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Web Blogs

  1. 1. LOGO Development of Business Applications (DOBA) Web Blogs by Ulan YRYSBAEV
  2. 2. Contents What is a Web Blog? Type of Web Blogs Web Blog Software comparison and Features Methods of Blogging Useful Sources and References Conclusion and Demo http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  3. 3. Definitions What is a Web Blog? “ A blog is a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order. The term blog is a shortened form of weblog or web log. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called “blogging”. Blogs use conventional style of documentation. Often blogs focus on a particular area of interest ” while some blogs discuss personal experience. - Wikipedia http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  4. 4. Definitions What is a Web Blog? “ „Blog‟ is an abbreviated version of quot;weblog,quot; which is a term used to describe web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog is a frequently updated, personal website featuring diary-type commentary and links to articles on other Web sites. Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of ” subjects. - Wordpress http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  5. 5. Definitions What is a Web Blog? “ Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual or as a communication tool for businesses. Regularly updated, blogs often reflect the personality of the author. Postings are arranged in reverse chronological order – meaning the most recently added article appears first, followed by the second most recently added article and so ” on. - Blogware http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  6. 6. Blog Types By Media Type oVlog is a blog comprising VIDEOS oLinklog is a blog comprising LINKS oSketchblog is a blog containing a PORTFOLIO of SKETCHES. oPhotoblog is a blog comprising Photos oTumblelogs is a blogs with shorter posts and mixed media types http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  7. 7. Blog Types By Devices Blogs can also be defined by which type of device is used to compose it. A blog written by a mobile device like a mobile phone or PDA is called a MOBLOG. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  8. 8. Blog Types By Genre Some blogs focus on a particular subject, such as Political blogs, Travel blogs, Fashion blogs, Project blogs or Dream blogs etc. While not a legitimate type of blog, one used for the sole purpose of spamming is known as a SPLOG. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  9. 9. Blog Types By Legal Status A blog can be private, as in most cases, or it can be for business purposes. Blogs, either used internally to enhance the communication and culture in a corporation or externally for marketing, branding purposes are called CORPORATE Blogs. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  10. 10. Web Blog Softwares There are a lots of ready both commercial and free Web Blog softwares. Most of them are open source softwares which means it is available to configure and enhance according to your needs. Even their community welcome people willing to contribute in code development and willing to contribute in financial aspect. B2evolution, Wordpress and Serendipity are examples for these Web Blog softwares http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  11. 11. What is on Offer? There are two types of packages you can use: • The Hosted service • The Self-hosted packages http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  12. 12. What is on Offer? The Hosted service: If you would like to start publishing on the Web, but you don't have any Web hosting, you may want to look into a hosted service for your needs. Ex: Blogger, TypePad etc. All of these services are managed for you, so you never have to worry about technical maintenance of your Weblog: instead, you can focus on your blog's content and appearance. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  13. 13. What is on Offer? The Self-Hosted service: If you have Web hosting available (or are willing to purchase hosting) and feel that the benefits will outweigh the drawbacks of maintaining your own blog installation, you'll want to consider a self-hosted package. F.e. Movable Type, WordPress,Textpattern etc. Some hosting companies have made the installation process a little easier, allowing one-click installation from a browser-based control panel. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  14. 14. Let’s go through the Scenario Let’s go through the comparison chart http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  15. 15. Features of Web Blogs Cost: Web blog software can be open source or/and commercial. Minimum Requirements:This indicates the minimum requirements of the server on which the software is to be installed. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  16. 16. Features of Web Blogs Localization: This indicates the languages supported by the administration interface of the system. Multilingual: This indicates whether the system's administrative interface is localized based on individual user settings. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  17. 17. Features of Web Blogs Multilanguage support of Blogs Most of the Blogs have Multilanguage feature which enables Web Blogs to be published in different languages. In general, terms Internationalization (i18n) and Localizations (l10n) are used to cover all issues related to Multilanguage feature. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  18. 18. Features of Web Blogs Multilanguage support of Blogs For easy use Internationalization and Localizations, i18n and l10n are used: i18n = I (nternationalizatio) n l10n = l (ocalizatio) n http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  19. 19. Features of Web Blogs Multilanguage support of Blogs using GNU Gettext Utility GNU Gettext Utility is the mostly used technique used by open source softwares to support Multilanguage feature. If a blog software you want to use does not support a language you desired than you can translate it quickly using Rosetta, if the Multilanguage feature is based on GNU’s Gettext utility. www.launchpad.net http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  20. 20. Features of Web Blogs Web Blog Translation using Rosetta http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  21. 21. Features of Web Blogs Web Blog Translation using Rosetta http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  22. 22. Features of Web Blogs Data Storage: This indicates the type of the Data Storage of the Web Blog Software. •Flat File •Data File •Database http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  23. 23. Features of Web Blogs Max. Weblogs: This number indicates the maximum number of weblogs (channel of postings) that the system can manage through a single installed administrative interface. Mutiple Sites: This indicates whether the system can manage weblogs across multiple sites. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  24. 24. Features of Web Blogs Post Ordering: This indicates the available methods for ordering the display of posts on the site. •Descending •Ascending •Alphabetical •Category http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  25. 25. Features of Web Blogs Categories: This indicates whether the system allows posts to be classified by categories. •No •Single •Multiple Subcategories: This indicates whether a system allows subcategories to be created in a hierarchy. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  26. 26. Features of Web Blogs Keywords: This indicates whether the system allows keywords to be associated by a post. Post Editor: This indicates the type of editor used to edit the primary post field. •Textarea •HTML •Java •Plugin Based http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  27. 27. Features of Web Blogs Draft Mode: This indicates whether the system supports submitting unpublished drafts of posts. ‘Yes+’ indicates that there are additional post statuses beyond published and draft. Post API Support: This indicates which blogging APIs the system supports. •Blogger •MetaWeblog •MovableType •b2 •Atom http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  28. 28. Features of Web Blogs Post Moderation: This indicates whether it is possible to require editor- or administrative-level approval of a post before it is published to the site. Post Pings: This indicates whether the system will quot;pingquot; any number of pre-designated URLs using XMLRPC to indicate that a new post has been published to the site. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  29. 29. Features of Web Blogs PINGING – Update other web sites, search engines that your blog updated. Recommendation http://pingomatic.com Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated. We regularly check downstream services to make sure that they're legit and still work. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  30. 30. Features of Web Blogs RSS Output: RSS the system will produce for syndication, if any. Atom Output: Atom output another technology that is used for syndication. It is provided and consumed by most Blog Softwares. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  31. 31. Features of Web Blogs Comment Spam: This indicates the methods available to prevent comment spam. Login, Filtering, Captcha, Duplicate, Ipban, Userban, Moderate, Blacklistdelay, Shutoff, Redirection, Linkcount, Massedit http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  32. 32. Features of Web Blogs Templates : Web Blogs can be presented differently based on Templates. Template Storage: Templates are stored and retrieved in format of: •Flat File •PHP File •Database http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  33. 33. Features of Web Blogs User Security: This indicates the method used to differentiate the permissions of different users. •Numeric levels •Permission groups •Single user •User permissions http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  34. 34. Features of Web Blogs RSS Aggregator: This indicates the extent to which the system can consume RSS from other sites. Plugins/Extensions: This indiates the method most acceptable by the developers by which additional functionality can be added to the base system. •Drop-in •Push-button http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  35. 35. Features of Web Blogs Imports From: Blog Softwares can import content from another Blog Resource. Importing from quot;RSS Feedsquot; indicates that the system can import from an existing RSS feed, rather than importing the data natively. This allows importing from any system that suports RSS output, but may not import things such as user accounts, comments, and other unpublished data. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  36. 36. Features of Web Blogs User Profiles: This indicates the detail allowed in user profiles for the system. •No •Simple •Custom http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  37. 37. Features of Web Blogs Skin Switch: Blog softwares can provide Admin interface that allows to switch the template of Web Blog to new one by one-two clicks. Cross-post: If Web Blog system support cross post then a user can apply a single post to more than one weblog simultaneously. Password Posts: With this featore posts can be protected so that only those visitors that know the correct password may read them. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  38. 38. Features of Web Blogs Blog By Email: Users can add new posts to the Blog by sending email to the email address defined previously. Blogging by SMS: Users can post a Post to their Web blog using SMS. Recommendation: http://letmeparty.com (free) http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  39. 39. Features of Web Blogs Blogging by Microsoft Word 2007: Users can post a Post to their Web blog using Microsoft Word 2007. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  40. 40. Useful sources for Web Bloggers Comparison of Web Blog Softwares http://www.weblogmatrix.org Demo site for almost all web blog softwares http://www.opensourcecms.com Translator for GNU Gettext based softwares - Rosetta http://launchpad.net Blogging using SMS - LetMeParty http://letmeparty.com Registering your Web blog for Blog Search Engines – Pingomatic http://pingomatic.com http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  41. 41. References http://www.weblogmatrix.org http://www.opensourcecms.com Wikipedia http://www.wikipedia.org Blogware: http://www.blogware.org Wordpress: http://www.wordpress.org Asymptomatic: http://www.asymptomatic.net http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  42. 42. Conclusion During the presentation Web Blogs are defined using definitions of well known companies. The general types and features of Web blogs also explained by comparing four major Web Blog softwares. Applications, web sites that are thought to be useful for blogger are also introduces generally. http://doba2007.wordpress.com
  43. 43. LOGO Development of Business Applications (DOBA) Thank You!!!