Minimal Viable Product


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Minimal Viable Product and short introduction to The Lean Startup®

Minimal Viable Product

  1. 1. #Atamekenstartup MVPMinimal Viable Product
  2. 2. … and The Lean Startup
  3. 3. Definition of Startup„Human institution designed to create new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertainty“ – Eric Ries
  4. 4. The Lean Startup Approach PivotLaunch Goal Goal Stealth mode Pivot Launch Start Start Common Startup Lean Startup
  5. 5. … it‘s Science validated Assumption refuted „I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.“ – Thomas Edison
  6. 6. Experiment: Build/Measure/Learn Cycle Ideas Learn Build Data Product MVP Measure
  7. 7. The Cupcake Model Cake Filling Icing
  8. 8. The Cupcake Model MVP Cupcake Cake Wedding Cake
  9. 9. So what is MVP Minimal Viable Product → Smallest solution that enables you to test your assumptions. → Smallest solution that delivers customer value!
  10. 10. Different types of MVP‘sSmoke Tests → Show your product as it would exist already, fake it, then make it – use services such as,, etc.Release 1.0 → start coding, minimal feature set, launch early, realease often, do things manually, automate laterConcierge MVP → get out of the building and try to solve your first customers problem todayMVP is not: Customer Interviews Prototypes or „launch soon“-pages … there is no value for the customer.
  11. 11. ‘s … that made it big Simple homepage of todays market leader in e-commerce
  12. 12. ‘s … that made it big Started with a game. Photo-Upload was only a feature of that game (zoom in pivot)
  13. 13. ‘s … that made it big Started with a small customer segment: Harvard students (start small, think big)
  14. 14. ‘s … that made it big Sent 500 Mails a day manually, then automated. (fake it than make it)
  15. 15. The Myth of Overnight Success Dragon & Jade Formula GP Racing Gem Drop Marine Sniper Mole War Paid to Kill Paper Planes Patron Angel Playman Winter Games Shopping Madness Space Impact: Meteor Shield Star Marine Sumea Ski Jump Swat Elite Troops Rovio‘s 52nd game, they spend 8US Marine Corps Scout Sniper years & went almost bankrupt Totomi War Diary Burma War Diary Torpedo Wolfmoon X-Factor …
  16. 16. The Myth of Overnight Success Was some side project, while the founders where working on Odeo, podcast sharing plattform.
  17. 17. Action Steps #1: Write down your assumptions by filling out the lean canvas – it‘s your minimal viable bussiness plan. #2: Find out what‘s most riskiest in your plan. #3: Run an experiment with your MVP that enables you to test these risks, then measure and learn … Go!
  18. 18. Sources …Cupcake Model –Brandon Schauer Canvas –Ash Mauryahttp://leancanvas.comIcons –The Noun Project