Wastemandala Presentation


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a Documentary project about garbage as a symbol of change

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Wastemandala Presentation

  1. 1. by Docabout Association in collaboration with Green Soldiers and the support of Viaggiaconcarlo by Himalayan Trailfinder
  2. 2. TRAVEL IS DISCOVERYTravellers explore the world, searching for new cultures and places to discover in a restless pursuit for natural wonders to behold and people to connect with.
  3. 3. DISCOVERING MEANS UNVEILING THE TRUTHAny place, however touristic, holds another aspect of reality: plastic caps, cups and bags, dead batteries, cigarettes packs, empty cans, and so on... Mountains, deserts and beaches full of garbage, ruin landscapes and our culture
  4. 4. IN NEPAL ACTION IS TAKING PLACE The Nepalese tour operator Himalayan Trailfinder and the Italian Viaggiaconcarlo, organise trekking trips and they launched the idea to involve tourists and localcommunities in waste collection programs in Nepal. This is how the Green Soldiers movement started. http://green-soldiers.org/
  5. 5. “DAWN OF GS” https://vimeo.com/55594772Today the Green Soldiers are a community that is naturally and steadily growing by recruiting volunteers who clean the environment in order to preserve their natural and cultural heritage.
  6. 6. NUMBERS OF CHANGEIn a few months of work, the Green Soldiers movementmanaged to:- organize 19 waste collection campaigns;- involve more than 250 volunteers among tourists andlocals;- gather 1800 kg of non organic waste.Their activism aims at promoting conscious change. Before being a practice for the appreciation of the environment, this is a spiritual and inner process
  7. 7. Green Soldiers community
  8. 8. Green Soldiers community
  9. 9. CHANGING OURSELVES, THROUGH GARBAGEBasic garbage collection pushed the Green Soldiers to go further, that is to launch a message to the international community. together with the Buddhist monks of Swayambhunath Moastery, they will design and build a Mandala made of wasteThis Mandala will be big enough to be visible on Google Earth...
  10. 10. “IF YOU CHANGE INSIDE” https://vimeo.com/55594773An inner and outer sample change led by practice...
  11. 11. Waste Mandala aims at spreading a message of change
  12. 12. GOALS OF THE DOCUMENTARY- Tell the story of the Green Soldiers community and document their activism.- Spread the message that only by taking action it is possible to produce change;- present the Mandala-making experience as a physical and spiritual practiceleading to change;- raise awareness among citizens and tourists, encouraging them to travelresponsibly.
  13. 13. COMMUNICATION STRATEGYThe Green Soldiers community came into being in Nepal, but it is growingin the web too. Waste mandala project, at the beginning, will just tell theirstory, and then will become a case history, by focusing on their spirit ofchange and their action.Docabout will build a network of partners: environmental organisations,companies in the green economy industry, sport brands, Buddhistassociations, waste management agencies etc.The film will be screened at international environmental festivals, at eventsorganised within environmental campaigns and at events focused onthese issues. In addition, it will be available for acquisitions andbroadcast by TV channels.
  14. 14. COMMUNICATION TOOLS- www.wastemandala.com will be the main platform to promote the documentary and spread the communication campaign;- International press offices activities in the press and on blogs;- Waste Mandala Facebook profile linked to fun page Green Soldiers;- Waste Mandala Youtube channel linked to YT gsnepal2012;- baner campaign.
  15. 15. http://www.wastemandala.com
  16. 16. FOLLOW UPThe folow- up of the project will be structured in an international web campaigncalled BSide. We’ll involve photographers, videomakers, users, by asking them toshare contents, photos, videos of their trips or places where they live , to show thehidden face of the reality.These photos and videos will show a double scenario: on the one hand beautifulplaces and on the other waste, garbage and dumps.These contents will be published on a map based social platform, studied to gatherusers’ contents and comments.Waste Mandala will become a case history risen from the web and ready to suggestthe creation of a distinct symbol.
  18. 18. SORT WASTE AND FUNDS (1)Everybody can help in making Waste Mandala real: sponsors, users...Docabout is looking for:- big sponsors who can invest iin the project by providing know-how,equipment or financial aid- users who can support the crowdfunding campaign
  19. 19. SORT WASTE AND FUNDS (2)Sponsors will be involved in the creative process. We can offer dedicatedshooting sequences (realized on the documentary set) to be delivered toeach sponsor, to underline the brand social and ethic identityThey will be highlighted in these contexts:- Opening and ending credits of the documentary;- national and international press book;- logo on wastemandala.com;- Waste Mandala Facebook profile;- Waste Mandala Youtube channel;- Banner campaign on partners’ website.
  20. 20. SORT WASTE AND FUNDS (3)International followers will be able to support the project through thecrowdfunding campaign, and they will receive a copy of the documentary and amention in the documentary credits.By purchasing a trip with Viaggiaconcarlo and HimalayanTrailfinder, officialpartners of the project, travellers could choose to allocate a fee to the WasteMandala project. https://vimeo.com/54535198
  21. 21. “Change has to be achieved step by step, but through movement” Ronald Dworkin
  22. 22. THANK YOU!wastemandala@gmail.cominfo.docabout@gmail.com