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Let me help you to choos an eReader

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eReader comparison

  1. 1. ==== ====Let me help you to choose the best e-Reader ====Comparing eReaders does not have to be a difficult task. When eReader comparison shopping,there are several features and criteria you should consider. While not all criteria are important toevery shopper, the top features are outlined below to help narrow your search down.DisplayDedicated eReader displays are created to provide sharp contrast and allow the reader to readwhile indoors or outdoors with minimal glare in order to reduce eye strain. The displays aredifferent than computers and laptops and have no strong backlight. As an aside, eReaderadvertisements will often pit the iPad against an eReader on the beach or at a swimming pool witha statement about the iPads glare as opposed to the eReaders non-glare display.Size and WeightThe next most important feature to consider is size and weight of the device. For instance, whilereading during a commute on a train or bus, a smaller screen size would be an asset. On the otherhand, an eReader with a larger screen, such as a 7" or 9.7" screen size, might be more beneficialfor relaxation purposes.The weight of the device is crucial depending on how you read, especially if you plan to hold theeReader for long periods of time.Battery LifeBattery life is more than a "nice to have" feature particularly if you travel. With Wi-Fi (wirelessconnectivity) turned off, most devices have anywhere from 10 days to 1 month of standard bookreading and standby time. When Wi-Fi is turned on, it consumes the battery much faster, droppingsome devices lifetimes to only 3 or 4 days. The iPad differs from other eReaders in that it is amultifunction device. Though the average standby time of an iPad is 30 days, continuous use onlyreaches about 10 hours.PriceFor some, price may be the top criteria but in this report the display, size and weight and batterylife are given higher weightings because if the device causes discomfort or has to be constantlyplugged in, the device quickly loses its appeal and is used less frequently.Supported Formats
  2. 2. There are numerous eBook formats. The more formats an eReader can view, the less quickly thedevice will become obsolete. The popular DRM-free formats of the day include DAISY, APK(Android), ePub, Mobi (Kindle-compatible) and PDF. In addition, the following non-open sourceformats are popular: Kindle and eReader (NOOK).Software is available for non-dedicated eReaders such as the iPad that provide the ability to usemultiple bookstores and read multiple formats including some of the proprietary eBook formats.Network AccessWhile some eReaders can only be synced to your computer and require both a network link andcomputer at home, other eReaders can use Wi-Fi and even 3G. This is particularly useful if youtravel and would like to select and download eBooks without having to sync to your computer.SearchThe ability to search through a book and quickly find words or phrases you are looking for is anexcellent argument for utilizing eBooks and thus the ability to enter search terms has beenincluded as an important criteria.Highlighting and AnnotatingFor technical and educational books, highlighting and annotating are critical to storing your noteswhere the content resides.Touch ScreenTouch Screens (or touchscreens) are displays that sense when they are touched to perform anaction. Touching can be executed by a finger or some other passive device. Touch Screens areprimarily used to replace or supplement buttons used to control the device by supplying the userwith the ability to touch items to execute a task rather than using buttons. If the reader can dealwith fingerprints on the screen and wants to pretend to physically "flip" pages, a touch screen isrequired.ColorDepending on the content the eReader will display, color may or may not be important. Forinstance, if the reader only reads black and white books with perhaps a color cover, the readerdoes not require a color screen. But, as more eReaders gain more content (for example,magazines), the reader may consider color to be a more important feature.Text To SpeechText To Speech (TTS) provides voice synthesizing technology that reads the electronic text thenproduces voice output. While a novelty for most (such as use while commuting in a car), text tospeech is critical for those with special needs and/or who are sight impaired. This feature has thepotential to provide special needs people with the tools to read many more books than are offeredon tape/CD now.
  3. 3. Doug Felteau enjoys blogging about the latest gadgets and anything technology related andmaintains a quarterly eBook for Gizmos for Geeks readers providing a comprehensive eReaderComparison report. Doug has transitioned from physical media to digital formats starting withmusic and magazines years ago to eBooks and movies recently.Article Source: ====Let me help you to choose the best e-Reader ====