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Minimal Viable Product



Minimal Viable Product and short introduction to The Lean Startup®

Minimal Viable Product and short introduction to The Lean Startup®



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Minimal Viable Product Minimal Viable Product Presentation Transcript

  • #Atamekenstartup MVPMinimal Viable Product
  • … and The Lean Startup
  • Definition of Startup„Human institution designed to create new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertainty“ – Eric Ries
  • The Lean Startup Approach PivotLaunch Goal Goal Stealth mode Pivot Launch Start Start Common Startup Lean Startup
  • … it‘s Science validated Assumption refuted „I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.“ – Thomas Edison
  • Experiment: Build/Measure/Learn Cycle Ideas Learn Build Data Product MVP Measure
  • The Cupcake Model Cake Filling Icing
  • The Cupcake Model MVP Cupcake Cake Wedding Cake
  • So what is MVP Minimal Viable Product → Smallest solution that enables you to test your assumptions. → Smallest solution that delivers customer value!
  • Different types of MVP‘sSmoke Tests → Show your product as it would exist already, fake it, then make it – use services such as,, etc.Release 1.0 → start coding, minimal feature set, launch early, realease often, do things manually, automate laterConcierge MVP → get out of the building and try to solve your first customers problem todayMVP is not: Customer Interviews Prototypes or „launch soon“-pages … there is no value for the customer.
  • ‘s … that made it big Simple homepage of todays market leader in e-commerce
  • ‘s … that made it big Started with a game. Photo-Upload was only a feature of that game (zoom in pivot)
  • ‘s … that made it big Started with a small customer segment: Harvard students (start small, think big)
  • ‘s … that made it big Sent 500 Mails a day manually, then automated. (fake it than make it)
  • The Myth of Overnight Success Dragon & Jade Formula GP Racing Gem Drop Marine Sniper Mole War Paid to Kill Paper Planes Patron Angel Playman Winter Games Shopping Madness Space Impact: Meteor Shield Star Marine Sumea Ski Jump Swat Elite Troops Rovio‘s 52nd game, they spend 8US Marine Corps Scout Sniper years & went almost bankrupt Totomi War Diary Burma War Diary Torpedo Wolfmoon X-Factor …
  • The Myth of Overnight Success Was some side project, while the founders where working on Odeo, podcast sharing plattform.
  • Action Steps #1: Write down your assumptions by filling out the lean canvas – it‘s your minimal viable bussiness plan. #2: Find out what‘s most riskiest in your plan. #3: Run an experiment with your MVP that enables you to test these risks, then measure and learn … Go!
  • Sources …Cupcake Model –Brandon Schauer Canvas –Ash Mauryahttp://leancanvas.comIcons –The Noun Project