Developing and deploying a website with html5
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Developing and deploying a website with html5



This is the slide deck used in the Penton Media workshop

This is the slide deck used in the Penton Media workshop



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Developing and deploying a website with html5 Developing and deploying a website with html5 Presentation Transcript

  • Developing and Deploying a Website with HTML5 Chris Love @ChrisLove
  • Who Am I? ASP.NET MVP ASP Insider Internet Explorer User Agent Author Speaker Tweaker, Lover of Mobile Web, JavaScript, CSS & HTML5
  • JavaScript Libraries DeepTissueJS – A Touch Gesture Abstraction Library PanoramaJS – JavaScript Library to Implement The Windows Phone Panorama Control in HTML5 ToolbarJS – JavaScript Library to Implement a Mobile AppBar, like Windows Phone Coming Soon! SPA – Single Page Application Router, View Manager Backpack – Markup Manager leveraging LocalStorage FannyPack – Markup Manager leveraging on page markup DollarBill – Lightweight Utility Library that’s compatible with jQuery
  • Resources Slide Deck – Only URL U Need!
  • What Does a Modern Web App Look Like? AJAX Layer Browser Request Response Minimal HTML Payload Images CSS JavaScript AJAX Calls for JSON HTML Web Server
  • What does the AJAX Layer Look Like? HTML CSS JavaScript
  • What is a Single Page App      1 Page – Many Views Retrieves Data from an API Manages Merging Data With Client-Side Templates Manages Sexy View Transitions! Introduces a Whole New World of Issues For Developers
  • The World is Mobile • Screens are All Sizes • Usage Contexts Vary • Expensive to Make Customized Versions for Every Platform
  • One Site To Rule Them All • HTML5 Targets All Platforms • Responsive Web Design Targets All Screen Sizes • SPA Competes with Native Apps • APIs Secure All Data Interactions • Decoupled from Client
  • Fluid Layouts • Adjust To Fill the Entire View Port • View Port is the Browser’s Window Size • Use Absolute Positioning To Place Major Elements
  • Fluid Layout
  • Fluid Layout
  • Responsive Web Design • Craft Web Applications to Provide Optimal Viewing Experience Across All Screen Sizes • Uses Media Queries To Define Layout Rules • Coined by Ethan Marcotte in 2010 •
  • Media Queries @media (min-width:800px) { /* } CSS Rules Here */
  • Responsive Process • Can Either Start Big & Go Small or Small and Go Big • Starting Mobile Forces You To Determine What is Most Important • Resize Desktop Browser with Dev Tools Open • Use Dev Tools to Resize Browser • Tweak CSS to Refine Layout • Don’t Be Afraid to Use JavaScript to Help
  • Let’s Code
  • Single Page Applications • Single Page Web Application • Means a More ‘Native Like’ Experience • Heavy Client-Side Application Model • Loads all Markup ‘on initial load’ • Tectonic Shift In the Way Web Sites Are Built
  • Principle #1 – Performance Matters • Honor the 23 Rules of Web Performance • Use HTML5 Advantages • WebStorage Is Your Friend
  • Principle #2 • Things You Did On The Server Now Live In The Browser • Only one Request for HTML (sort of…) • In the Browser • Routing • Markup Management • Data Caching
  • Please Press # • SPAs Reply on the URL hash • Prevents the Browser from Requesting URL from Server • Google SEO ‘Recommends’ #! • _escaped_fragement_ - • Need a Route Management System
  • Let’s Code
  • So How Do You Manage A JavaScript App? Project Structure ‘Compiling’ Testing Bundling & Minification Build System I Like GruntJs
  • Using Grunt JS • Setup Using NPM • npm install -g grunt-cli • Add Grunt files • package.json • Gruntfile.js
  • Common Contrib Extensions • Uglify • JSHint • Handlebars • HTMLMIN • Jasmine • Qunit • Watch • YuiDoc
  • Source Management • TFS • Git • GitHub • BitBucket
  • Deployment • Environments • • • • Development Test/QA Staging Production • Via Source Control • Cloud Drive
  • Demo Time!
  • Review • Fluid Responsive Layouts • Enable a Modern UI • Single Page Apps • Enable Fast & Fluid User Experience • Build & Deployment • Optimizes Web Application • Manages Source Code