Cloud Is Built, Now Who's Managing It?


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  • Introductions
  • Build these stats, one by oneNot Sexy You Say…$6.1 Trillion, 40% National GDP80% Will Grow Revenues, Geographies21% Want A Service Provider24.6 Million Employees……Who Demand 24x7x365 Productivity
  • PLANNING AND CONFIGURATIONArchitecting an adaptive infrastructureOptimum resource allocations with the right virtual to physical mixesReconfiguring infrastructure to meet changing conditionsSERVICE MANAGEMENTDiscovery and monitoring of devices on key indicatorsPerformance analysis, incident management and troubleshootingControlling VM sprawls and stallsSoftware license managementWorkload automation, provisioning and efficient utilizationSECURITY AND REGULATIONSHandling complex virtualized workloads efficiently in a dynamic setting Adherence to corporate policy and regulatory requirementsFollowing QoS, regulatory compliance and policies
  • Get a high level understanding on what application stacks your end customer is planning to provision in the cloud environment. Sample public cloud applications are – simple web site, ecommerce application that is expected to scale; a custom applicationSample private cloud applications are – Virtual instances that need to provisioned for various groups inside the enterprise; to VDI for a school district that has capability to scale All cloud environments – absolutely require monitoring and management. Customer’s may or may not carry the IT organization and skill set required to maintain the cloud
  • Change visual1.User Initiates ‘Discovery’ in ITOP2. ITOP Polls Public Cloud3. Cloud Instances show up in ITOP4. Install Agents in Cloud Instances,using ITOP5. ITOP populated by Dashboard,Alerts,ReportsUser Focus can be aligned towards ITOP and its Dashboard/Reports.(unlike above where User is aligned towards PubCloud/ITOP)
  • Varma-- In addition to wrapping Managed Services around more complex Mid-market solutions, you can adopt cloud strategies and capabilities, and manage those collectively with our technology and NOC services.-- Walk through the evolution of the slide – adding more service capability brings the solution provider higher on the value chain and ties them more closely to their end customer.
  • CHANGEPic of ecloud, dashboard, noc, cloud, dashboard pic of it portal tiny version of people,  
  • ADDED SCREEN SHOT Will add another screen shotNew Page views from Zubair – Will send screenshotsVirtualizationCiscoMSFT ServersCloud
  • NetEnrich ROC services transform the way solution providers build their own IT Operations and those of their midsize enterprise clients.Better IT Operations lead to:Improved Customer Experiences for Greater Client LoyaltyRealized Organizational Goals for Faster Business GrowthEfficient Business Operations for Higher ProfitabilityIT Availability, Consistent Performance and Greater Security
  • General inquiriesOpportunitiesSystem assessmentProduct demoReason #5
  • Cloud Is Built, Now Who's Managing It?

    1. 1. Advance your IT Ops Quickly transform the way you ASAP manage technology. Closet to Cloud.Cloud Is Built Now, Who’s Managing It?
    2. 2. Today’s PresentersOur Moderator Justin Crotty Senior Vice President & General Manager NetEnrich @ JustinCrotty Our Cloud Expert Varma Kunaparaju Chief Technology Officer NetEnrich @ NetEnrich
    3. 3. What We’ll Cover TodayCloud-sanity or Cloud Usage? Our take on cloud computing.Break IT down Cut Through the Chaos Clouds + Closet: Having IT AllYour business opportunity
    4. 4. NetEnrich Provides a Better Way For Solution Providers… To Do More To Grow With Less Profitably10
    5. 5. We Deliver Technology-Enabled “ROC” Services People + Process Technology + Process + Technology People Traditional IT Outsourcers NetEnrich ROC IT Tool Vendors People- and process-driven Disjointed tool sets are a means Enabling technology + Expert engineers Low/Zero technology to an end, using ITIL processes Each tool in silos – Inefficient! Contract-oriented Relationship-oriented Transaction-oriented Complete staff outsource Flexible engagement models Delivery depends on deployment e.g., IBM GS, EDS, CSC, ACS Effective 24/7 Shared Services Model Bigger footprint and higher TCO Large Fortune 500 enterprises Midmarket Enterprise-focus Large Fortune 500 enterprises, $4 Billion and above revenues $25M to $4 Billion revenues little scale HP Open view, Tivoli, BMC, etc. You Will Benefit FromPurpose-built Technology, Process AND People Working 24x7
    6. 6. Business Facts On Cloud Use 33% 93% Want to Saw one area of SMBs Face Less Workforce access data IT improvement Resistance to Cloud Adoption from any device Sixty-five percent Chose multi-year cloud contracts …Only 82% 25% Of companies expressed Saved money w/Cloud more concern about data security Adoption after cloud adoptionTNS, CSC Cloud Usage Index study2011
    7. 7. IT Channel Challenges With Cloud  Cloud services are a major priority for solution providers in 2012 – SME’s and SMB’s are entering cloud projects blindly  What are the sales barriers for cloud? – 69% Cloud security concerns (doesn’t jive w/what the biz end users said in the CSC poll…only 25% were concerned) – 51% Reliability concerns – 33% Reluctance to outsource to the cloud & setting SLAs What’s the real issue? – Fear of losing control of data, IT operation, customers – Risk aversion of IT operators, IT community – COMPLEXITY INTRODUCED WITH MANAGING CLOUDS ALONGSIDE OTHER IT INFRASTRUCTURE (main reason we think so it needs to be bold & stand out) study 2012
    8. 8. IT is Complex –More than Ever Before PLETHORA OF NEW PROCESS EVER-INCREASING OPTIONS REQUIREMENTS CHALLENGES Operating Systems Remote Offices Access from Any-Where Virtualization BYOD Role Based Access Control Cloud Seamless Connectivity Service Levels Networking Always on Infrastructure Granularity Wireless Internal/External Collaboration Performance Guarantees Mobility Contracts Real Time Changes Security CAPEX/OPEX Asset Tracking Remote Access Licensing Quality of Service Collaboration Subscriptions Cost Containment Service Providers Disaster Recovery Management Tools Asset Management Compliance Tools Security Backup Virtualization • Cloud Computing
    9. 9. Are Midmarket Companies Ready to “Operationalize”? Your client’s potential savings can become YOUR overhead Adds complexityBecomes tough to scale to IT infrastructurewith limited staffIT resources can be expensive Requires collaboration of multiple teams spanning security, storage, network Requires Consistent monitoring and automation constant evolution of management and IT processes of process is critical
    10. 10. Enter the VirtualizationManagement Maze PLANNING AND CONFIGURATION Architect an adaptive infrastructure Allocate resources with the right mix of virtual to physical Reconfigure infrastructure to meet changing conditions SERVICE MANAGEMENT Understand the key indicators for the discovery and monitoring of devices Conduct performance analysis, incident management and troubleshooting Control Virtual Manager sprawls and stalls Manage multiple software licenses Automate workload and provisioning to ensure efficient utilization SECURITY AND REGULATIONS Ensure security for complex virtualized workloads is efficient in a dynamic setting Adherence to Corporate policy and regulatory requirements Follow QoS, regulatory compliance and policies
    11. 11. NetEnrich VirtualizationServices PracticeMonitoring VMware Server Availability and Performance VMware ESXi, VI Network Interface Management Foundation, VMware VI Standard, VMware VIVirtual Servers Maintenance Enterprise, VMware VDI Microsoft Hyper-Vand Health Checks Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008VDI Infrastructure Management R2, Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Standard, Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, Microsoft ServerTroubleshooting and Full 2008 R2 DatacenterRemediation Citrix Xen Citrix Xen ServerSOP-Based Remediation Free, Advanced, Citrix Xen Server Enterprise, Citrix Xen ServerMoves, Adds, Changes and PlatinumService RequestsVendor Management
    12. 12. NetEnrich VirtualizationServices • Define optimal portable units for capacity planning Planning and • Recommend the right hypervisor vendor, depending on client requirements • Align network and storage connectivity with virtual switches, SAN and NAS Configuration • Identify and design phases for server consolidation based on the business/mission-critical sensitivity of hosted applications • Define API level integrations with hypervisor fabric • Estimate resource pool for a Virtualized Manager (VM) Service • Identify resource allocations at an abstract level • Orchestrate workflows in actual provisioning of VM • Conduct dry runs on provisioned VM Management • Configure monitoring setup /remote console operations • Provide easy interface for Life Cycle Management operations for the VM • Capacity clean up for decommission of VM • Maintain compliance controls Security and • Secure remote access to VM • Secure power operations on VM, which are tracked and recorded Regulations • NetEnrich Services Gateway (NSG) integrates with a centralized database that tracks all events for real-time or later review & audit
    13. 13. Position Your Business For The Cloud “Application stacks that exist in cloud environments require constant management for top performance. MSPs can extend their capabilities into the cloud more easily than Varma Kunaparaju they think.” CTO, NetEnrich 13
    14. 14. Manage Private, Hybridand Public Clouds Together The simplest way to manage your clouds Add and discover your Launch more Instances in existing cloud deployments Cloud of your choice with to the portal for efficient just a few clicks. management. Discover Create More Instances Instances Discover all your Instances in Do you want to manage deployed in the Cloud and multiple Clouds? Enter your manage them seamlessly public cloud credentials in with our state of art ITOP and start using this as technology. an unified interface across multiple Public Clouds. Manage Deploy Across Instances Clouds
    15. 15. Closet to Cloud – Build Your Managed Services SaaS and PaaS VAR controls network IaaS Clouds uptime and performance VAR can serve as the for business critical SaaS private cloud / public and PaaS solutions IaaS aggregator or Onsite Managed integrator Services VAR plays an important role in hardware sale, deployment as well as management 15
    16. 16. NetEnrich TechnologyTransforms Service Delivery NE IT Platform Business Benefits Role based access control ACCESS Recorded, auditable user CONTROL activities Custom ticketing tool TICKET AND DEVICE Maps service delivery process PERFORMANCE to ticket status MANAGEMENT Tracks SLAs, changes, remediation steps, etc. “Single pane of glass” view of Monitoring entire datacenter Dashboard MONITORING AND IT infrastructure SURVEILLANCE Drill down to see virtualized Mail infrastructure health status Alerts Ticketing Logical grouping of devices System Custom and complete monitoring and management CLOSET TO CLOUD capabilities MANAGEMENT Supports a wide range of OS, NOC network devices, critical applications and middleware
    17. 17. Complete Visibility ViaDashboard Data, Reporting
    18. 18. Case NetEnrich is the fastest way to increase Fortune 100service potential. your managed Gaming Organization Study Large IT development team Challenges Minimal IT operations team Poor documentation Enterprise 60+ games No proactive monitoring of gaming infrastructure Environment Architecture / Technologies F5 • HAProxy • Nginx • PHP • Tomcat Lack of cloud usage / development / management skills hinderingand Challenges • Memcached • mySQL • Virtualization • etc. migration to the cloud Transition plan for 1500+ servers NetEnrich ROC for 24x7 remote Expert service architect infrastructure management Dedicated build and release team Shared Operations team for Institutionalized source code monitoring of cloud gaming NetEnrich infrastructure management Version control Single pane dashboard view of ROC Services performance and infrastructure around both cloud-based and data center-based games End-to-end management of critical infrastructure components Applications • Databases • Operating System • Physical Hardware • Load Balancers • Web Servers • Firewall
    19. 19. Case NetEnrich is the fastest way to increase Fortune 100service potential. your managed Gaming Organization Study Infrastructure monitoring Verify applications availability VPMG alerts, Gomez alerts, validate Loadable • Executable • Bug alerts identification MySQL enterprise dashboard Performance management 3rd Party watch (Colo- CPU • System load • RAM, SWAP • provider, Gomez, CDN, other Storage space issues • Syslog analysis Critical monitoring solutions, Meta-place) PO alert coordination Availability management Web tierActivities Open ticket for PO Open conference bridge call Application tier Database tier Update all related stake holders Infrastructure management Follow-up and coordinate with different groups Schedule maintenance with DC/Cloud Dashboard reporting Distribution channel Incident reports Gomez (game performance) Down time reports Third party provisioning vendor Daily reports coordination
    20. 20. Case NetEnrich is the fastest way to increase Fortune 100service potential. your managed Gaming Organization Study 1. Streamlined processes allow root- cause alert issues to be isolated in less than 30 minutesResults 2. Increased applications availability from 85% to greater than 99%to Date through proactive monitoring 3. Consolidated environment from over 1,500 servers to approximately 900, reduced costs with cloud solutions
    21. 21. NetEnrich’s Remote OperationsCenter (ROC) Is the Alternative Secure Access and IT Operations Complete Visibility Packaged “Closet”Compliance Controls Platform Service Solutions ENHANCE IT TALENT On Demand RSA Services SAVE SCALE Private and Hybrid Cloud Management TIME FASTER Easily Transforms Technical Enterprise Service Desk and SME NOCs
    22. 22. NetEnrich Is Different,Do More With UsComplete Remote IT OperationsOperate your IT Back Office from a single Remote Operations CenterEnterprise Remote NOC TeamsEnterprise scale and capability for midmarket companies and SMEsPowerful IT PlatformManage hundreds users, thousands of devices from a single platformCloset-to-Cloud Infrastructure ManagementManage core infrastructure, network, edge technologies and clouds7-Years of IT Operations Best PracticesOperating procedures, templates and know-how built-in with our services
    23. 23. Contact Us Phone 408.436.5900, x2 Email Website www.netenrich.comQuickly transform the way youmanage technology. Closet to Cloud.