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  • 1. To: Professor Stephanie Quinn<br />From: Jordan Dobbins<br />Subject: Interviews with Professionals<br />Introduction<br />This project gave me the opportunity to interact with professionals in my field of study to better understand exactly what my future job detail may demand. Through interviewing these two professionals I now have more knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the field of healthcare administration. This also had me asking myself questions like, is this career for me? Or, is this something that I really want to pursue? I interviewed two professionals: Margaret McFadden and Cynthia Schneider.<br />Professionals Background<br />Margaret McFadden originally attended St. Vincent School of Nursing and received a diploma in Nursing. She then went on to obtain a Bachelor of Education and Master of Science in Education at the University of Toledo. Next, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Masters in Nursing from the University of Toledo , College of Nursing with a major in Nursing Administration. In May, she will graduate with a Doctor of Nursing Practice from the University of Toledo, College of Nursing with a major emphasis on administration.<br />She has done patient care, education both patient and staff, and management of several areas in the acute care hospital setting. Currently, she is the administrator over quality management at the University of Toledo Medical Center. Her job involves a lot of data management related to quality and patient safety. She is also responsible for the day to day readiness for our regulatory compliance surveys. She coordinates the Joint Commission Survey process for the hospital. She typically work 9-10 hours a day, analyzing data and keeping administration aware of opportunities for improvement. Margaret’s working atmosphere is one of teamwork and collaboration. Because her current position does not allow her to function in a vacuum she must depend on others to implement policies and processes so that they are compliant with standards and work toward patient safety. She does not have a direct reporting relationship with all the staff in the hospital so it is necessary to develop good working relationships to accomplish the hospital goals of quality and safety. <br />What she enjoys most about her job is working with people to improve the satisfaction and quality of the care they provide to patients. It is very rewarding for her to see patient care that is safe and to make improvements when opportunities are identified. What she likes least is that it sometimes takes a long time and a lot of red tape to get new processes implemented when you work in a large hospital system.<br />Cynthia Schneider is the Nursing Administrator at Metro Hospital in Cleveland, Oh. She obtained her BSN degree from Cleveland State University. She worked as a nurse at Metro Hospital before deciding to return to school to add on administrative qualifications to her degree. She is currently head of the Nursing department at Metro. She thoroughly enjoys the community hospital setting; you work with great professionals and are close to the community. Ultimately, an administrator can greatly influence the healthcare in their community as well as that of their organization.<br />She has been running the nursing department for many years and still obtains great satisfaction out of it. Cynthia supervises staff nurses, recommends policy and structural changes and assists in the implementation of changes. As a nursing administrator she is needed to support nursing practices and operations with primary duties on select patient units. She works directly with staff and patients and oversees the performance of high-level care for patients. It is her responsibility to ensure continuity of care to patients 24/7 by providing guidance and mentorship to unit nurses. <br />Agency Background:<br />University of Toledo Medical Center: The mission of The University of Toledo Medical Center is to provide superior patient care which is compassionate and cost effective, and to support and enhance the health education mission of The University of Toledo. In partnership with UT, The University of Toledo Medical Center continuously strives to develop and incorporate advancements in health care knowledge to improve the safety and quality of patient care. The University of Toledo and the Medical University of Ohio merged July 2006 to form the third-largest public university operating budget in the state. The UT Medical Center, a Level 1 trauma center, offers innovative treatments for strokes and cancer found nowhere else in the state, and features the new $5.8-million Orthopedics Center. UTMC provides specialty care in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, cancer, surgery, and kidney transplantation.<br />MetroHealth Hospital: The MetroHealth System commits to leadership in providing outstanding health care for individuals and in promoting the health of the community. They are committed to responding to community needs, improving the health status of our region, and controlling health care costs. They hold as a core value the provision of services to any resident of Cuyahoga County, regardless of ability to pay. The MetroHealth System is one of the largest health care providers in Northeast Ohio, serving the medical needs of the Greater Cleveland community since 1837. More than 400 primary care and specialty care physicians practice within The MetroHealth System.<br />Comparison and Summary Impressions: <br />Cynthia and Margaret’s practice settings are similar because they both have the responsibility of managing within a hospital. They both have to work together with other team members to achieve the goal of providing outstanding healthcare to the public. Their practice settings are different because Margaret is part of a team of administrators advising the person in charge, whereas, Cynthia is the head of an entire department.<br />By conducting these interviews I learned more about what it takes to become and administrator. I also got a better understanding of what administrators do. I had an idea of what they did before this but now I have a better understanding. I learned about what their jobs entail on a day to day basis and it made me think of myself doing such tasks and if that would be something that I would enjoy doing. This project has gotten me to think more about my future career and goals. In the end, I was inspired by these two individuals.<br />