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  • ' Lohith Sindhe is a business owner born in Bangalore, India in 1981.Suffering from severe Hemophilia Factor VIII deficiency < 1%. He graduated from Bangalore University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

    Lohith Sindhe is the co founder of the Sumne's Enterprises, which includes website designing,advertising,Stock Market trading & Stock Market Analysis.

    Lohith spent his childhood in lot of misery at age 5th got whole blood transfusion due to tooth gum bleeding. Again at age 8 got whole blood transfusion due to getting hurt in an minor accident.Somehow his parents managed to get out of these situations even though frequently he would get pain in joints. Hemophilia left him nearly 60% physically handicapped.

    Lohith however with a fighting spirit fougt back all these odd situations with the medicine i.e. Crayo Presipetate, whenever his condition worsened he use to take FACTORs and get away with it. You know these FACTORS are really costly.

    Lohith one day got introduced to homoeopathy treatment. His life has changed far better now compared to his past. He is now happily living with his wife and his new born baby. Last 1 Year and 7 Months has changed his life he takes homoepathy medicines regurarly i.e. in morning and evening after food. Now even though if there is any joints bleed, he can resist for 3 to 4 days and get back to normal without taking any more FACTORS. Surprisingly his resistence power is increasing and definetely one day he may well get rid of this hemophilia.

    Lohith can be reached by email at 'lohitha07@gmail.com' for more details about the Homoepathy treatment. He is happy to guide and help millions of people around the globe who are suffering from Hemophilia. He aims to eradicate this disease as soon as possible. '
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Hemophilia Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Hemophilia
    By: Cody Mengel
    Cory Waddingham
  • 2. What It Is
    Hemophilia is a disease where your
    blood is too thin and you blood can’t clot
  • 3. How it’s inherited
    Hemophilia is a sex-linked disease.
    It is inherited through family.
    Mostly males get this disease.
    Its very rare for females to get it.
  • 4. Symptoms
    The main symptom is bleeding.
    The bleeding usually won’t stop when you get cut.
  • 5. How this disease is diagnosed
    Hemophilia is tested after you notice that you have a hard time clotting.
    You’d go to the doctor’s and they will tell you if you have it
    It is also likely when there is a history of this disease in your family.
  • 6. Occurrence
    18,000 people in the United States have this disorder.
    Each year about 400 babies are born in the United States with this disorder.
  • 7. Treatment
    It is treatable by replacing the missing clotting factors by injecting special fluids into the veins
    This will help your blood clot easier
  • 8. Other Interesting Info.
    You can bleed to death from a small cut.
    You can bleed to death internally too.
  • 9. Personal Story
    Kristy Dobson is an 18 year figure skater from Canada with Hemophilia
    She says when her ankle sprained it took months to finally heal
    She also says when she bends her arm she breaks many blood vessels
  • 10. Work Cited
    Google health (hemophilia)