Landscape in spain teresa


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Landscape in spain teresa

  1. 1. In this unit you can see: The physical geography of Spain Landscapes Spain s ´diverse landscapes.
  2. 2. The physical geographic of spain
  3. 3. • The phisical geographic of spain Some same in Spain are high: such as the Meseta and many the areas mountain ranges. In the centre of the peninsula we find Meseta , Sistema Central and Montes the Toledo. Bordering the Meseta we find Sistema Iberico, Cordillera Cantrabrica , Montes the Leon and Sierra Morena. Outside the Meseta we find the Pyrenees , the Macizo Galaico , the Montes Vascos and the Sistema Beticos.
  4. 4. • The Rivers • Atlantic ocean : Miño ,Duero ,Tajo, Guadiana and Guadalquivir. The volume of these rivers is variable. • Mediterranean Sea : Ebro , Ter, Llobregat, Turia and Segura. The volume of these rivers is also quite variable. • Cantabrian sea: Bidasoa,Nervion and Nalon . The volume of these rivers is fairly constant all year long.
  5. 5. The rivers photos
  6. 6. •The rivers 2 2 Rivers
  7. 7. Landscapes
  8. 8. Landscapes
  9. 9. Landscapes Natural landscapes • Natural landscapes are areas that have not been transformed by human activity . • Many of these areas have been made into nature reserves to protect them from human activity . Some of these areas are open to visitors , but , when there , we must follow rules to protect the plants and animals that live there .
  10. 10. Rules of natural parks • • • • This are natural reserves and 3 of the rules are … 1 we must stay in the marked 2 we mustn t start fires 3 we mustn t thorw rubbish
  11. 11. Humanized landscape
  12. 12. Humanized landscape • Humanized landscape are areas that been transformed by activity there are two types . • Rural landscape are typical of the countryside . In these areas , we usually find fields , villages,small towns , narrow streets and low buildings . • Urban landscapes are typical of cities . We usually find large motorways , wide streets, tall buildings and a variety of industries.
  13. 13. Humanized landscapes • • Urban Rural
  14. 14. Spain’s diverse landscape
  15. 15. Spain diverse landscape Decidious forest  Decidious forest are common in oceanic climate , in the north of Spain.  The typical plants in these areas are the oak ,the beech and the cheesnut. There is also grassland.  The typical animals in these areas are the iberian brown bear ,wild boars, wild cats and wolves .
  16. 16. Spain landscapes Mediterranean forest  Mediterranean forest are common in Mediterranean climate, we can find these areas in the Iberian Peninsula and in Balearic Islands.  The typical plants in these areas are evergreen trees such as holly oak ,cork oak , ,pine ,bushes ,rockrose , thyme ,juniper and rosemary.
  17. 17. The typical animals in mediterranean forest Mediterranean forest  The typical animals in these area are Iberian lynx , foxes , wild boars ,, rabbits , aquatic birds ,birds of prey , and Imperial eagles.
  18. 18. Spain landscape  Alpine landscape  The type of landscape is common in highland areas ,such as the Pyrenees , the Cordillera Cantabrica and the sistemas Beticos . These areas usually have mountain climate.  There isn t a lot of vegetaiton.  The typical animals in these areas are the deer , chamois , mouflon and mountain goats , birds of prey , griffon , vulture ,Imperial eagle ,bearded vulture and quebrantahuesos.
  20. 20. Spain s Landscape Canary islands  The typical climate in this zones are subtropical climate .  The typical plants int his area are palm trees, pines and dragon trees .  The typical animals in these areas are many interesting birds like canaries ,reptiles like giant lizards.
  21. 21. • Many types of birds Many types of birds
  22. 22. Many types of reptiles