Just Because: An Asylum Challenge, Part 1


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Part 1 of an Asylum I did, just because.

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Just Because: An Asylum Challenge, Part 1

  1. 1. Bored Doc was bored.Bored Doc set up another Asylum.You know the drill--clicky clicky and see whos who and whats what!
  2. 2. First uncontrollable is "Nummy" Theodore Harrison, a 4/8/9/7/4 Knowledge Sim. He hails from Dicreasys Victorian Legacy.
  3. 3. Next, we have Australia "Oz" Warner, from ladylarkrunes Yakkos World Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge. Oz is a3/8/9/7/1 Knowledge Sim.
  4. 4. Then theres Arvicanthis Tegeneria, a 9/10/6/2/8 Pleasure shrew from GintasticNecats The Science of a Legacy.Notice a pattern here? Yup, all three of these guys have been hooked up with my SimSelf at some point. I dont really want totorture them, but the theme was too good to resist.
  5. 5. For the ladies, we have Anne Legacy, a 5/8/9/3/1 Romance Sim from Dicreasys Victorian Legacy. Shes Theos aunt orsomething like that, if I remember correctly, so Ive flagged the two of them as family to avoid any squickiness.
  6. 6. Heres femme fatale Aria Bohemian, a 6/5/9/5/1 Romance Sim from DocGirlPs Bohemian Legacy.
  7. 7. Next is Penelope Goodytwoshoes, a 7/3/8/6/2 Knowledge Sim from professorbutterss Squeaky Clean Legacy.
  8. 8. The last "lucky" lady is Miranda Legacina, the 10/8/3/3/3 Popularity Sim from Orikess Pseudo Legacy.Her hair and clothes didnt download. I did the best I could.And whos the playable in this madhouse?
  9. 9. Has to be my man Larch! The 10/10/9/3/1 Larch Vetinari was the Gen 2 heir of the Uglacy half of the Vetinari Dualegacy(available on DrSupremeNerds SimPage). Now, Larch is a Family Sim. I cannot conceive of him being anything OTHER thana Family Sim. Family Sims as playables in an Asylum are technically not allowed, due to their child- or pet-oriented LTWs, butLarch is a Family Sim to his core. Instead, I re-rolled his LTW until I got something career-related.So, to get everyone out of here, he needs to top the Education career.
  10. 10. Oz: "Hug?"Penelope: "NO."I left all my hacks in place, aside from noeatcrap and Smarter Beds, but the random hugging amuses me, so I dont have thehack that stops that anyway.
  11. 11. Miranda: "Your tailaciousness is totally awesomesauce!"Arvi: "I know! Its so shrew!"Miranda: "How cooltastic! Someone else who likes to get playicious with vocabularitude!"Larch: "...I thought you liked me. Why would you do this to me?"I got bored. Have fun!
  12. 12. Randa sets the land speed record for autonomous Flirting in an Asylum, particularly considering that I dont have ACR. All Idid was give everyone a mild gender preference in the appropriate direction.Larch seems to approve of the fact that shes staking a claim.
  13. 13. While Larch goes to take care of something, Annes left on her own. Oz finally manages to convince Penelope to play withhim, and Aria sucks Theo in.
  14. 14. And the sweet sweet sight of eight Sims gaining Cooking skill. Ive set the seasons to Fall/Summer/Fall/Summer, and when Iopened the house, it was the last day of Fall. Works for me, since Ill need the Fall Skilling Bonus more with the higher skillpoints anyway.
  15. 15. There were quite a few instances of simultaneous behavior. Theo and Arvi make with the finger-guns while Larch seems toknow that eventually, youll be looking at him.
  16. 16. Arias randomly cranky. Amusingly, she will NOT prove to be the crankiest Sim in the Asylum.
  17. 17. Penelope, Arvi, Theo, Aria, and Anne do not seem to want to talk Kissing with Oz. Miranda doesnt really care, and I thinkLarch is just amused that for a change, the annoyed people arent annoyed at him.
  18. 18. Aria and Anne do the simul-crankies.
  19. 19. And again. Theyre both gorgeous, lets be honest here, and they still manage to look hot even when making crankyface.
  20. 20. The Victorians manage to synch up here.
  21. 21. Penelope: "This guy next to me? I kinda dont like him a whole lot."Theo: "The recipe for barbecue pork is fascinating. Do we have a grill?"Miranda: "Some of these people are weirderiffic, huh?"Larch: "...Yes. I agree with that statement wholeheartedly."
  22. 22. Penelope and Aria get in rhythm.You can see Arvis tail here. At some point, it disappears. I keep trying to get it back, and have been unsuccessful so far.
  23. 23. Miranda: "So who wants to get friendacious first?"Oz: "NO."Penelope: "Can we make friends while skilling?"Theo: "I have often found making friends to be a most worthwhile experience."Larch: "Ill make friends with you, but I cant promise that Ill try to save you if you set yourself on fire."Miranda: "You are so kidderlicious, Number One!"
  24. 24. Aria and Anne go back to their crankiness.
  25. 25. Larch: "You just like to make me miserable, dont you?"Would you believe me if I said no?Larch: "No."
  26. 26. Penelopes the first to avail herself of the kitchen, and chooses a lunchmeat sandwich, which does not require the applicationof heat. Go Penelope!
  27. 27. Penelope: "What job are you looking for again?"Larch: "Education."Penelope: "Ive heard horror stories about having to job-hunt for two weeks before finding the job you need."Larch: "Nope, its the last one listed on the very first day."And that, folks, is why Larch is MADE OF AWESOME.
  28. 28. This is sort of a trial thing. Sims will autonomously talk to birds, and therefore gain Charisma on their own, leavingMechanical as the only thing they cant skill. Instead of leaving Larch with $100 in the bank, I left him with $510, figuring thatstocking the cage counted as setting the Asylum up, not running it. That was enough to stock the cage and feed the bird.His name is Pequod. I had thought of a good name, but couldnt remember it when I had Larch stock the cage, but I thoughtit started with P. Later, I remembered that my train of thought had been that the last time I was in Portland, Maine, I passed abar called the Asylum, which is sort of a weird name for a sports bar. So I was thinking Portland with the p thing, butPortland is a dumb name for a bird, but Portland is on Casco Bay, and Casco is a better name for a bird.Anyway, his name is Pequod now.
  29. 29. Penelope becomes the first victim of the Dance Sphere.Yes, Aria is being crabby again.
  30. 30. Arvi christens the stove with a grilled cheese sandwich that he fails to burn. Yay Arvi!
  31. 31. The Welcome Wagon consists of Simon, Pen, and Morty Goth. Larch goes in with a Brag, which I personally wouldntrecommend, but it works for him.Pen writes the Penguino Legacy. Simons a cousin from the Vetinari Dualegacy. Morty Goth likes to flamey-thought-balloonmy SimSelf.
  32. 32. Aria thinks Anne is hot, but wishes Oz would have chosen a different place to burp.
  33. 33. Water balloon fights are seriously the best way to make friends. You cant go wrong, even for a grouch like Larch. There areno negative interactions! And since hell need 13 friends to top his career, making friends with these three is an absolutemust.Yes, even Morty. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, MORTIMER GOTH. Seducing my POOR INNOCENT SIMSELF on PirateIsland.
  34. 34. Simons cute even with a giant lime green goiter.
  35. 35. Anne makes a move on Arvi, stealing Mirandas dibs on everyones favorite shrew.
  36. 36. Oz takes a spin on the Dance Sphere.I love his little elf-ears.
  37. 37. Penelope gets off on the wrong foot with Aria as well. Shes not too good at making friends here.
  38. 38. Oz: "Hats? Who needs hats? Hats are lamer than the kid in the jersey!"Arvi: "HATS ARE SHREW. You, sir, are NOT SHREW."Anne: *stalk*
  39. 39. Theo becomes the Dance Spheres next casualty.
  40. 40. Miranda: "Youre pretty nummylicious, Regalness."Theo: "Please dont touch me."
  41. 41. Miranda: "Rottensauce."Poor Miranda is having no luck at all. Anne snagged Arvi, and Theo does not seem to be interested.
  42. 42. Aria: "Oz is Penelope and she wont let me in the tub!"Oz: "...What?"
  43. 43. Er, yeah, no point here.*slaps away grabbyhands*Hes MINE! You no can has.
  44. 44. Anne: "Backrub, my sweet shrew?"Arvi: "If you insist."Anne: "So whats your feeling on becoming a vampire?"Arvi: "Uh... Vampires arent really shrew."Anne: "Well, I guess Ill live. Shame."
  45. 45. Larch: "Woooo, that Penelopes one smoking-hot chick, right? I mean, whoooo-eeee! No wonder my nephew wanted a shotat that!"Morty: "Meh, I only like women who cheat on me with the neighborhood man-ho and get abducted."Larch: "But Penelopes hot though, you agree?"Morty: "Yeah, I guess."
  46. 46. Larch: "Make a move on her and Ill break every bone in your body."
  47. 47. Arvi makes the mistake of playing Punch You Punch Me with Anne. Silly shrew!
  48. 48. Penelope decides to pick a fight with Pen. There was no provocation here. Penelope just wanted to be crabby.
  49. 49. Penelope then argues with Simon. This is perhaps a worse decision than going after Pen, because Simon got the VetinariNice Point Deficiency.
  50. 50. See? Hot crankyface.After Penelope finishes going off on Simon, he and Pen leave.
  51. 51. Mirandas the next one to bite the dust.
  52. 52. Randas one of three auto-primpers in the house. She, Arvi, and Larch all have high Neat and high Outgoing, which meansthat theyll all whip out a mirror before theyll hit the showers.All of the Sandman art recolors I got off of GOS. This painting appears to be from the A Game of You story arc.
  53. 53. Larch does it less because I can control him, but Arvi and Miranda are pretty dedicated to the tiny mirror.
  54. 54. Um... This is just here to prove that Theos tattooed skintone is still working, and not for any other reason. I promise.
  55. 55. Sort of like how this shot of Theo and Oz pillow-fighting in their jammies is just to show how well theyre getting along.
  56. 56. Theyre, like, besties! Dont they look happy?
  57. 57. Happy Theo! Happy Oz!
  58. 58. Aria: "Get out of the bathroom!"Arvi: "Can you pull these shelves out of me first?"
  59. 59. Theo: "Penelope is preventing me from using the bathtub!"Aria: "...What?"
  60. 60. Its Day 2, and Arvi and Anne are already getting a crush on each other.
  61. 61. Arvi: "Annes hot. I just wanted you to know that, Oz. Shes way shrew."Oz: "Whatever. I needed a little Red Hands action."
  62. 62. Theo: "I find you particularly attractive."Penelope: "Likewise."Another burgeoning romance?
  63. 63. I love it when Larch walks around randomly being grouchy. Ive missed seeing this.
  64. 64. Aria makes a move on Oz. I dont think he minds too much.
  65. 65. Arvi and Anne are pretty tight by now. They stalk each other constantly, even unto Motive Distress.
  66. 66. Anne: "Penelope is in the tub!"Arvi: "...What?"
  67. 67. Larch needs 10 Logic to top Education, so I may as well start now. Hes used to playing with cheaters, so this isnt surprisingfor him.
  68. 68. However, in typical "Larch" fashion, he gets caught far more often than he succeeds cheating his opponent, and rarelycatches the person cheating him. This happens in every neighborhood Ive ever had him in, and I have no idea why its soconsistent.
  69. 69. Oz is the first one to get fit on the Dance Sphere. Hooray for Oz!
  70. 70. Miranda: "Whats the word, Down Under?"
  71. 71. Oz: "I believe the word is NO."Pop Sims usually do fairly well in Asylums. Miranda, not so much.
  72. 72. Aria snags the piano, and Theo dances badly. Its OK, Theo. Youre still Nummy.
  73. 73. Anne and Arvi fit in some smoochies between pillow fights and back rubs.
  74. 74. Anne: "Do you feel green and smiley?"Arvi: "I feel tired."Anne: "Red Hands?"Arvi: "Okay!"
  75. 75. Theo attempts to congratulate Anne on her relationship with Arvi. Anne does not want any part of that.
  76. 76. Miranda becomes the first potty accident of the Asylum. Poor kid. Shes not having any fun in the madhouse. Go figure!
  77. 77. Miranda: "I smell bad and Penelopes taking a bath!"Oz: "...What?"
  78. 78. Oz heads to bed, and Penelope stalks him. I dont know how her cheering over the Lil Death and Barnabas poster didntwake him up.
  79. 79. Anne: "Look! A New Someone to Meet!"Miranda: "WHERE?"
  80. 80. Neat freak Arvi cleans the kitchen. And I know hes having fun!
  81. 81. Aria makes sure Oz greets the day with a Dirty Joke.
  82. 82. Oz returns the favor, with a shake of his skull-clad booty.
  83. 83. Aria: "Hmmm... Would anyone notice if Miranda just never woke up? I mean, her throats just right there."
  84. 84. Penelope makes another random grouchyface. She is easily the most ill-tempered Sim in the Asylum.
  85. 85. Oz: "Id avoid the chick in the red dress. I know shes a smoking hottie, but she just might choke you to death."
  86. 86. Penelope picks a fight with Aria. Seriously, with Oz, Aria, and Larch in the Asylum, I never would have picked PENELOPE asthe most cranky and aggressive.
  87. 87. Arvi: "Whos the hottest shrew in the room? I am!"Anne: "Yes. We will have a water balloon fight now."Arvi: "Okeydoke!"
  88. 88. Penelopes really starting to lose it. I mean, I know shes Gaiuss great-granddaughter, but youd think the Fail would havebeen bred out by now.
  89. 89. Aaaaand another crankyface.
  90. 90. Penelope: "I am annoyed and we will kiss now."Oz: "Im afraid of what you might do if I refuse. Not that its a hardship to get a smooch from a hot girl."
  91. 91. And we have another couple!
  92. 92. A smelly Anne gets fit.
  93. 93. Oz discovers the wonders of Pequod, although in the "playing" sense and not in the "skill Charisma" sense.
  94. 94. Arias starting to crack. Three days in, and shes got no WooHoo and no boyfriend.
  95. 95. Larch: "I made mac and cheese! I rule!"
  96. 96. Larch: "Gee, I hope nothing bad happens while Im at work."
  97. 97. Aria may be closest, but this is Theos fault. Apparently, he wanted his pancakes extra-crispy.
  98. 98. Fortunately, I was able to get Larch back inside and the fire department called. And he even made his carpool on time. How?LARCH IS AWESOME. That is how.
  99. 99. Miranda: "This place is total rottensauce. Nobody likes me and there was some major fireaciousness and I have severehungertude."
  100. 100. Miranda: "But at least Im still foxtacular!"
  101. 101. Theo tries again, and manages to successfully not-burn an omelet.
  102. 102. And then he earns points by talking to Pequod! Yay! If you have a bird, the uncontrollables WILL autonomously skillCharisma!
  103. 103. Larch: "I have two Mechanical."I know.Larch: "You know what happened when you tried to fix appliances with two Mechanical."I know.Larch: "And yet, youre making me do this."Well, youre awesome.Oz: "I SMELL BAD."
  104. 104. Larch: "Well, whaddaya know? I AM awesome!"Larch = awesome. The math is so simple.
  105. 105. Arvi: "Yay! Youre getting better and I want to clap enthusiastically and give you lots of money!"Aria: "Id settle for some automotive WooHoo."Arvi: "Cheating on your girlfriend is sooooo unshrew."
  106. 106. Penelope: "I learned to play from my father, you know. Jack Buccaneer."Larch: "A buccaneer, you say? I suppose there was cheating involved."
  107. 107. Penelope: "Yes, as a matter of fact, there was. So dont think youre getting away with this."Larch: "I never do."Things seem to be going smoothly. Larch is managing about a promotion a day, and keeping ahead of the skills and friendsrequired to keep getting them. There havent been any fights in the house, the uncontrollables are starting to pair off, andnothing catastrophics happening!This is so much nicer than having to Max 7 Skills! Topping a career in an Asylum is CAKE! Everyonell be out of here in notime!
  108. 108. ...I may have spoken too soon...
  109. 109. Yup, one bad Chance Card, and Larch gets fired. For Chance Cards, Im rolling my die--1/2, choice A, 3/4, choice B, 5/6,Ignore. For once, I WANT my die to consistently roll sixes, and I get bupkus.How will Larch deal with his setback? Go to Part 2 to find out! Itll be up by the time you read these words!