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DocNerd's Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths, Part 1
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DocNerd's Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths, Part 1


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DocNerd's Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths, Part 1: An Asylum Challenge

DocNerd's Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths, Part 1: An Asylum Challenge

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  • 1. DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths: An Asylum ChallengePart 1: Meet the Patients
  • 2. "Hello, Im Sally Perkington, and Ill be introducing you to DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths!"Here at DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths, we believe in the potential of even the most reprehensibleperson to be rehabilitated into a functioning, contributing member of society!"Our facility is a verdant jewel in the heart of Strangetown. Patients can walk the grounds admiring the landscaping, fish inthe fully-stocked pond, or interact with each other on the perfectly-groomed lawn!"At DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths, we feel that bars and fences inhibit the personal growth of ourpatients, but dont worry--if they attempt to leave the lot, a gentle shock will be administered, thus ensuring the safety ofnearby residents!"
  • 3. "The interior of DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths is as bright and airy as the outside! How can ourpatients grow and heal if theyre surrounded by padded walls and shabby decor?"We have a television available for all the residents to share. They can watch educational programming round the clock ifthey choose! And our bookshelves are stocked with a number of self-help books to assist our patients on their journey of self-discovery!"A mirror in the main living area helps the patients at DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths maintain a healthyself-image, and if introspection leads to a breakthrough, then weve done our job!"
  • 4. "Here at DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths, we feel that allowing our patients the freedom to make theirown choices, both good and bad, is essential for proper rehabilitation."Residents have 24-hour access to the kitchen--midnight snacks are A-OK at DrSupremeNerds Home for UnrepentantSociopaths!"
  • 5. "You can see we also encourage interaction and intellectual growth at DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths.Chess is a perfect way to learn to plan ahead, and also builds the sort of strong relationships that are essential for healing!"Our picture window next to the chess table gives the patients a striking view of our lovely grounds. Some residents may takethe opportunity to cheat their competitor; though we might frown on such underhandness, patients are allowed to behavehowever they choose, but they should keep in mind that actions might have consequences!"
  • 6. "In keeping with our theme of healing through making good personal decisions, the conservatory at DrSupremeNerds Homefor Unrepentant Sociopaths contains a piano and a Dance Sphere--no sense putting a healthy mind in an unfit body!"The conservatory also features three walls of windows, connecting the people inside with the pure goodness of MotherNature!"
  • 7. "Of course, even the best facilities need financial contributions, and DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths isno different! Were committed to maintaining the highest standards of patient care, but thats becoming increasingly difficult inan era of budget cuts!"Unfortunately, weve had to make sacrifices in our facilities to be able to afford the best caretakers for our residents! As youcan see, there is only one toilet for eight people, and one shower and sink as well! In addition, weve had to sell some of ourfurniture to replace some kitchen items that were lost in an accidental fire, and we were unable to install fire alarms or asprinkler system!"Please consider making a monetary donation to DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths--our patients needyour help if theyre to be rehabilitated!"
  • 8. "Even the dormitory has seen the effects of the budget cuts! We have only five beds for eight residents!"Given the current conditions, it will be difficult for our patients to stay happy. Fortunately, we have the number one doctor inStrangetown hard at work! Once she reaches Permaplat, the patients will be released! Too bad the budget cuts also preventthe use of Aspiration or Career Rewards, and the other seven residents will have to be on their own if shes to succeed!"And now, lets meet the head doctor at DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths!"*Asylum challenge designed by Simscout: one playable Sim, seven uncontrollable Sims, limited supplies, $100 in the bank--the playable Sim reaching Permaplat ends the challenge, and its scored based on several different factors (including thesurvival rate of the other Sims!).
  • 9. "Heh. I give her ten minutes."Give who?"That Sally Perkington chick. First time someone splats her with a water balloon, shes gonna break down in tears! And then Iwill laugh."Why would someone splat her with a water balloon?"Duh, shes the playable!"Since when? Shes just the corporate fundraising shill!"So whos the unlucky geek who got roped into being the playable? Spill already, I wanna go mock them!"Um... Sally did say she was cutting to the ringleader of this little circus...
  • 10. "What? You want me to be the playable in this nuthouse? The hell? Look, this is when you torture someone elses SimSelf.Or someone elses Sims! You dont do this to your own SimSelf! I mean, Im not even a doctor!"*cough*"Okay, Im a PhD in behavioral neuroendocrinology! A choice specifically made to AVOID people who are sick or crazy! Imnot a people person over here!"Sorry; I found it amusing.
  • 11. "Wait, what am I even worried about? A houseful of SimSelves doing silly things like starving half to death and peeingthemselves... This is cake!"Have you been paying attention to what the nice perky corporate shill has been saying?"Eh, you know me, all I hear from those people is Who wants to see the pickle room? Why?"The name of the Asylum is "DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths.""Thats a little harsh. Im sure very few SimSelves are the avatars of sociopaths. So where are the unlucky contestants? Oh,wait, I see them!"
  • 12. "Hey, whose SimSelf is the spiky-haired green chick? Thats kind of an odd choice."Um..."Thats not a SimSelf, is it?"Not as such."Thats Uranium Apocalypso, isnt it?"Sort of.
  • 13. "You stuck me in an Asylum with Uranium Freaking Apocalypso? What did I ever do to you?"
  • 14. "OK, OK, again Im worrying over nothing. I mean, this is an Asylum, right? Uraniums probably rolled something amusinglyironic, like shes a Family Sim with eight nice points and two neat points and shes gonna spend the next few weeks cuddlingFlour Sack Timmy."Well, uh..."What did you do?"It wouldnt be a Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths if they werent, you know, unrepentant sociopaths."Meaning...?"Meaning the Aspirations and personalities of the patients are intact.
  • 15. Patient: Uranium ApocalypsoOriginal Story: Apocalypso-A-Go-GoAuthor: EphemeralToast ( (Exchange)Stats: Scorpio 10/5/10/4/1; RomanceBio: As if you needed telling--Uraniums the diabolical potty-worshipping Apocalypse spare who had her brother-in-law Mr.Bigs baby, who grew up to be the equally-noseless Plutonium. Her Bachelorette Challenge featured more deaths than... well,most Asylums, actually.
  • 16. "OhcrapImgoingtodieeeeee..."Aw... Thats only a possibility if they set the kitchen on fire when youre home!"Please tell me theres at least one person in this house with more nice points than me."Gaius has nine.
  • 17. Patient: Gaius Caesar (Caligula)Original Story: Ten Caesars LegacyAuthor: Blite27/Netsfn1427Stats: Pisces 5/2/7/5/9; Grilled CheeseBio: Gaius is everyones favorite Grilled Cheese genocidal maniac. The onetime Emperor of Rome was behind severaldeaths in his extended family, even going so far as to plot the deaths of his wife and son, though he was murdered by thefamily Servo before those plans came to fruition. Hes a Grilled Cheese Sim here too, which means hell either keep everyonewell-fed or burn the place down. Even odds on which!
  • 18. "Gaius? Gaius CAESAR? You threw me in here with freaking CALIGULA? ...You know what, just spill. Who else am I stuckwith?"Aside from Uranium and Gaius?"Aside from those two psychos, yes."
  • 19. Kirstial Legacina."Great, great, coming off of her latest murder. Yay."Patient: Kirstial LegacinaOriginal Story: Pseudo LegacyAuthor: Orikes/orikes360Stats: Gemini 3/7/7/8/0; KnowledgeBio: Kirstial kicked off the Pseudo Legacy by murdering her sister-in-law, brother, and father as part of a deal for immortalityand untold power. While temporarily de-powered in Terra Lostundo, she continued to plot against the main family, andrecently regained some of her strength by killing one of the Legacy spares.
  • 20. Salahuddin Chamcha."Please tell me you left him a vampire, and hes gonna crispy-fry in ten minutes."Nope!Patient: Salahuddin ChamchaOriginal Story: Bookacy Alphabet LegacyAuthor: katrih83Stats: Sagittarius 2/3/9/7/4; KnowledgeBio: Named for the villain in the Satanic Verses, Salahuddin had an affair with Legacy founder Author, fathering a child,Aadam. In an effort to steal Author from her husband, he kidnapped and threatened the life of Aadams half-brother Adsonsgirlfriend--who also happened to be Aadams ex-lover. The girl was killed, and Salahuddin escaped with his life and anincreasingly disillusioned Aadam.
  • 21. Oh, and Vee Semper."Fantastic, she and Kirstial can have loads of fun talking about all the people theyve used magic to kill and/or try to kill."Patient: Vee SemperOriginal Story: The Science of a LegacyAuthor: GintasticNecatStats: Aries 6/10/7/4/1; FortuneBio: When former Legacy heiress Vees story died due to a bork, Vee decided to bring Gins new Legacy to a screeching halt,attacking and killing Carapace Tegenaria, forcing Saeva to become the heiress. Vee followed that up with stealing the wits ofthe elderly Repens and manipulating Saevas hapless cousin Bertie into trying to cause harm to his own family. Ultimately,Saeva tricked Vee into being present for her death, and Vee was destroyed along with Saeva, saving the Tegenarias.
  • 22. And theres Cecil Goodytwoshoes."Finally--a non-murderer! To what do I owe the honor?"Patient: Cecil GoodytwoshoesOriginal Story: Squeaky Clean LegacyAuthor: professorbutters/Loolooloo 16playStats: Virgo 10/2/9/10/1; FortuneBio: Unlucky enough to be born male into a matriarchy, he nevertheless attempted to become heir, and was behind a plan tomake his daughter Cecilia the heiress. The lone non-murderer of the bunch, Cecil has preferred manipulation to physicalconfrontation, given the inherent messiness of violence. Hes also technically Gaiuss son.So, yeah, thats more or less it."I count six nutjobs. Whos the seventh?"Um... Cypress?
  • 23. Patient: Cypress VetinariOriginal Story: Vetinari DualegacyAuthor: DrSupremeNerd (which is to say, me)Stats: Aries 10/10/9/3/1; KnowledgeBio: His big brother Larch was named Uglacy heir, so Cy decided to get his revenge. His bid for vengeance resulted in hismurder of his wife to get his hands on the fabled power of a Reaper Child. Possibly more appalling than killing his wife is histreatment of his children--he forced his eldest son, half-alien Cassidy, to raise his younger siblings; completely ignored hisdaughter Delirium; and is keeping Reaper Child Spider Jerusalem firmly under his thumb (or so he thinks).
  • 24. "CYPRESS? You stuck me in here with my own villain? I so do not deserve this."Lets just say maybe thisll teach Riverblossom Hills-you to stop heart-farting every adult male Sim she meets."Yeah, because of the transitive properties of SimSelfery."Hey, it could happen."So whats the damage? What do I have to do to get out of here? You didnt do anything stupid like roll for my Aspiration,didnt you?"Nope. Knowledge.
  • 25. "OK, at least one things gone right today. So whats my LTW? Please tell me its to reach the top of a career."Max 7 Skills."With no Aspiration or Career Rewards? I am going to be here forever!"Its legit to tune the seasons to fall/fall/fall/fall. Thats the best I can do. And even though its not your LTW, you still gotta get ajob, because youll need the cash."So Im stuck in an Asylum. With seven mental, uncontrollable Legacy villains, all of whom have their original Aspirations andoriginal--nasty--personalities. And Im stuck with a Legacy-certified Impossible Want that I cant use any Rewards to fulfill."That about sums it up.
  • 26. "OhcrapIreallyamgoingtodieeeeee..."Well, now that all the paperwork is out of the way, time to get started!*I did have to make Gaius and Vee playable so that I could fix their hair. I mimimized the Needs panel before I clicked onthem, and didnt look at their LTWs, although Gaiuss is obviously Eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.*
  • 27. Cecil: "We seem to be experiencing a period of precipitation."Cypress: "I hadnt noticed."Cecil: "Sarcasm is quite unbecoming."Cypress: "...Are there any moldy pizzas handy?"
  • 28. Uranium: "You think you could figure out a way out of this joint? I havent WooHooed everyone in THIS version ofStrangetown yet."Salahuddin: "Ill trade you an escape tunnel for a cowplant."Uranium: "Counteroffer: an escape tunnel for some evil alien WooHoo."Salahuddin: "...Id rather have the cowplant."
  • 29. Kirstial: "I may not have magic, but I have water balloons!"SimNerd: "RealNerd? I hate you so, so much right now."
  • 30. Cypress: "Eeevil hug?"Cecil: "Even were we more appropriately attired, Mr. Vetinari, such physical contact with a virtual stranger would bedistasteful."
  • 31. Gaius: "You! Non-Emperor. Tell me more of this Eeevil with the extra es."Cypress: "Well, its like evil. Only more so. Its Eeevil."Gaius: "Am I right in thinking that killing or attempting to kill a significant portion of ones family would warrant the extra es?"Cypress: "...I think you just might be my new hero."
  • 32. Vee: "Youre in my seat."Gaius: "Emperor gets dibs."Kirstial: "Since when is that a rule?"Gaius: "Emperor gets to make the rules!"Vee: "Emperors rules suck."Gaius: "People who disagree with the Emperors rules are summarily put to death!"Kirstial: "If I werent in this stupid Asylum, Id be turning Emperor into a greasy smudge on the floor right about now."
  • 33. Ah, now theres a beautiful sight... Eight Sims gaining cooking skill...
  • 34. HOORAY!One down!Sixty-nine to go.*sobs*
  • 35. Uranium: "Ive never gotten a word of complaint! Mostly because they all knew what would happen if they whined."Vee: "We get it, we get it, youre an evil Romance Sim!"
  • 36. SimNerd: "Id be careful, Uranium. Thats the sort of conversation that gets you stuck as the controllable Sim in an Asylum."Gaius: "I suppose youd know."Cypress: "Hmmmm... Knowledge Sim..."Salahuddin: "Yes. Female Knowledge Sim..."
  • 37. Cypress: "I saw her first."Salahuddin: "Im closer."Cypress: "Two bolts in Riverblossom Hills."Salahuddin: "Good thing this is Strangetown."Kirstial: "Im also a female Knowledge Sim!"Cypress: "But if we stalk you, its not nearly as much fun."SimNerd: "Never gonna happen. ANY of you. So you can just keep those horrible Wants to yourself! ...Which I guess willhappen anyway, since theres no clicking on you."
  • 38. And now for the Kirstial and Cecil Simultaneous Crankiness Funtime Hour!
  • 39. Were they separated at birth?
  • 40. Do they just enjoy doing the same things at the same time?
  • 41. Is it just because theyre so freaking grumpy?
  • 42. We may never know!Vee: "Is this like a club or something? Is there a secret handshake? A secret EVIL handshake?"
  • 43. And now for the first test of the Asylum--can we get through a meal without any fires? By mycalculation, everyones got two Cooking points.I remodeled the kitchen a bit--moved the stoves away from the counters. You can see the sinkin a separate room at the top of the shot. That way, the sponge-bathers wont prevent anyoneelse from using the kitchen.
  • 44. Uranium: "Mrrrrow! I detect a fellow worshipper of the Potty God! If only that shirt were a little lower in the back."Cypress: "I am not a piece of meat!"Uranium: "Scrub that counter, human! But more slowly. And bend over a little more... Yes, yes, scrub it..."Cypress: "Youre my oldest sons half-sister. I may be Eeevil, but this is just icky."Uranium: "Please--have you seen the Apocalypso Family Tree? Plutoniums nephews are also his uncles."Cypress: "The Vetinari Family Tree branches. You should try it some time."
  • 45. Gaius: *BRAAAAP*Uranium: "Filthy cheese cultist."Cecil: "Mr. Caesar--"Gaius: "Emperor."Cecil: "Quite. Such eructations are most uncouth, and reflect poorly on a man of your standing."Gaius: "You know who calls the Emperor out on his bodily functions? NO ONE. Or else I serve up my special grilled cheesesandwiches."
  • 46. Cypress: "I JUST cleaned that counter."SimNerd: "Well, now you get to clean it again."Cypress: "Yay!"He got two Cleaning points for cleaning up after lunch.
  • 47. Vee: *WHACK*Gaius: "Hey! Im an Emperor over here! Enough with the baseball to the face!"Vee: "Guess what, EMPEROR! Youre stuck in this Asylum just like the rest of us, wearing backless plaid pajamas, so nuts toyour Emperor dibs and Emperor rules! If youre really lucky, well forget all about your lofty status and we wont mockEmperor Gaius Caesar for green-fuming in the middle of a pee puddle!"Cecil: "I concur most heartily, Ms. Semper."
  • 48. Salahuddin: "I really cant tell whos dumber here--Uranium for agreeing to play catch with Cecil, or Cecil for hurling abaseball at Uranium."
  • 49. Gaius: "Vee has insulted the Emperor. I do not like Vee. She goes on the top of the Servo Assassination list."
  • 50. Cypress: "It occurs to me that I maybe should have eaten lunch instead of cleaning up after everyone else."
  • 51. Salahuddin: "...Ow... My spine..."
  • 52. Cecil: "Mr. Vetinari was kind enough to leave me a countertop."
  • 53. Gaius: "You know, in a way, murders not really all that bad. Its eco-friendly composting."Cypress: "Not if you keep them in the house."Gaius: "Why would you want to do that?"Cypress: "Knowledge Sim--Aspiration points for See Ghost Of Murdered Wife. Its easier if I dont have to traipse aroundoutside for that."
  • 54. Vee: "Some of these people are kinda crazy, huh?"Uranium: "ALL you useless humans are crazy! Except for the sexy blonde Potty Worshipper."
  • 55. Gaius: "Someone fetch the Emperor some ibuprofen."
  • 56. Uranium: "AAHHH! Vee is naked in the bathtub... And Im not in there with her."Gaius: "Yeah, Im just gonna... go... now."
  • 57. Cecil: "Really, Mr. Vetinari, logical consideration would indicate that global domination is neither possible nor desirable. Itwould be ludicrous to assume that one person could rule the world unopposed."Cypress: "Youre missing the point. Why not aim big?"
  • 58. Well, I guess now we know where Spider Jerusalem gets it.
  • 59. Salahuddin: "Make it stop! For love of all thats unholy, make it stop!"Vee: "Youre just jealous because YOU wanted to play the piano very, very badly."
  • 60. Cypress: "Sho ska, loser!"SimNerd: "This is me skilling myself into platinum and ignoring you."
  • 61. Uranium: "Did... Did the perky woman just poke me?"Sally: "The nine nice points lie!"
  • 62. Uranium: "NO ONE pokes Uranium Apocalypso and lives to tell the tale! Foolish human, you have awakened a sleeping, evil,noseless lion!"Sally: "Whatevs."
  • 63. o_O...I think its time for Sally to go home now.
  • 64. Uranium: "Hats! Hats are horrible and must be stopped! ...Its so hard to kiss someone when their hats glitching through yourforehead."
  • 65. Kirstial: "Hehehe, yeah... You might not wanna share that perspective with Salahuddin, though."Uranium: "Pfft. Hed rather have a cowplant than sweet sweet evil alien WooHoo."Gaius: "ID rather have a cowplant than evil alien WooHoo."Uranium: "Shut your piehole, Bootsie*, no one asked you."Gaius: "EMPEROR."*Gaius Caesar is also known as Caligula, which translates from the Latin as "little boots."
  • 66. Sally: "Howd you like to make a contribution to DrSupremeNerds Home for Unrepentant Sociopaths--as FERTILIZER?"Uranium: "Generally, when my pupils disappear, people make a concerted effort to get to the relative safety of some sort offallout shelter."
  • 67. Sally: "You dont scare me!"
  • 68. Uranium: "I SHOULD."As this was occurring, I got a popup that said Uranium gained a point of Cooking. I guess from stirring up trouble.
  • 69. Cecil: "I see someone on the horizon who wishes to use the bathtub for its intended hygienic purpose... Such a shame that Iwill be here for another hour."
  • 70. Gaius: *SPLOOSH*Kirstial: "Seriously. Greasy smudge."
  • 71. Vee: "Im hungry! I think Ill quite sensibly stop playing the piano and go feed myself!"
  • 72. I got another popup that said Uranium gained another Cooking point....I do not want to know what kind of recipes shes getting out of that copy of Man Maid Lust.
  • 73. Kirstial: "Im tired! The beds are all full! ...I think Ill go sleep on the couch."For a bunch of crazy evil people, theyre possessed of a high degree of common sense.
  • 74. SimNerd: zzzzzSogonnalaughwhenUraniumkicksyourperkyasszzzzzzzzz
  • 75. Cecil: zzzzzzzMeeeeezzzzzzzz
  • 76. Cypress: zzzzzzzMeeeeeezzzzzzz
  • 77. Cypress: "Eeevil AND sexy. Im a double-threat."
  • 78. Cypress: "Hey there! I made the bed for you!"Uranium: "I am capable of making my OWN beds! Although I must say these are far too narrow. Perhaps some athleticcreativity on your part is necessary..."Cypress: "Still icky."
  • 79. I dont know what they are laughing about. Im sure if I did, it would frighten me.
  • 80. Salahuddin: "I think they make pills for OCD now."Cecil: "Mr. Vetinari, I believe it was MY turn to clean the countertops."Cypress: "You snooze, you lose, Ceece."
  • 81. Cecil: "Then I suppose I will have to content myself with cleaning this sink. Incidentally, I will thank you to never call meCeece again. Mr. Goodytwoshoes would be preferable, but you may call me Cecil if you absolutely require that degree ofinformality."
  • 82. Uranium: "I gotta have a religious experience over here!"
  • 83. Kirstial: "Do I care that Gaius is standing in the room staring at the shower? Nope!"
  • 84. Kirstial: "Do not interrupt my bathtub piracy! What part of greasy smudge do you not understand!"
  • 85. Uranium: "I will do as I please, and you will let me. The power of the Potty God protects me!"
  • 86. Cypress: "Cant we all just get along, female Knowledge Sim with whom I would inevitably have two bolts, were my genderpreference set?"Kirstial: "No hugging!"Uranium: "Cypress is preventing me from poking Kirstial!"
  • 87. Uranium: "The Potty Worshipper is mine!"Cypress: "OK, one, Im not a Potty Worshipper, and two, Im so, so not yours."Kirstial: "You did NOT just poke me."
  • 88. Kirstial: "Kirstial Legacina does not take insults lightly!"Cypress: "Hey, chick fight! Aaalllllll riiiiight!"
  • 89. Uranium: "Your threats are hollow. Mine are not."Gaius: "Can I just take a shower or something?"Cypress: "Dont you wanna watch the chick fight?"Gaius: "Emperor demands a shower!"
  • 90. Kirstial: "Fighting with Uranium makes me hungry!"Uranium: "What are YOU looking at, Bootsie?"Gaius: "Look, I just want to bathe. And dont call me Bootsie."
  • 91. Gaius: "GO AWAY ALREADY!"Cecil: "So, Mr. Vetinari?"Kirstial: "This is so not getting me fed! But do go on."
  • 92. Cecil: "This morning, he burned his pancakes!"Kirstial: "Yeah, that was worth starving for."Gaius: "OUT NOW. EMPEROR COMMANDS YOU TO GO OUT NOW."
  • 93. I think Cecils trying to kill Kirstial. Her thumbnails an amusing shade of yellow, and he goes and starts a pillow fight. ButKirstial and Cecil are now outside of the rug-divider around the tub, so Gaius isnt whining anymore.
  • 94. Uranium: *SLAPSLAPSLAPSLAPSLAP*Cecil: "I find that violence is seldom the answer, Ms. Apocalypso."Uranium: "Can it, you supercilious little twit, unless you want a piece of this."
  • 95. Kirstial: "Oh, you just jumped straight to the top of my greasy smudge list! Hey, Gaius, you just got a reprieve!"Uranium: *hissssss*And how do they react to the confrontation?
  • 96. Kirstial: "Waaah! She hit me!"
  • 97. Uranium: *biff*Keep in mind that Uranium actually has more nice point than Kirstial. And yet she did not slink off and cry about being hit.Well have to see if that changes if Kirstial initiates the slapping.
  • 98. Vee: "I havent eaten or peed or showered yet today, but Im having fun!"
  • 99. SimNerd: " Kay, I got a promotion today, but my Comforts Tanked and Salahuddins in the tub and I need an easy skill pointif Im gonna stay platinum, and thisll get me a Logic point or two and get my Comfort back into the green, so Im gonna sithere and were gonna play, and youre gonna cheat me a whole bunch of times and I probably wont catch you."Cypress: "As long as were clear on that."
  • 100. Yup--he cheats before the first piece is even on the board.
  • 101. Uranium: "Would you just finish up with that silly little game and come over here so I can pound you into meat jelly?"Kirstial: "Let me think about that... NO."
  • 102. Vee: "My portraits really starting to turn orangey now!"Salahuddin: "Look at me, Im dancing crazy!"
  • 103. Gaius: "Someone fetch the Emperor some Dramamine."
  • 104. Uranium: "My super-alien enemy sense is tingling..."
  • 105. Cecil: zzzzzzzzzzMeeeeeezzzzzzzzCypress: "Mornin! I tell ya, theres worse things to wake up to than the sight of a hot female Knowledge Sim in herunderwear!"SimNerd: zzzzzzzzShutthehellupIgottaworkinthreehourszzzzzzzKirstial: "Sorry, pal; I like em supernatural."Cypress: "I had a son with the Grim Reaper."Kirstial: "Unless youre gonna hook me up with him, keep your thought bubbles to yourself."SimNerd: zzzzzzzzSeriouslySTFUzzzzzzzzzz
  • 106. Theyre waving cheerfully at each other, while making "grrrr-face" and double-minusing each other.Whats wrong with this picture?
  • 107. This was inevitable, no?And this is, like, the morning of Day 3, so we got a whooooole lot more of this coming up.*gets a piece of paper to keep track of Win/Loss record*
  • 108. Vee: "Uranium and Kirstial are fighting and I have to pee! Oh, wait, the doors in the other direction. Never mind."
  • 109. But Uraniums gained a Body point on the Dance Sphere and Kirstial hasnt, so Uranium wins this one pretty handily. Time tostart playing catchup, Kirstial!
  • 110. Uranium: "I just beat up Kirstial."Salahuddin: "Thats great. But if you dont have a cowplant on you, you really need to get out of the bathroom."Uranium: "I always like some post-fight WooHoo."Salahuddin: "Good luck with that."
  • 111. Kirstial finishes crying about losing the fight, and Vee comes over to argue.Kirstial REALLY needs to get on that Dance Sphere instead of Playing Catch with Cecil, Gaius, and Salahuddin all day.
  • 112. The words...They fail me...Yeah, youre just gonna have to come up with a caption for this one on your own, folks.Keep in mind that Cecil and Cypress are both in their underwear.Yeah, um... moving on...
  • 113. Salahuddin: "Why do I feel like this is a bad idea?"
  • 114. Uranium: "Because youre oddly perceptive!"
  • 115. SimNerd: "Freakin Gaius broke the freakin piano and I need a freakin Creativity point for my freakin job which I dont evenfreakin need and some of the freakin inmates have more freakin skill points than me and WOO, I could almost have freakinmaxed Creativity too VEE, if all I had to do all freakin day is sit around and freakin skill but Nooooo, I gotta freakin work topay the freakin bills and would someone please give me a freakin silver lining here?"Well, you need the Mechanical point too.*sobs*
  • 116. Cecil: "You have a most amusing swimming face, Ms. Legacina. Might I join you in some bathtub piracy?"Kirstial: "Sorry, but theres only one tub, and not enough room for two!"
  • 117. SimNerd: "OUT OUT OUT!"Cecil: "There is no cause for rudeness, Doctor."SimNerd: "I need a freakin shower, and both of you need to get out of the freakin rug divider, because Im not gonna be thefirst person to freakin green-fume around here! NOW GET!"
  • 118. SimNerd: "I DO NOT NEED A FREAKIN AUDIENCE!"Cypress: "I see London, I see Jodhpur, I see my creators Censor Blur!"SimNerd: "...If I killed you, do you know how many people would be lining up to dance on your grave?"
  • 119. Cecil: "I am shocked! So that is what an unclad female form looks like!"Kirstial: "Geez, you say that like youve never seen one before!"Cecil: "..."SimNerd: "You are dead. So dead. All of you. Dead. Do you hear me? DEAD."
  • 120. Cecil wanders off--presumably the sight of ZOMG NAKED WOMAN was too much to handle--and gets himself fit on theDance Sphere. Ive only seen him fall off maybe twice; Salahuddin and Gaius ride this thing way more, and get tossed farmore frequently.So I guess nobody better mess with Cecil from here on out.
  • 121. Then Cecil decides to try out his newfound fitness.Uranium: "For someone who frowns on physical violence, youre pretty good at it."
  • 122. Gaius finally stays on long enough to get fit as well. Like son, like father?
  • 123. Gaius and Cecil have a good laugh about something. Underhanded scheming, probably....You know, I never really noticed how much they look alike until just now.Well, thats all for this installment. Thanks to ephemeraltoast, Blite27, Orikes, katrih83, GintasticNecat, and professorbuttersfor creating such great villains! Also check out for loads of great stories.
  • 124. *sigh*