2013 Gould Backer Zone Defense


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Gould Academy Varsity Boys' Lacrosse Coach Jim Dock's presentation from the 2013 US Lacrosse National Convention: Backer Zone Defense The Husky Way.

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  • How does this differ from the long available NYIT backer zone defense - credit due to Coach Kaley there, no?
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2013 Gould Backer Zone Defense

  1. 1. Backer Zone Defense The Husky Way Presented by: Jim DockBoys’ Varsity Lacrosse Program Director Head Coach Gould Academy - Bethel, Maine
  2. 2. Thank Yous• Gould Academy• Coach Zach Lehman• Greg Gilman & Dirk MacKinght• US Lacrosse
  3. 3. Backer “Gold” Mantra• Pressure the ball when it’s in your zone• Get to the ball when it’s in the air• Play your man to take away the ball• If you get beat, get beat to the inside• When you get beat to the inside, follow the ball and seal off the rollback
  4. 4. Purpose of Gold Zone• Force opposing teams out of their comfort zone• Since it’s a zone, MDD will improve• Pressure them to make mistakes – Pass earlier than they normally would – Pass or shoot under pressure – Take outside, low-percentage shots
  5. 5. Actual First Meeting Footage
  6. 6. “Gold” Backer Zone Set SSM SSM Backer Crease Man Pole Pole
  7. 7. Gold Personnel• SSMs Up Top & Bottom Corner Poles: Must be aggressive, have good field awareness, & be disciplined• Backer: Most athletic & aggressive pole• Crease: Quickest & best takeaway man• Goalie: Good at saving outside shots
  8. 8. Who Does What???
  9. 9. Bungee Principal:• All players are on a imaginary bungee cord that runs from their waist to the center of the goal line• When the ball is in their zone, they extend out and stretch the bungee• When the ball leaves their zone, the bungee pulls them back into the hole
  10. 10. SSDM Up Top On-Ball• SSDM steps up to play the ball in his zone• Take the ball or get beat to the inside• Drop step to show dodger the inside lane• Seal off the O’s rollback• Do not cross the “Rhino Line”• When your man passes the ball off, slough-in to 3-5 yards above the crease
  11. 11. SSDM Off-Ball• Sloughed-in 3-5 yards above the crease on their side of the “Rhino Line”• Should have back to the ball, facing his man to avoid getting caught ball-watching• Sticks are up to the inside blocking passing lanes• As soon ball is in flight to his man, he goes to him and tries to get there before the ball does• SSDMs have backer responsibilities for the poles on their half of the field
  12. 12. Bottom Corner Poles• Main responsibility is blocking the passing lanes with their sticks and sniping “nuggets”• When playing the ball, follow the Gold Mantra• If there’s a mismatch, apply more pressure• Do not follow ball or engage behind GLE• SSDMs have their back
  13. 13. Backer• Backs up the ball in the bowtie• Steps up with authority to meet the ball when it’s in his zone• Force the ball carrier to pass, shoot, or rollback into the SSDM for the double• Backer is always between the ball and the crease man
  14. 14. Crease Man• Only defenseman that plays the ball behind the crease (3-5 yards from crease)• When the ball is behind, crease man takes the top side and gives the inside roll (where the backer is waiting) – Crease man & backer should use the crease itself as a “third man” – When the crease man goes behind, the furthest SSDM covers the crease & the other SSDM covers the two top zones
  15. 15. How Gould Uses Gold• After a time out or on a restart, we go into our Gold set• We prefer to have our SSDMs on the field, but all middies have practiced Gold• We use it no matter what the O set is• If O overloads to one half, we “Bingo” out of Gold into our “Husky” man defense
  16. 16. Special Situations & Calls• “Regular”: Allows adjacent passes• “Apache”: Cover ball & lock off adjacents• “Fish”: All-out pressure to take advantage of a mismatch• “Ironman”: Lock onto dominant player or use against a mismatch
  17. 17. When Things Go Wrong• SSDM turns ball carrier to the outside• SSDM crosses the Rhino Line• Failure to hand off the ball carrier• Bottom corner poles are sleeping• Backer comes with their stick instead of their shoulder• Bungee failure• Communication breakdown
  18. 18. Implementing GoldPractice 6 on 5•Practice againstseveral O sets (1-4-1,2-2-2, etc.)•Focus on off-ballmovement•Keep sticks up inpassing lanes•Cut off crease man•Run at game speed
  19. 19. Dodges From Up Top
  20. 20. Dodges from X
  21. 21. When Backer Works
  22. 22. Contact Coach Dock• dockj@gouldacademy.org• www.gouldacademy.org/lacrosseblog• Cell: (207) 318-9603• Office: (207) 824-7774
  23. 23. Thank You
  24. 24. Coming Up at 11:00amBallroom – Mini KeynoteJohn Danowski, Duke UniversityHow To Better Understand YourPlayers/Coaches and Adapt Skills To Succeed(w/Matt Danowski)107ABReid Jackson, Positive Coaching AllianceDouble Goal Coach I