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(Originally presented at a DNN Webinar, "Turn Visitors Into Fans with Online Communities" - http://www.dnnsoftware.com/About/Resources/Webinars/view/webinar/cid/423178)

With the right social solution, you can increase the number of visitors, improve time on site and create customer advocates. Using Evoq Social you can build a thriving community right on your website.

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  • {CLICK}There are several key challenges with building and maintaining social communities. It’s not easy to build a community on your web presence. It’s not just a matter of flipping a switch.First you need to think about the goals of your community and the purpose of having a social presence on your website. Is it to turn community members into advocates? Is it to allow your community members to help provide each other with assistance and support, or is it to better incorporate community members into your innovation process?There are also challenges associated with community management. You want your community members to engage on your site, so the conversation happens with you and not on Facebook or Twitter. You need to manage the effectiveness of the community so you can confirm the value it is bringing to you and be able to measure the return on investment. Finally you need the tools and technology to incorporate community onto your site, and you need to make sure that technology works together seamlessly and not as a bolt-on.
  • Social Communities are driving value on many levels… Ease of access to information: All necessary information & conversations happen right on your site & it can be accessed from anywhereDrive social innovation: Online social communities help you to optimize your social innovation process via crowd-sourced ideas by gaining real-time feedback from your users. This allows you to easily capture and curate feedback and run social focus groups right on your site. Improve member satisfaction: Social Communities help you to improve member satisfaction by enabling trusted peers to provide help, answers, & feedback to each other through social interaction. Build member reputation: Your site your members can build up their reputation and credibility and establish themselves as experts or authorities around specific subject matterIncrease Engagement: Uniquely engaging with community members through social interactions & gaming mechanics motivates your members to contribute more and gives them a reason to come back which ultimately increases engagement for your organization
  • In order to maximize your success you need communities on your own siteIt’s not enough to simply have a Facebook or Twitter presence. {CLICK}You need to build social communities into your site, so you can more effectively engage with users, manage the conversation – and control the information. When members are engaging in communities on other sites, you have less control over the user experience and – critically – lose your window into the key data and insights that are being generated by users.
  • Many organizations look to social tools vendors to build social community capabilities, but these solutions are usually distinct from their core CMS. Implementing multiple solutions leads to separate community sites that require costly, painful integration and leaves community members with a frustrating, disjointed experience.  Only DNN combines the broadest range of leading edge social functionality with an enterprise-class content management system. This means your community members get a single, seamless experience throughout your website content, rich media, and social communities. They only log in once, comments they make in one place can be reflected in another, and all branding elements and skins are consistent across your site. Importantly, one member database across your entire Web presence means richer data analytics to better understand your community members… We are not talking about two systems sitting next to each other in an integrated way --- we are talking about your web site, itself, becoming entirely social from the core. That is our unique value proposition.
  • DNN has completely rewritten and revised its Social features and functionality for Evoq Social. The features on this page are completely new or rewritten from the ground up for Evoq Social. They were rewritten to provide a more integrated, seamless experience for the user and to be easier to manage for the community manager.{CLICK}There are four entirely new features with DNN Social: Gamification, Community Analytics, Ideation, and Q&A
  • Gamification: I want to spend just a second talking about gamification because the term can be easily misunderstood.Gamification is not about playing video games on your website… it’s about producing loyal fans through compelling experiences on your site. It’s about rewarding members with reputation points, special privileges, and recognition based on activity and contribution. You will see the gaming mechanics in action here in a second on the demo, but when you hear the term “Gamification” think about it as ways to incentivize your community members to participateUtilizing community analytics to identify and influence behaviorProviding recognition and incentives to encourage social content creation and community buildingLow touch reward system for brand advocates, evangelists, and community champions
  • Community Analytics: Evoq Social helps optimize your community’s health via powerful data analytics and reporting. Dashboard view lets you easily track the community and optimize engagement.And just a few points about the analytics before we jump into the demo…User metrics tracked for all social activitiesMetrics can be aggregated based on user, group, date, and activity to identify trends and insights and influence desirable behaviorMeasurable and quantifiable
  • Evoq Social is a flexible solution that can be used in other scenarios such as:Customer CommunityBrand CommunityInternal Social CollaborationAnd many more…
  • Turn Visitors Into Fans with Evoq Social

    1. 1. Turn Visitors into Fans with Evoq™ Social Clint Patterson, Sales Engineer DNN Corp.
    2. 2. Agenda • • • • • • Challenges with Social Communities Ways Social Communities Drive Value What is Evoq Social? Product Demo Ways to use Evoq Social Questions
    3. 3. Key Challenges with Social Communities We need to turn visitors into We need to better incorporate community members into our innovation process. advocates. We want community members to support each other & learn together We need to manage and measure the effectiveness of our community. My community members are conversing We need to incorporate communities into our site seamlessly, not as a bolt-on. on Facebook and not on my site. We need to engage with members during their initial site visits
    4. 4. Driving Value on Many Levels  Ease of access to information  Drive social innovation  Improve member satisfaction  Build member reputation  Increase engagement
    5. 5. Communities on Your Own Site  It’s not enough to have a presence on Facebook or Twitter  Building your own communities allows you to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Engage members in the manner they prefer Build traffic on your own site Manage the conversation Control the information Own the data
    6. 6. What is Evoq Social? Evoq Social is an online community collaboration tool that enables organizations to effectively control the conversation by allowing it to take place on the organization’s website, instead of driving members to a third-party social site.
    7. 7. What is Evoq Social? Evoq Social is… • a commercial solution from DNN Corp built from the ground up for seamless integration with the DNN Framework. • built on top of DNN Platform • a fairly simple upgrade from DNN Platform or DNN Content. • a fully supported product offering from DNN Corp.
    8. 8. Evoq Social: Content + Social Only Evoq Social combines robust leading edge social functionality with an enterprise-class CMS.
    9. 9. Features in Evoq Social                Gamification Community Analytics Ideation Q&A Activity Stream Blog Leaderboard Discussions Social Groups/Relationships Message/Notifications Center Content Flagging My Status Related Content Dashboard Wiki               Events Digest Notifications Social Sharing Alerts Badges Social API Social Library Unified Comments Journal API Basic Search Profile Progress Default Skin Admin Modules URL Shortening
    10. 10. Gamification  Uses community analytics to identify and influence behavior  Provides recognition and incentives to encourage social content creation and community behavior  Rewards users with points, badges, privileges, and acknowledgement based on contribution
    11. 11. Community Analytics  User activity metrics tracked to optimize community health  Metrics can be used to identify trends and insights and influence desirable behavior  Can be correlated to revenue generation and ROI  Intuitive UI makes it easy for marketing, sales, support, and innovation teams to monitor communities
    12. 12. Ways To Use Evoq Social • Customer Community Customers = Advocates » Lower support cost » Increased Revenue » • Brand Community Social Engagement » Brand Awareness » Social Media Reach » • Internal Social Collaboration Productivity » Efficiency » Cost Savings »
    13. 13. Learn More! • Visit Our Website http://bit.ly/getdnnsocial • Request a Demo http://bit.ly/socialdemo • Call Us! (650) 288-3150