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Depression Counselling, Peer Support & Working Well service to assist people with the management of their depression, stress and anxiety enabling them to improve their mental health and overall day to …

Depression Counselling, Peer Support & Working Well service to assist people with the management of their depression, stress and anxiety enabling them to improve their mental health and overall day to day functioning.

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  • 1. Terms and Conditions for the Counselling Service The purpose of the Terms and Conditions for the Counselling Service is to create a safe and supportive counselling space which enables you who has mild to moderate depression to work through your issues in order to improve your daily functioning. Prior to engaging in the Counselling Service, you are required to read, understand and accept the following Terms and Conditions. Referral and Application Process All details submitted in the referral form and the application form must be true and correct to the best of your knowledge, in that they reflect your personal details, emergency contact information and current mental health status. It is your responsibility to notify the Counselling Staff of any changes to your personal details. Each client is only allowed one account with the Counselling Service and this account must reflect your current contact details and emergency contact information. This is imperative as it allows depressioNet to maintain its duty of care by providing a safe, supportive and healthy counselling environment. If you decide to exit the Counselling Service and re-enter at a later date, you are required to complete the application form again to ensure that the most up to date information is on record. Assessment and Treatment Process You will need to undergo an assessment process if you decide to engage in the Counselling Service. During the assessment process, you are required to provide true and accurate information to the best of your knowledge about your mental health status, area of difficulties, current coping abilities and support networks as well as your desired or future aim of your daily functioning. You may be required to participate in a number of questionnaires. During the assessment phase, your treatment goals will be clearly identified and you will be asked to agree to, accept and sign a counselling contract developed between you and the Counsellor. In the counselling contract, you and the Counsellor will need to adhere to the guidelines and parameters of the counselling process and the Codes of Conduct. Before counselling commences, it is important that you have identified the problematic areas relating to depression that you wish to work on in treatment. The focus of treatment is on assisting you to manage your depression and its impact on your daily living. Therefore, counselling is goal focused, directional and based on addressing issues of depression. Counselling is not about just chatting about one’s day to day activities.
  • 2. During the treatment phase, you are required to abide by the counselling contract and work collaboratively with the Counsellor in addressing your presenting issues and depressive symptoms with the aim to move towards an overall improvement in your level of day to day functioning. Any deviations from the counselling contract may result in you being exited from the counselling process and your access to depressioNet being immediately suspended if deemed warranted by the Counsellor. Furthermore, 24 hours notice of appointment cancellation is required to be given. If notice is not provided, the re-scheduling of the appointment will not occur unless under exceptional circumstances. Short term counselling (up to 6 sessions) is offered within the treatment phase of the process. Primarily Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioural Approach are adopted by the Counsellors when working with you. Client dependency and over-reliance will be discouraged. If dependency issues are evident, a referral will be instigated to external services who are better equipped to cater for such issues. Closure Process In the closure stage, the Counsellor will ensure that the counselling process will come to an end; any referrals that are required will be made so you can continue your journey towards improving your mental health and wellbeing. At the end of treatment, you are required to complete an evaluation form detailing your progress in treatment and your experience in counselling. depressioNet is keen to capture your feedback so we can continue to make improvements and provide a high quality service. Prior to re-entering the Counselling Service, we hope that you have been able to integrate the changes that came as a result of previous counselling sessions. Appropriate Use of the Counselling Service It is expected that you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you are engaged in counselling. Evidence of intoxication will result in the counselling session being terminated. The re-scheduling of the terminated session will be at the discretion of the Counsellor. depressioNet does not tolerate discrimination based on racial, sexual, ethnic, political, religious, age or socio-economic of any kind. Evidence of discriminatory behaviour or attitude will result in the withdrawal of your access to the Counselling Service. You are required to attend all scheduled appointments and 24 hours notice is required for the cancellation of an appointment. The re-scheduling of cancelled appointments will be at the discretion of the Counsellor.
  • 3. Short Message Service (SMS) depressioNet is going to provide a free short message service (SMS) to you in respect to your involvement at depressioNet. This service will be used to provide you with appointment reminders, messages of well-being and positive thoughts. As the service changes and develops the policy will be updated accordingly. The service is a one way communication where you will not be able to respond to the SMS that you receive. Security depressioNet utilises state of the art online security software and does it’s utmost to protect all information transferred and/or exchanged over the internet. Please be assured that all information is securely kept in a clinical database in depressioNet’s secured server. Confidentiality The Counselling Staff at depressioNet conduct the counselling sessions within the context of a private office. The Counselling Staff will securely store your personal information, case notes and transcripts of each session in the clinical database in accordance with depressioNet’s privacy and confidentiality policies. Limits to Confidentiality The Counselling Staff at depressioNet are required by the State and their Professional Code of Ethics to protect the confidentiality and privacy of clients. In the main, the Counselling Staff will not release any information about you without your informed consent. A ‘Release of Information’ form is required to be signed by you before information is released to a third party. However, there are limits to confidentiality. Where there is reasonable evidence to suggest that: • You are currently psychologically and/or physically unsafe; • You may do harm to oneself or another person; • You may damage the property of another person; • You disclose details of a crime that you have committed which you have not been charged for or convicted of, particularly when the protection of children and vulnerable adults is a concern; • You are involved in an activity conducted by a certain terrorist group and may do harm to others; and
  • 4. • Court-order subpoenas. In any of the above circumstances, the Counselling Staff will notify you if there is a need to breach confidentiality and will take the necessary action, namely contacting the appropriate authorities or relevant parties in order to ensure that yours and others safety is maintained. Privacy Your information is collected in accordance with depressioNet’s Privacy Policy which entails the following: • depressioNet will not use or disclose any information about you without your consent unless we are required to do so by law; • depressioNet will never use your personal information to send you unsolicited information or ‘spam’; and • depressioNet will never give any of your personal information, your email address or your browser details to any advertisers. depressioNet may use your information for professional purposes (clinical supervision and training); removing all identifying material in order to protect your privacy and anonymity. If you would like a copy of depressioNet’s Privacy and Confidentiality policy, please email your request to Profile Use A profile is the use of characteristics related to your access within the Service, including usernames, avatars and posting signatures. Usernames must not contain words that are viewed as explicit, discriminatory or offensive. Liability depressioNet holds no responsibility if the connection with the website becomes unavailable. In addition, depressioNet is not liable if your computer system, software and data technical difficulties occur in connection to the website. Furthermore, depressioNet holds no responsibility or is not liable in regard to any computer viruses or computer corruption. Crisis depressioNet’s Counselling Service is not a crisis service, and is not equipped to provide emergency support for people who are experiencing current (within the last four weeks) suicide and engagement in self-harm. The Counselling service is not for clients who are actively suicidal or who are engaging in self harm behaviour.
  • 5. Additional Information The Terms and Conditions displayed on this page address the salient operational requirements of the Counselling Service. However, there may be times when a Counselling Service Staff makes a specific request of you that is not detailed in the above Terms and Conditions; in these circumstances depressioNet reserve the right to do so. Infraction Policy It is imperative that the above mentioned Terms and Conditions are adhered to in order to ensure that a healthy, safe and supportive counselling environment exists. In circumstances where you did not adhered to the Terms and Conditions, the breach and subsequent required action will be brought to the attention and discussed with the Senior Psychologist at depressioNet. Where there is clear evidence of a breach, your access to the Counselling Service will be removed. Furthermore, your access to depressioNet may be immediately suspended if deemed warranted by the Counsellor. By clicking the button below, you have an understanding, agree and adhere to depressioNet’s Terms and Conditions. I thoroughly Understand, Accept and Agree to the above stated Terms and Conditions.