3. Hee!This isnt the Asylum, but I guess its AN asylum.Samantha Ottomas is in the Education career path, the same as Larch, so Im betting hell bring her home from work at leastonce. I need friends, but you cant call Sims in the Sim Bin, so I moved the Ottomas clan into the "hidden" lot in Pleasantview.The one-room shack all the way off on one side of the screen? Yeah, I added a phone and stuck them in there. Enjoy yourhovel!
  4. 4. Back at the official Asylum, Arvi and Anne finally fall in love.Penelope neither bathes nor primps. She just stalks Oz and stinks up the room.
  5. 5. Arvis a little hygienically challenged too, but he breaks out his mirror and tries to take care of the green stench-cloud.
  6. 6. Anne doesnt seem to mind. Arvi gets a grope in, and Oz is happily oblivious.
  7. 7. Larch: "You. Shower. Youre stinking up the house."Arvi: "Once I finish this salad, Ill go primp some more."Larch: "SHOWER."
  8. 8. Penelopes stalking Oz, and decides to have a pillow-fight in the middle of the kitchen.While theyre both ready to pass out from extreme lack of energy.
  9. 9. Randa: "This place is still rottensauce."
  10. 10. Arvi: "Hey, this painting doesnt look like a landscape! Its meant to be one thing, but its something totally different! ItsSHREWTASTIC!"Anne: "Im going to cheat, just so you know."Larch: "So am I, but youre going to catch me."
  11. 11. Sadly, all is not shrew in Arvis world.
  12. 12. Arvi: "Hey! Breaking the dishwasher is NOT SHREW."Penelope: "Whatever, you delusional little weasel."Arvi: "I AM A SHREW."
  13. 13. Larchs awesomeness continues to shine through. He fixes the dishwasher with nary an electrocution in sight.
  14. 14. The television, however, was apparently pushing it.
  15. 15. Larch gets cleaned up easily enough, and jumps on the phone to make friends. Anne starts sobbing about her Aspiration,and poor Arvi takes a spill off the Dance Sphere.
  16. 16. He takes a hit from it, too, and I was worried that hed immediately break out the lampshade, but he had just enoughAspiration left to avoid that fate for the time being.
  17. 17. Penelope: "I cant get to the shower because everyone is in the way!"Anne: "You can go around Theo, or just go through the other door."Penelope: "The world must move to accommodate me!"Anne: "Are you like this all the time?"Penelope: "Only when Im in an asylum."Anne: "Good to know."
  18. 18. Randa: "Cheating is superbaditudinous, Number One!"Larch: "I cant help it. Call it a personality quirk."
  19. 19. Arvi, meanwhile, finally cracks.This is breakdown #1, as Anne looks on.
  20. 20. This is #2. He didnt even bother moving anywhere, just pulled the lampshade back out.
  21. 21. Aria: "You look ridiculous with a lampshade on your head!"Arvi: "I cant help it!"Theo: "Perhaps yelling at our rodent compatriot is not the way to cheer him up."Aria: "You might be next, Harrison."Theo: "I could say the same of you, Miss Bohemian."Aria: "...What?"
  22. 22. Theo: "I must compliment you on your skincare regimen, Miss Bohemian."Aria: "Any man with hands like that can call me Aria."Theo: "Very well... Aria."I dont hold it against him. Hes not Pleasantviews Official Nummy Theo, plus hes crazy.
  23. 23. While Aria and Theo were getting better acquainted, Penelope falls in love with Oz.
  24. 24. Aria: "No, I dont think its fair to be punished just because you killed ONE little child."Anne: "Youre kind of nuts."
  25. 25. Larch: "Hows it going over there?"Arvi: "Shrew! Thanks for asking!"#3 for Arvi.
  26. 26. Randa: "That was hilaracious, Down Under!"Oz: "You just really want to make some friends, dont you?"Randa: "Yes!"And #4 for Arvi.
  27. 27. Randa: "AWESOMESAUCE!"Oz: "I cant figure out whether I want to eat something or laugh at the shrew."
  28. 28. #5
  29. 29. #6
  30. 30. #7
  31. 31. Randa: "YAY!"Anne: *whap*Arvi: *Primp*
  32. 32. Anne: "Got that job back yet?"Larch: "Yup. Second one listed Monday morning! And if I take the car to work, I can get paid and promoted today."Anne: "Or, you know, fired."Larch: "DO NOT WANT."
  33. 33. Miranda makes a move on Theo. I dont think she knows that Arias the latest one with dibs on him.
  34. 34. Larch brings a friend home from work.Theo: "Are you sure thats entirely healthy for your babies, miss?"Samantha: "Whut? Naw, Im fine. Yall got any Cheetos? Or pickles? Or Twinkies? Or fried pickles? Or fried Twinkies? Or apickle stuffed in a Twinkie and battered in Cheetos and deep-fried? With ice cream and peanut butter?"Theo: "...No."
  35. 35. #8
  36. 36. #9
  37. 37. Count the motive failures!If you said "two," you were wrong! Arvi also has to pee!
  38. 38. Penelope and Randa manage to make friends, as Theo shovels down his dinner and Oz stalks Penelope.The only ones who dont sleep in their undies are Penelope, Aria, and Larch. Penelope and Aria sleep in their jammies, andLarch does not sleep. He caffeinates and meditates. The reason the others were in their PJs earlier because I didnt realizethey wouldnt sleep in a bed at all unless they had "their" bed with the Smarter Bed hack, so no one was sleeping, and then Ifigured out what the problem was, so I sent them to bed with clicking, and pulled the hack.
  39. 39. See Wolf. Its a lifesaver in an asylum, Im telling you.
  40. 40. Larch gets a chance to cheat Theo at chess for a change. Its fall now, so Im pushing to get those high skill points.
  41. 41. #10
  42. 42. #11I swear I am not repeating these. He cannot stop.
  43. 43. Larch: "I dont see any childrinions over there."Oz: "No no, right behind the couch. One sort of looked like a cliff."Larch: "Well, that sure SOUNDS like Cory..."
  44. 44. Oz: "PHAIL."Larch: "Frammit."
  45. 45. #12
  46. 46. #13
  47. 47. #14
  48. 48. #15
  49. 49. Anne: "Oz is kinda cute, dont you think?"Randa: "Ew, Shrew-hoo! I did NOT need to see your egginess!"
  50. 50. #16
  51. 51. Larch: "Yes! Arias head is delicious!"Everybody but Oz manages to get together for a meal. Penelopes gotten a bit chubby. She and Arvi are the only ones asidefrom Larch who dont spend time on the Dance Sphere, but in Arvis case, I dont mind.
  52. 52. Oz doesnt mind Penelopes roundness, and she doesnt mind waking him up to get some groping in.
  53. 53. That gets Oz in love with Penelope.
  54. 54. Theo and Arvi in their undies. Also Penelope, and Larch playing chess with Miranda.
  55. 55. Theo in his undies cooking and not burning anything down!...Oh, and also, Penelope and Oz are making out again.
  56. 56. #17
  57. 57. #18
  58. 58. Oz: "Ahahahaha, Theo cant dance!"
  59. 59. Arias the first one to take a plate-nap.
  60. 60. Larch maxes Logic! One skill down, two to go!
  61. 61. Oz learns that teasing hurts, as Arvi laughs at his inability to dance.
  62. 62. #19
  63. 63. #20Yes, Theo and Oz are laughing at Arvi.
  64. 64. Arvi: "Um? Yoohoo? I got 1000 Aspiration Points from somewhere and now I cant find my lampshade."
  65. 65. I bought a bar. I figured Arvi wanted one, and guessed right. Theres nothing in the rules about buying a bar partway through.Since Larch got promoted a couple of times, then fired, then rehired and promoted a couple more times, theyve got the cashto blow on a bar.
  66. 66. This bumps both Larch and Randa into platinum.
  67. 67. If Achilles is the doofy one, I recommend never, ever leaving him on his own. Penelope literally does not skill, and doesnttake care of her motives until theyre orangey-red.
  68. 68. Oz: "All right! Cheap voyeurism!"
  69. 69. Um...WOOO EYE CANDY!
  70. 70. Randa: "Down Unders stinkalicious!"Aria: "I agree."
  71. 71. Arvi cleans all on his own. Hes cleaned most of the windows at least once. The ones the beds are against, hes cleaned fromthe outside.
  72. 72. Oz showers, and then goes to find a smelly Penelope.
  73. 73. Theo maxes Creativity while tanking his hygiene.
  74. 74. Penelope: "Oz is in the bathtub!"Oz: "...What? Oh, no, wait, thats actually correct."
  75. 75. Larch is still platinum, but gets demoted. At this point, hes had so many promotions/demotions that hes got a day ofvacation, and hes not even halfway up the career ladder.
  76. 76. SimNerd was a walkby, so I had Larch Greet her and start a water balloon fight, inviting Miranda to join. Sadly, she wasntrolling Meet Someone New.
  77. 77. Way to be subtle, SimNerd. Talk kissing with Oz and Theo in the room.
  78. 78. Unfortunately, Miranda decides to light her dinner on fire. Oz and Arvi decide they need to "moth" the flames.
  79. 79. It turns out that if you block off the stove with room divider, the flames wont spread, but the firefighter cant get to it to put itout. Right now, Larch and two more guests are standing in the mess, and SimNerds freaking out by the chessboard, but thefirefighter cant get to the fire to extinguish it.
  80. 80. One of the other guests left Pequods cage open, so he adds to the chaos.Also, I apparently did not make my SimSelf PermaPlat, so shes having a breakdown.Larch is Primping.
  81. 81. Oz and Penelope deal with the trauma by Oz taking a nap, waking up because he has to pee, and Penelope kissing him.
  82. 82. Theo dreams of SimNerd. Oh, Theo...
  83. 83. Randa couldnt wait two minutes for Larch to finish cooking dinner for everyone. Two days, two fires.
  84. 84. Larch loses 2000 Aspiration Points, but he was in gold, so he didnt lose his mind.Yes, thats Christy Stratton. She was a walkby, and Larch needs all the friends he can get.
  85. 85. Penelope wasnt so lucky. She got a visit from the Shrink.
  86. 86. Anne: "Thanks for the grub."Remington: "Some people think my face has character."Anne: "Eh. Needs a little something extra for it to be oddly hot."
  87. 87. Awwww... Penelopes first chat with the volleyball!
  88. 88. Count the motive failures!Oz, Arvi, and Aria are tired, Theo has to pee, and Penelopes starving.
  89. 89. #2
  90. 90. #3
  91. 91. Larch got promoted the day before, and now demoted again. This is the worst string of luck Ive ever had with Chance Cards.And its always demotions or firing. Holy crap, cant you just fine us or something?
  92. 92. #4
  93. 93. #5
  94. 94. Aria: "Oz is hot."Penelope: "Whats that, Professor von Ball? Do you think my boyfriends hot?"Aria: "Well, at least I havent broken out the mop yet."#6 for Penelope.
  95. 95. #7
  96. 96. Aria: "Too bad we cant WooHoo without ACR."Theo: "This feels strange. I feel like you need to be... blonder..."
  97. 97. Penelope: "MAKE IT STOP."Oz: "Believe me, I wish I could. I guess Im just used to fending for myself."
  98. 98. For a change, both Arvi and Anne are dressed. Mark this down on your calendars!
  99. 99. #8
  100. 100. Larch: "I miss wandering around shirtless all day."Theo: "Its quite freeing."Larch: "Im not allowed to sleep. I really miss the shirtless jim-jams."
  101. 101. Maybe not the best decision on Theos part. Anne looks so smug, too, like she totally called it.
  102. 102. Anne: "Hey, you know Larch?"Aria: "Uh, yeah."
  103. 103. Anne: "Wasnt it hilarious that time he got electrocuted?"Aria: "Oh, there were many lulz to be had!"
  104. 104. With everyone congregating in the bathroom, Theo and Miranda fall in love. Its sort of sweet.Theres just one eensy......weensy......teensy little problem...
  105. 105. ...Arias in the tub.
  106. 106. Whoops! Looks like theres some slapping ahead for some of our patients!Head over to Part 3, available now, and see the fallout--and does Larch manage to reach his LTW, or will Chance Cardsdoom him once again?