Why being market driven!!!!


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Knowledge & experience makes me positively sure that Being market Driven, Customer Driven is not enough for companies to survive in the market now.
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Why being market driven!!!!

  1. 1. Why Being Market Driven/ Market Oriented is not enough r.r.a.ortiz
  2. 2. What does it mean to be market driven / Market oriented?
  3. 3. Market Driven / Market oriented Find the customers need and want then offer the product he need, at the price acceptable to him, make it available to him at the right place, and communicate this to him at the right promotion method and level
  4. 4. Market Driven/oriented Place Price Promotion Product But other company’s can do this also for the same Customer and might be more effective than us
  5. 5. Some Competitor who is more capable, possible well funded Than us also implement market driven programs So what makes us different? So where is the competitive advantage?
  6. 6. Market Situation Now • Today , almost all consumer market are mature, Whatever real growth there is comes from population increases , which never exceed 1 to 2 percent. To survive one must wrench market share from established brands • Today, product categories are so saturated that market exhibit what economist call “ Monopolistic competition” This “Oxymoron” describes a market in which no one brand dominates , where product differentiation is not much in performance as in brand perception, where price competition is intense
  7. 7. What is happening now • The Better Mousetrap syndrome : Many company still believe that consumer will favor products that offer the most quality, performance and features. • The idea that a product can sell itself runs deep. E.g. digital equipment corporation lost 636 $ • The higher the quality the greater the chances of marketing success e.g. Kaizen • The belief that the height of marketing sophistication is to identify and respond to existing needs and wants
  8. 8. What is happening now • Don’t assume that consumers Market (individual people, business executives, government officials – everybody who spends money for product and services ) can identify their needs and wants
  9. 9. Is it possible to have a Need and no Market?
  10. 10. years ago • • • • Communication is through telephone Transportation is through bus , car etc Entertainment is through radio Marketing management course Darryl F. Zanuck head of 20th Century Fox Studios Said in 1946 “ Video wont be able to hold onto any Market it captures for six months. People will soon Get tired of staring at a plywood box everynight
  11. 11. years ago • Paper towels : before there where paper towels • Disposable diapers : when cloth diapers is at their peak • Plain paper copier : when office gets by with carbon paper The Customer / Market often does not know What it needs?
  12. 12. What is common among the following • • • • Fred Smith Ray Krox Steve Jobs Bill Gates • • • • Federal Express McDonalds Apple I pad Microsoft They have identified needs people did not know they had. Practically starting a new industry , business If they let the market drive them , or remained Market driven and market oriented
  13. 13. Thus the new trend in marketing Its not enough to be market driven / market oriented Drive the Market! Orient the Market!!!!
  14. 14. Strategic Marketing Oriented Customer Competitive Advantage 4P’s Experience Market Share Barrier to entry Brand name Differentiation Product Quality Customer Satisfaction Market Conditions Market growth Product evolution Segmentations PEST Competitor