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All about Special Education Multimedia

All about Special Education Multimedia

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  • 1. Technology in Special Education
    By: Alexis Atkins, Julie Crane, David Coupland, Daniel Faust, Dayna Wilkins
  • 2. Concepts
    Universal Design for Learning
     Technology Integration Strategies for Special Education
    Interactive and Multimedia Presentations
    Writing Programs
  • 3. Use of Digital Devices and Computer Systems
    Use a digital camera to take pictures of items to use with PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
    Closed Circuit Television for Sensory Disabilities                
    IMovie for MAC
    Analog System   
    Use an optical character recognition software to scan and translate print into a word-processor.
  • 4. How technology can be used in communicating, collaborating, conducting research, and/or solving problems for special education.
     Use a blog to collaborate with fellow special education teachers.
    Tools to convert printed information
    Coin- U- Lator
    Problem Solving Projects
  • 5. How to use Productivity Tools for Special Education
    Use a word-processing program to create a classroom newsletter for parents.
    Business Multimedia System
    Teach Visual Literacy
    List and share online resources with and between students
    Provide low cost applications for students to use at school and within their homes for extra practice
  • 6. Multi Media Tools
    Select an interactive story to help a student with attention problems or poor reading skills from Clifford Interactive Storybooks
    Books on audio
    Smart Boards
    You Tube
  • 7. Adaptive and Assistive Devices
    Attach an adaptive switch to a computer so students with limited physical abilities can use the computer.
    Canes and Sensor Technology
    Alternative Keyboards
  • 8. How teachers and students can practice different resources                   
    Interactive Story Books
  • 9. How to follow copy right laws and guidelines
     Reference the site by its URL and owner name.
  • 10. How an existing TrackStar or WebQuest can be used as an activity
    WebQuest - Who I Am
    Track Star- Hip Hip Hooray for Hands
    Track Star- Fun Brain
    WebQuest- Figures and Shapes
    WebQuest- Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • 11. Instructional Software
    Millie's Math House
    Ed by Design
    Orion Systems
    Reader Rabbit
  • 12. Tele Communicate and Tele- Research Projects
    Square of Life
    Pen Pals
    Two great tele communicate website and
  • 13. Rubrics
    Journal Writing
    Multimedia rubric for video project
    On line History Project Rubric
    Power Point Creation rubric
    Team work evaluation
  • 14. Integration Idea of Appropriate Lesson Plans
    Provides teachers with less plans and teaching strategies
    Shows specifically how to integrate an idea into the lesson plan
  • 15. Summary
    All of these examples could be used in a Special Education classroom.
    By using these examples the students will better learn the concepts being taught in the classroom.
    It enables them to actively learn.