Nintendo - What You May Have Never Known


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~ Learn how to meet, connect, and play with others through the best multi-player games on the NDS!

~ Learn more about the Nintendo 3DS, and a few important things to remember before finally retiring your older DS!

~ Compare: Nintendo DS verses the Playstation Portable!

~ See the top Nintendo DS touch screen titles!

~ See the top favorite mystery games for the NDS!

~ See the top favorite Nintendo originals for the touch screen handheld!

~ Learn these useful ideas for traveling when taking your DS along with you!

~ Learn to bring out the Game Boy Advance on your Nintendo DS - Here are some of those classic titles that you might want to get back into!

~ And much more!

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Nintendo - What You May Have Never Known

  1. 1. Nintendo DS - What You May Not KnowSee the top 3 gaming headsets reviewed on this page... Customer reviews revealabout everything you need to know! Get the best gaming headset at the best price!http://www.bestgamingheadsetps3.orgClash of the Handhelds: NDS vs the PSPNintendo has been the king of the hill when it comes to handheld gaming. Starting withthe launch of the original Game and Watch devices, the company started small, focusingonly delivering simple gaming enjoyment to players worldwide.With the launch of the Gameboy, the Japanese game company opened up a whole newindustry with the very first handheld gaming console. The rest has been history, with thelaunch of several other devices, Nintendo has knocked out competitors such as Sega’sGameGear, the Wonderswan, and the Nokia N-Gage (among others).With the launch of the DS, it seemed that nothing could ever come close to Nintendo’sthrone. Until Sony launched the PSP; featuring a wide screen display, graphics thatsurpassed the original Playstation One and support from a wide range of gamedevelopers, many knew that the two systems would clash against each other for marketshare. And they did.The PSP won over many gamers for its very hardcore choices of game titles, itsmultimedia playback features and its WiFi capabilities. The DS on the other hand took ona much larger market, targeting both hardcore gamers and casual players at the same time–taking in crowds that the PSP could not cater with its lack of casual titles. In terms ofmarket performance, the NDS dominated the handheld gaming industry –leading thesales against the PSP with a difference of millions.Of course, the DS lacked many of the side features that the PSP offered. But this helpedgive the DS an edge: a lesser price tag. Even with the more sophisticated DSi, it was stilla lot less tech-heavy than Sony handheld. And with the introduction of smart phones withWiFi browsing and media playback, less people saw the need for having a moreexpensive gaming device that is over-laden with features that their phones can do. 1 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  2. 2. Naturally, many gamers own both devices –as the number of exclusive titles for eachdevice is quite extensive, there are plenty of reasons to own both. The PSP concentratedheavily on time-consuming hardcore titles as well as some very addictive multiplayergames. The DS on the other hand, was perfect for quick gaming sessions with its lightergame content and less competitive titles. It also helped that the DS had access to a widerange of Nintendo exclusive IPs such as Mario, Animal Crossing, Pokemon and more.In terms of hardware, the PSP is obviously much stronger of the two. While the DS didhave two screens, it had very low 3D graphics capabilities and could only render screensat a limited resolution. The PSP on the other hand, could easily handle PS games withoutso much as a single slowdown and has an even faster loading speed than the originalconsole. Because of this, many of the games on the DS tended to be sprite based whilethe PSP enjoyed a bigger abundance of 3D polygon titles.So who won the war? The DS obviously made a lot more money for Nintendo than whatthe PSP did for Sony. But the PSP is also the first handheld –while Nintendo has hadplenty of experience in the industry and is obviously far more established. With therecent launch of the 3DS and the upcoming NGP, the two game companies are going togo at it again. Either company could very well take the lead, but one thing is for sure, wegamers will have plenty to look forward to.Meet, Connect, Play: The Best Multiplayer Games on the NDSNintendo’s DS gives you the freedom to enjoy your games on the move. You can be onthe road, sitting in a lobby, taking a ride in the subway and you can still enjoy yourfavorite game titles. And with this freedom of movement, you have all the chances tomeet up with all your favorite gaming buddies. So what’s a group of gamers to do?Here’s a quick roundup of the best multiplayer experiences you can have with the DS.Lego Star WarsThis here is actually two different games, there is the Complete Saga of the Lego StarWars which covers the events of the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy movies. Andthere is also the Clone Wars which covers the events told in the animated shorts and theCG movie and series.All in all, you can expect more than 40 hours of cooperative campaign gameplay as wellas plenty of replay value with the free play option –which is a requirement for anyoneplanning to complete all the in-game collectibles. 2 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  3. 3. This game supports up to two players so for those of you meeting with larger groups willcertainly want to buddy up when playing this game. In terms of difficulty, this gamepresents little more than the usual platforming challenge, but mostly,Lego Star Wars is highly recommended for its fun gameplay and even funnier delivery ofa story that we all know and love.Contra 4Contra is one of the oldest game series that we have ever played and come to love. Thegame places you in control of one of the two gung-ho super action-star heroes as theyface hordes of bad guys, dodge screen-fulls of enemy bullets and take on the mostgigantic sprite based bosses a side scrolling game has ever seen. With Contra 4, much ofthat classic gameplay is kept intact for you and your bestest bud to enjoy.The premise is simple, if it moves, shoot it. Grab power ups along the way, dodge anyenemy and be sure to jump over any obstacle. Between the frantic action, a little changeof pace is delivered through changes in game perspective (there are side scrolling and topdown stages). In terms of storyline, it is as simple as it gets: giant evil alien horde iscoming, and you have to stop them by blowing up everything that stands in your way.Simple, fun and easy to play, the best type of gaming experience that you and yourfriends could ever want.Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeFor those looking for a game with a deeper gameplay, a bit of focus on inventorymanagement and a much deeper storyline, no need to go further. FFCC: Echoes of Timehas it all for you. Do not let the childlike appearances of the lead characters fool you, thisis a full on J-RPG by the great minds behind Square Enix. An epic storyline, a solidcombat system (think Vandal Hearts meets Zelda), amazing visuals for an NDS and thisgame will leave you with almost nothing else to wish for. Also, the game lets you connectto a Wii playing Crystal Chronicles as well.Bringing Out the GBA on Your Nintendo DSThe Gameboy Advance was one of Nintendo’s best handheld game systems. As aprecursor to the DS, the GBA brought forward a new era of handheld, color-screengaming. Before the advent of mobile phones with VGA screens, the GBA was the firstsystem that delivered SNES quality gaming to millions of players on the road. 3 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  4. 4. Now, more than a decade into the future, some of the GBA’s best titles are still amongthe most well played classics of today. If you have been wondering what that largecartridge slot on the bottom of your DS is, it is actually a GBA cart slot. Yes, not onlycan the DS play its many special touch screen based games, it can also be used as a GBA.Here are some of those classic titles that you might want to get back into.Super Robot Wars OG 1 & 2Banpresto’s Super Robot Wars series is one of the largest gaming franchises in Japan,and the OG set is the only one that has ever been translated into English. Thanks to thefine folks at Atlus USA, the Original Generations of SRW are getting a full Englishlanguage treatment, from the text heavy dialogues to the complex menus. This game is astrategy based combat simulation that features hundreds of giant robots, an epic storylineand some of the heartwarming characters to ever pilot a 5 ton hunk of steel. If you are abig fan of the Japanese imports of the other SRW games, supporting this title just mightencourage Atlus to localize the others as well.Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceThe second strategy combat game in our list, FFT Advance brings to you another take onthe world of Ivalice. Unlike the first FFT game on the Playstation 1, Advance brings youto an alternate version of the medieval fantasy world. Here, players join a guild that goesout to accomplish various missions to money and reputation. Each combat stage is ruledby judges, who special laws could be a bane or a boon depending on the situation. Lawsare basically random, so players are encouraged to save before each combat –if the lawsyou get are extremely unfavorable, it is recommended to reset the game and pray thatbetter ones pop out.Summon Night – A Swordcraft StoryJapanese RPGs are plenty on the GBA, but Summon Night gets a special mention thanksto its unique battle system. The real time side scrolling combat elements coupled withweapon crafting makes for a very dynamic gameplay experience. Also, players areencouraged to use various types of weapons throughout the game –which makes thebattles less repetitive since each weapon has its own set of moves. Player take control ofa young man learning to a master blacksmith, and in this world, these craftsmen are morethan just artisans, they are also masters of the very weapons they build.A giant tournament is being held to determine the top crafting students and between eachmajor match, players are able to explore a deep subterranean dungeon in order to findnew materials for crafting. As the story progresses, more areas of the map and thedungeon can be explored. 4 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  5. 5. There is plenty of inventory management here, especially when handling the weaponcrafting. But once you are able to make that high leveled elemental drill and use it tobring that boss down, it will be all worth the effort.Classic Nintendo on the DSNintendo is truly a remarkable system manufacturer. The DS, Wii and the 3DS currentlyhold one of the largest shares in the video game industry market. But beyond theirconsole devices, Nintendo is also the company that brought to us some of the most iconicand well loved characters in the industry. And thanks to the DS, you can take theseamazing characters on the road with you. Here are some of our favorite Nintendooriginals for the touch screen handheld.Mario Kart DSWhen Mario Kart first came out on the Super Famicom (Super NES in North America),Nintendo showed us all that they had what it takes to deliver a top notch racing gameengine and still deliver the fun and wackiness of the Super Mario IP. The DS versionholds true to the reputation of the original kart racer. Mario Kart DS brings to you theentire cast, Mario, Wario, Bowser, Daisy, and a few new additions such as special karts,more power-ups and all new race tracks inspired by the many stages of the differentMario games released over the years.The biggest advantage of MKDS is that it supports multiplayer through the use of theDS’ direct link or through the internet with the Nintendo WiFi Connection. There is nodoubt that the inclusion of online multiplayer has pushed the replay value of this racer ahundred fold.Star Fox CommandCombining strategy with simulated vehicle combat, Star Fox Command changes allprevious notions about Nintendo’s dog-fight sim. Fox McCloud and company now haveto decide on how they are deployed on the field and what actions they must take toefficiently achieve missions goals with a set amount of time. The implementation of thestrategy element may have turned off players hoping for a more straightforward, pick-upand play experience, but many appreciate the much deeper gameplay feel that the pre-battle preparations now deliver. 5 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  6. 6. Animal CrossingAnimal Crossing first came out for the Nintendo Gamecube. This life simulation gameplaced you in control of a citizen in a fictional town with various animal neighbors. Thegame’s “real”-time system encouraged players to play the game on the daily basis, aswell as playing at different hours of the day in order to catch time-specific events. Playersalso managed their own home which could be decorated with a vast number of appliancesand furniture.In order to earn money, players much fish, dig and take part in various activities. Playersmay also send items or money to other players as well –which important for those whowish to complete matching furniture sets. On the DS much of the gameplay remains thesame –but with the added convenience of portability. Back then, players would have tomiss out on in-game events due to obligations to work or family. Now it is easier to seeevents that you would have normally missed for school or work since you can bring theDS with you wherever you go. Just be sure to play the game on your break times ofcourse!Nintendo DS: Gaming Device or Office Desk Novelty?The obvious answer is, of course, gaming device. But putting aside that logic and justlooking at the interesting other features that the DS (and the DSi) actually deliver, onemight actually think that they are tinkering around with some random gadget that is rightat home at your office desk. So, have tried checking out what you can do with the DSaside from playing games?First off is the clock mode. Okay, for those wondering: it is a dedicated function or modeof the NDS and is readily available from the touch screen menu after you turn on thedevice (it is on the screen right after the initial warning advisory page). In this mode, theonly thing that the device does is show you the time. Not really all that useful since youwill be wasting batteries and there are plenty of other time-telling device that use energyin a much more eco-friendly manner. But yes, you can if you want to, and there is evenan alarm function for users who simply feel like leaving the device plugged into thecharger the whole night.Pictochat is a much more useful function –though its practicality still borders on sheernovelty and entertainment. This is basically a scribbling program that you can use tointeract with other DS devices. 6 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  7. 7. The picture chat content makes full use of the touch screen for users to share theircreations with each other. Sadly, there is no way to save the images you create so enjoythem while they are still there on your screen. Both Pictochat and the clock mode willrequire you to switch the DS off and back on in order to access another function (or thegame cartridge).In late 2008, Nintendo launched the DSi, an upgraded version of the dual screenhandheld. This new model sported several new side features that provided users withfurther functionality.Among the most noticeable is the addition of two VGA cameras, one inside and anotheron the outside. This allowed users to take photos of the people and things around them orif they wanted to, their own selves. The images could then be stored on the new SD cardslot or uploaded to a Wii console. Speaking of the SD card slot, the DSi also allowed forthe playback of several media file formats, such as MP4 and 3GP recordings (but it stilllacks MP3 playback capabilities)And making full use of the DSi’s internal WiFi capabilities, support for access of theofficial Nintendo WiFi service has been added to the device. This allows players to linkup online for multiplayer games or for downloading DSiWare software. These can eitherbe small games or useful applications for the device.Overall, we are pretty happy with how the DS functions even without the game. While alittle bit more of functionality in terms of file format compatibility or the option to storegame saves on the SD card would have been nice, there’s already a lot being offered bythe DS system on its own. All you need to do is tinker around and see for yourself.On the Road with the Nintendo DSWhether you are planning to take a quick drive across town or planning a full weekendgetaway, it is always a great idea to consider bringing your Nintendo DS along. Thesystem offers great games, portability and a decent battery life that makes it well suitedfor gaming outside the house. But sometimes, just bringing along the device is notenough. Here are a few useful ideas you might want to consider when taking your DSalong with you.Invest in a strap. A strap can easily hook into the side of the Nintendo DS (there’s a smallprovision for it) and will allow you to keep your DS on hand –literally. Why is thisuseful? Because you never know what might happen. 7 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  8. 8. You might be walking along the road or sitting near a ramp and when you least expect it,you get nudged and the device slips out of your hand. The strap will prevent your DSfrom heading straight into the floor.Get a extra styluses. The stylus in the back of your Nintendo DS is going to see plenty ofuse, after all, most games will require you to use the touch screen. However, being suchas small device, the stylus can be easily misplaced, dropped and altogether, lost. You canchoose to leave the original stylus behind at home and opt to invest in a cheap third partytemporary replacement when you leave the house. In fact, bring two or three extras. So inthe ever unfortunate event that you do end up losing the stylus, you can easily grab a uickreplacement from your bag.Speaking of your bag, it would be a great idea to invest in a good carry case. There areplenty of third party carry cases for the DS as well as a few official Nintendo ones. Mostof these have holders for the system, several game cartridges and pockets for your stylus.Bigger ones will also have space for your charger as well. These are great to have as theywill keep your DS and your games safe and well organized (no more need to fish aroundyour bag for that Nintendogs cartridge that you brought along).A screen protector will be a big help in keeping your DS screens scratch free. There areplenty of official ones that you can stick on straight to the two screens (be sure to cleanthe screens first before application) or you can choose to buy larger screen protectors(those for larger devices) and simply cut out a pair to match your DS screen.Battery power is always a big worry when travelling for long periods so it is always anice idea to bring along the DS charger. Those with a bit of money or those who spend alot of time on the road will want to buy a second charger (solely for travelling) and anadapter for the car. This will ensure that you will always have access to your games atany time. Just be sure to double check the voltage label on your device before plugging itinto any outlet.With these simple accessories, you can easily enjoy a long trip with your Nintendo DS.And while there is always a great adventure to be had while gaming, do not forget toenjoy the actual trip itself. 8 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  9. 9. Solving Mysteries on the NDS, One Touch at a TimeThe Nintendo DS plays host to a treasure trove of great games, and plenty of which fallunder the mystery adventure genre. If you are a looking for a good point and clickadventure that will keep you on your toes, here are our favorite mystery games for theNDS.Hotel DuskWith amazing visuals, a deep, intricate storyline and a unique way of playing on the DS,Hotel Dusk certainly has it all made. Players will have to flip their DS sideways (withoptions for left-handed users) and play with the screens in a vertical orientation. Thisprovides the illusion of having a single screen –a visual effect that heavily influences thegameplay.In Hotel Dusk, players are in control of Kyle Hyde, a former NYPD officer in search ofhis old partner, Brian Bradley. His quest leads him to the mysterious Hotel Dusk, andthere players will have to explore the various rooms, lobbies and passageways to seek outclues about what happened to Brian. The hotel is also occupied by various tenants andstaff, talking with these people will reveal further information about the mystery ofBrian’s whereabouts and the twisted past of Hotel Dusk itself. The story is very deep,involving a rich back story about art fraud, mysterious criminal organizations and falseidentities. Armchair detectives will certainly have a field day with this game.Time HollowTime travel is one of the most difficult science fiction elements to make use of, andKonami’s Junko Kawano certainly made this one a solid work of art. The game placesplayers in control of Ethan Kairos and together with the “hollow pen” players are able tocreate portals in time in order to observe or directly interfere with events of the past. Withboth of his parents suddenly disappearing, Ethan finds his world changed as if his parentshad died a full five years ago.With his own friends mysteriously dying one after another, Ethan must seek out cluesabout the past and chase after another mysterious individual who also uses a hollow pen.The story is well written and it paces along at a pretty good rate. Much of the narrationprovides plenty of concise bits of information that players need to understand the gameworld and the overall story. Depending on the player’s actions, one of several possibleendings may be unlocked –and only by solving all the mysteries can a true alternateending be found. 9 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  10. 10. Trace MemoryWhen Ashley Robbins celebrated her 14th birthday, she certainly did not expect toreceive a gift from her father –who was supposed to have died when she was just threeyears old. The gift, a device called the DTS is uniquely designed to work only for Ashley.Along with this strange contraption is an invitation from her father who tells her to go to“Blood Edward Island”. Thus starts the plot for Trace Memory, a deeply moving mysterysolving game that places players in the heart of a mysterious island, accompanied only bya ghost with no memories and faced with puzzles every step of the way.The stylus controls both movement and puzzle solving so expect to be using the touchscreen a lot. AS with all mystery games, Trace Memory’s intricate storyline will onlyreveal its greatest secrets to the most inquisitive of players.Touch Gaming: Our Top Nintendo DS Touch Screen TitlesThe Nintendo DS’ biggest feature is the use of a touch screen along with a regular screen.This dual screen gaming handheld has opened up quite a lot of doors in terms of gamedevelopment and its vast array of titles features some of the most innovative uses of thetouch screen user input. Here are our top three favorite touch screen heavy games.Knights in the NightmareCombine a deep storyline with amazing fairytale book artwork and an innovativegameplay approach to tactical RPGs and you have got Knights in the Nightmare. ThisAtlus made “strategy-shooter” is the first of its kind. Making use of the touch screen,players must navigate their cursor across a bullet-hell of magic bolts and energy waveattacks as they zip through the full menu and unleash their own powerful magics andattacks.Tactics, fast reflexes and quick wit will help players win through the toughest of battles.The story is pretty intensive –players take control of the soul of King Wilmgard, andtogether with Maria, mysterious Valkyrie, the two try to unravel the mysteriessurrounding them. 10 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  11. 11. Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyThe first of the Phoenix Wright series of games, Ace Attorney places players in control ofPhoenix Wright, a young attorney who finds himself handling the oddest of cases. Muchof the gameplay takes part in the touch screen menu. There, players much study variouspieces of evidence in order to help solve crimes and win their cases in the court.The touch screen menu handles most of the dialogue selection and logic based puzzlesthat will progress players through the game. The story is well written and divided intoseveral inter-linked chapters that build up into a single climactic final act. Those who fallin love with this game will be happy to know that there are also other titles in the PhoenixWright series that offer a similar gameplay experience –with the exception of the MilesEdgeworth title that focuses more on the investigation part as opposed to the court case.NintendogsNow this one is a no brainer. When you have got a several cute puppies on screen at thesame time, it is nearly impossible to not try and touch them. This is where the power ofthe touch screen truly shines. With the stylus, players can pet, stroke and poke theirvirtual pet puppies to their hearts content. This is also how you manage feeding andgrooming them as well. The use of the touch screen in the game is intensive with many ofthe tricks to be learned requiring you to give gentle nudges on the screen.Walking the dog also requires you to be attentive with the way you “hold the leash”.Overall, it is a very engaging experience. And whether you are tossing a Frisbee, guidinga dog through an obstacle or simply petting your pup for a job well done, it is hard todeny that much of Nintendog’s charm comes from the virtual interaction that you havewith your pet.A Last Look at Gaming on the Nintendo DSIt will not be long before Japanese game giant Nintendo announces that the production ofthe NDS handheld game console will finally cease. Initial estimates are saying this couldhappen sometime around 2012, though some insist that the device will still be inproduction until 2013. Regardless, the Nintendo DS has taken hold of the handheldgaming industry ever since it first came out last 2004 and has never let go since. 11 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  12. 12. Naturally, a game system’s true strength lies in its games and the NDS’ game librarycaters to the whole palette of gamers from super casual to the almost deeply hardcore.Titles range from the as-expected Nintendo lineup of favorites such as Metroid, SuperMario and Star Fox, and a few new additions such as Animal Crossing. From third partydevelopers, there are plenty of point and click adventures such as Trace Memory,Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton and several others.A new innovation is the touch-reliant gaming genre, which introduced titles such as TheWorld Ends with You, Knights in the Nightmare and Rub Rabbits –titles whole gameplayfactor relied heavily on the touch screen controls. Of course, the user input method wasalso encouraging for the development of many strategy games such as Advance Wars, FFTactics Advance DS and many more. Between all these titles are a deluge of musicgames like Rock Band and Ouendan.As well as plenty of innovative and off-beat titles such as Brain Age, Love Plus, HotelDusk and so much more. Nintendo knew that with its unique dual-screen approach, theywould start a new trend in the gaming industry –and they did.The choice to be innovative with the system came with the development of betterresistive touch screen technology. Back in 2003 to 2004 (the development period for theDS), capacitive touch screens were pretty much unheard of, let alone multi touchcapabilities. For its time, the DS’ stylus based gaming opened up plenty of doors forgame makers.For some, it was Nintendo’s courage to double up the screen which made the DS trulyshine. Aside from the touch screen between the cursor pad and the buttons, the flip lid hasa regular screen –allowing games to display two completely different visuals at the sametime. Some games used this feature minimally –using the secondary screen as a map orinventory window. Others use it as an integral part of the game, where players controlaspects of the two screens at the same time.On its own the DS also served a few other purposes. The device can be used as a deskclock complete with its own alarm –not quite the best use for it, but you can if you wantto. And the built in Pictochat feature allows you to communicate with drawn images withother DS users.It sounds silly, but you could lose a good couple of hours just having fun with it. Ourpersonal favorite however, is the GBA backwards compatibility feature. You can simplyplug in a GBA cart in the bottom of the device and the main system menu of the DS willoffer you a choice of choosing which game to boot.The new 3DS is offering just as much as the NDS (except the backwards compatibilitybit) and offers many new features. But with the NDS’ already established gaming library, 12 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  13. 13. and the fact that it is already in the hands of over 50 million gamers worldwide, meansthat it will be a long time before this Nintendo handheld legend fades away.Moving on From Your DS to the 3DSWhen it comes to gadgets and technology in general, upgrading is a part of life. That timewhen you move from one version to the next is simply a matter of when. But this doesnot necessarily entail that you purchase the latest piece of tech the moment it arrives onyour store shelves. There are many important factors to consider before knowing it istime to move on, and when it comes to the Nintendo 3DS, you need to remember a fewimportant things before finally retiring your older DS.The Nintendo DS is a very impressive piece of hardware; it dominated the handheldgaming industry for more than half a decade and has a vast library of games. What makesthe 3DS so promising is the fact that besides its own lineup of 3D game titles and highend hardware specifications, it has complete backwards compatibility support for all DSgame cartridges and a limited degree of support for DSiWare (which factors in regionlocking and the requirement of a GBA port).First factor: your GBA library. Simply put, even if you can play all your DS games on the3DS, the same cannot be said for your GBA titles. If you have been a big fan of portablegaming for a long time, chances are, you would have a pretty decent sized library of GBAcartridges. Having the DS around will still allow you to access these classics. Somewould argue that the 3DS has its own virtual console for emulating older GB titles –which is true, but this completely forgets the fact that your physical library of games willnot be useable on the new system. Nor will you be able to port the game save files onyour cartridges.Second: Portability. Now, we do not question the 3DS’ viability as a portable gamingsystem. It is light and easy to carry around. But when you do not plan on playing a 3DSgame when you go out, then the original DS should be more than enough. Also, theinherent 3D factor of 3DS titles often require you to be sitting still to get the full effect –whereas you can easily play a DS game while strolling down a shopping aisle. Having theDS around will leave you with more gaming options to choose from.Lastly: Battery Life. A 3DS, on a full charge, will only last for about 8 hours at mostwhen running a DS game and about 5 hours for a 3DS title. The oldest DS will give you afull 10 hours of game time while the newer DSi and DSi XL systems provide between 14to 17 hours of playtime. While the 3DS would be good for a quick errand out, the DSfares far better for long road trip across state lines. 13 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved
  14. 14. But is there a reason to own both? Right now, unless there is already an existing 3DSgame that you really want to play, then no. Owning a DS is more than sufficient. In thecoming months, more 3DS titles will be launched which means there might be one or twotitles you would find impossible to pass up.See the top 3 gaming headsets reviewed on this page... Customer reviews revealabout everything you need to know! Get the best gaming headset at the best price! 14 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Resrved