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Sample Dama Newsletter


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business

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  • 1. DECEMBER 2011 VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 WWW.DAMACHICAGO.ORG Letter from the President Mark your calendar Ray Coffman, President, DAMA Chicago DAMA Chicago Meeting I am returning to work after a Thanksgiving weekend that has left me thankful and full. I Wednesday, made four stops on Thanksgiving Day. First, I December 14th, 2011 visited my cousin’s family in Hammond, Indiana Sears Holdings, and left with some home-made sweet-potato pie; Hoffman Estates, IL Sally is 74 and taught her daughter, Linda, the Details on Page 2 & 3 family recipe -- yummy. Next, my friends Borris & Location map on Page 4 Marla in Calumet City had a fabulous potluck spread that included so many good dishes Pre-register for prepared by family and friends that I couldn’t even have a taste of December Meeting by everything. However, I did leave with a few full Tupperware Friday, December 9th containers. Then I made a stop by sisters and old friends, Evelyn & Reene. Reene’s son makes the best gumbo; naturally, I took some to go. And, a final stopped by my friend Max’s who had guests from out of town -- just to hang-out. I didn’t leave with another ‘care- Renew your DAMA package’ but did drop off a cake that I baked. membership today Actually, I dropped off a cake or two at each place I visited. Individual - $50 Wednesday I baked eight cakes - four carrot cakes with orange glaze Corporate - $200 and four lemon-orange 7UP-cakes. Baking is one of my hobbies. Membership benefits on Holidays are about sharing time, food and good conversation with Page 8 family and friends; and, showing others that you care. I finished my weekend full, thankful and grateful. INSIDE THIS ISSUE As this year draws to a close, DAMA Chicago and its board and membership have a need for you to share and show your gratitude 2011 DAMA Chicago and support. If you would be interested in sitting on the board, Meetings.....................Page 2 please, contact me at; let me know December 14th Meeting your areas of expertise and I will forward your information about Details.........................Page 3 open-board positions. Secondly, if your organization would be Meeting Location willing to host one of our 2012 meetings or you would be willing to Maps...........................Page 4 present at an upcoming meeting; please, send a note to Cathy Nolan with the name of your organization DGP Credential........Page 5 and/or topic and other contact information. Steve Jobs - An As with Thanksgiving dinner, DAMA Chicago and the knowledge Influence....................Page 6 we share will only remain as ‘tasty’ as the dishes we each bring to EDW 2012..................Page 6 the table. Please, step up and support DAMA Chicago and your Upcoming organization’s continued success. Conferences...............Page 7 Hope to see you at our December meeting at Sears Holdings! About DAMA Ray Coffman Chicago......................Page 8! PAGE 1
  • 2. DECEMBER 2011 VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 WWW.DAMACHICAGO.ORG 2011 DAMA CHICAGO MEETINGS AGENDA DAMA Chicago Chapter Meeting 8:30 a.m. Refreshments Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 9:00 a.m. Hadoop, An Overview for Big Data 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. - Dr. Philip Shelley LOCATION 9:45 a.m. Business Meeting Sears Holdings Corporation 10:00 a.m. Business Data Strategy Mapping - Ken Kring 3333 Beverly Road 12:15 p.m. Lunch Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 1:30 p.m. Modeling Event Driven Data in a Phone: (847) 286-2500 Data Warehouse - Lucy Hubrich Pre-register by Friday, Dec. 9th 2:45 p.m. Door Prize Drawings 3:00 p.m. Adjournment MORE EVENTS IN 2011/2012 DATE LOCATION TOPIC & PRESENTER Wednesday Nielsen Data Warehousing - Laura Reeves February 15th, 2012 150 Martingale Road TBD Schaumburg, IL Wednesday TBD TBD April 18th, 2012 April 29th to Omni Hotel at CNN Enterprise Data World 2012 May 3rd Center Annual gathering of DAMA members world wide. 5 full 100 CNN Center days of workshops, tutorials, case studies, and discussions - Atlanta, GA 200 hours of powerful, vendor-neutral content covering the entire range of data management topics. Featured Presentation in February 2012 Laura L. Reeves, coauthor of The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit and The Manager’s Guide to Data Warehousing will be the guest speaker at the February 15 meeting of DAMA Chicago at Nielsen in Schaumburg. Laura has over 23 years of experience in end-to-end data warehouse development, focused on developing comprehensive project plans, collecting business requirements, designing business dimensional models and database schemas, and creating enterprise data warehouse strategies and data architectures. The Manager’s Guide to Data Warehousing provides a solid introduction to the fundamentals of data warehousing. The author details each step of a data warehouse project, and provides a clear explanation of whats involved in efficiently building a data warehouse and what must be done to deliver the data. Youll examine the business management of a data warehouse and discover essential methods for cultivating a strong partnership between the business and IT elements of your organization. KAREN LOPEZ’S PRESENTATION FROM OCTOBER, 2011 IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! PAGE 2
  • 3. DECEMBER 2011 VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 WWW.DAMACHICAGO.ORG DECEMBER 14TH, 2011 DAMA CHICAGO MEETING Pre-register by Friday, Dec. 9th Morning Presentations Hadoop, An Overview for Big Data - Dr. Philip She#ey, CTO, Sears Holdings Corporation Synopsis About Philip Shelley Hadoop is a technology stack that has gained momentum over Dr. Shelley has a PhD in bio-medical the past 24 months to a point of general adoption in some engineering, having worked in the UK, progressive larger Enterprises. Hadoop is a departure from Germany and USA, he has led Research and traditional relational databases, with radically different Development, Quality and IT organizations and approaches to infrastructure, data modeling, data storage, data held positions in various technical and business formatting, queries and use-cases. Hadoop should not be leadership roles including CIO. As Chief compared to these traditional approaches to BI, but rather Technology Officer at Sears Holdings, Phil is thought of as a toolset to unleash the massive potential to leading Sears Holdings IT Operations and is explore data in ways that have been previously impossible. With focusing on Innovation and the modernization Hadoop, storage is orders of magnitude cheaper, large batch of IT across the company. Phil is active in the queries run many times faster and parallel processing is enabled migration of workload off mainframes, large- automatically; at the same time other things we traditionally do scale private open-source cloud computing, in a data warehouse are impossible: These concepts will be Hadoop for Big-Data BI and infrastructure explained. Getting started with Hadoop is not trivial however; modernization, helping Sears Holdings be an there are approaches and services that will be discussed that are ever stronger real-time digital enterprise. Phil is making Hadoop a powerful solution for medium and larger co-chair of the cloud computing chapter of the companies. IAOP. Business Data Strategy Mapping - Ken Kring, Director of Product Development, Sears Holdings Corporation About Ken Kring Synopsis At a young age, Ken understood that he was surrounded by The DAMA Business Data Strategy Mapping hundreds of business models everyday. The fast food place for presentation is designed to lay the flow of lunch, the clothing store, electronics store, the car insurance agency, business transparent, accessible, intuitive. etc. all had business models. Ken wanted to fundamentally Participants will be able to see how business understand how these business models worked, so he could more flows from potential to profitability (and the proactively control and shape his future and feel like less of a victim points in between). And along the way, that could only react to shifting business forces he didn’t understand. better understand how marketing, finance and operations fit together to drive value for Ken went to DePaul University for his BS in Management. After both customers and the company. working for some time, he went on to earn his MBA from Kellogg School of Management, majoring in Marketing, Finance and This transparency makes it easier to Management & Strategy. determine what data is important in driving Ken has worked in: telecom, publishing, consulting (labor relations the business . Thus making data more and organizational development), health care management, financial actionable and results oriented. In doing services management, advertising, and retail management. this, some Data Management Professionals have said that they now feel less like “report Ken is now working on getting fundamental business modeling order takers” and more like “intellectual taught in high schools. In this way high school graduates will be consultants”. They are viewed by others as better able to proactively shape their futures, as opposed to only key contributors, that are invited into being able to react to forces they do not fully understand. important business initiatives earlier. IS YOUR ORGANIZATION WILLING TO HOST A DAMA CHICAGO MEETING? Please email! PAGE 3
  • 4. DECEMBER 2011 VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 WWW.DAMACHICAGO.ORG DIRECTIONS TO THE DECEMBER 14TH, 2011 DAMA CHICAGO MEETING 3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 Phone: (847) 286-2500 Sears Holdings is located just west of the intersection of Rt. 59 & I-90, on the north side of I-90 Directions from South-East Take I-294 to I-290 West. (I-290 becomes Rt. 53 North appr. 25 miles out of the Loop.) Follow Rt. 53 North. Exit on I-90 West. Stay on I-90 West to the exit of Beverly Road and proceed North (right). Sears Holdings’ entrance is on the right. Follow signs to visitor parking. Directions from South-West Take I-355 to I-290 West. (I-290 becomes Rt. 53 North appr. 25 miles out of the Loop.) Follow Rt. 53 North. Exit on I-90 West. Stay on I-90 West to the exit of Beverly Road and proceed North (right). Sears Holdings’ entrance is on the right. Follow signs to visitor parking. Directions from the Loop or OHare Airport Take I-90/I-94 West and stay on I-90 West toward Rockford. Exit at Beverly Road and proceed North (right). Sears Holdings’ entrance is on the right. Follow signs to visitor parking. Directions from the West of Route 59 Take I-90 East to Route 59 (first exit after Pre-register by Friday, Dec. 9th Route 25). Exit and proceed North to Route 72 (Higgins Road). Proceed West (left) to Beverly Road. Proceed South (left). Sears Holdings’ entrance is on the left. Follow signs to visitor parking.! PAGE 4
  • 5. DECEMBER 2011 VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 WWW.DAMACHICAGO.ORG DATA GOVERNANCE PROFESSIONAL (DGP) CREDENTIAL Introduction The Data Governance Professional (DGP) credential is awarded to those who qualify based on a combination of criteria including education, experience and test-based examination of professional level knowledge of data governance and stewardship. This credential is offered at the Mastery or Practitioner level. To maintain certified status and continued use of the credential, an annual recertification fee along with a 3-year cycle of continuing education and professional activity is required. The Data Management Association International (DAMA) authorizes the Data Governance Professional credential in partnership with the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP), which administers testing and recertification. This document outlines the requirements for obtaining the DGP. DGP Application Form SCORE CREDENTIAL EARNED Pass DGS exam at 50% or higher DGP Practitioner Certificate Pass DGP exam at 70% or higher DGP Mastery Certificate Additional DGP Credential Criteria The following criteria must also be met in order to qualify for the DGP: DGP PRACTITIONER DGP MASTERY CERTIFICATE CERTIFICATE # Hours Data Governance & 1400 1400 Stewardship Professional Work Experience Education Requirement Bachelors or Masters Bachelors or Masters Recertification Required Yes Yes Continuing Professional Education/ 120 hours every 3-year cycle 120 hours every 3-year cycle Activity Required ICCP Code of Ethics Yes Yes Exam outline is available at More information at DAMA International’s website: DID YOU KNOW? DAMA members get discounts on conferences from Debtech, IRM UK, TDWI and Wilshire Conferences. NEW MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT - ELEARNINGCURVE DISCOUNT eLearningCurve offers online education and certification in many information management disciplines including information management foundations, data quality, data governance, data stewardship, MDM, business intelligence, and data modeling & metadata management. DAMA Members can receive 10% off on any online course! PAGE 5
  • 6. DECEMBER 2011 VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 WWW.DAMACHICAGO.ORG FROM LATHA NAIR, VP MARKETING, DAMA CHICAGO CHAPTER Steve Jobs - An Influence I can’t claim to be an ardent fan but the passing of Steve Jobs brought a lump to my throat. Two years ago I was struggling. I had meandered for a decade through IT from developer to team lead to business intelligence. At every step of the way, there was a frustrating drone of end-users changing their minds.  I kept lurching to catch up with their ever-morphing demands. I started to suspect that I was not cut out for IT. Then I read Jobs’ words: “...people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”  The idea was shockingly simple and thrilling. It changed the way I dealt with the "customer." I stopped trying to gauge the “wants”; instead I started to leap towards the "goals", endeavoring for solutions that had not been imagined. In doing so, I transformed myself. A year later I struck out on my own to follow my instincts, cognizant of my inner voice, driven by curiosity.   With gratitude to a visionary who was famously flavored by arrogance, stubbornness, confidence, and creativity (aren’t we all like that!), Latha Nair P. S. - This newsletter was created on a MacBook Pro Enterprise Data World, formerly the DAMA International Symposium & Wilshire Meta-Data Conference, is the business world’s most comprehensive educational event about data and information management. This year’s program presents a full five days of eye-opening sessions, keynotes, workshops, tutorials, case studies, and discussions—200 hours of powerful content, all presented in a vendor-neutral environment and covering the entire range of data management topics. For Senior IT Executives, Modelers and Architects – those charged with mastering corporate data and unlocking the potential of the data at hand – Enterprise Data World is an unprecedented educational opportunity designed exclusively to help you harness the power of your data.! PAGE 6
  • 7. DECEMBER 2011 VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 WWW.DAMACHICAGO.ORG UPCOMING CONFERENCES A Data Strategy for The Enterprise February 12-17th, 2012, Las Vegas, NV Predictive Analytics World March 4-10th, 2012 San Francisco, CA http:// www.predictiveanalyticsworld. com/sanfrancisco/2012/ April 4-5th, 2012, Los Angeles, CA Two co-located conferences April 23-25th, 2012 London, UK dg2012/ VISIT DAMA INTERNATIONAL WEBSITE FOR MEMBER DISCOUNTS - WWW.DAMA.ORG ’S! PAGE 7
  • 8. DECEMBER 2011 VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 WWW.DAMACHICAGO.ORG ABOUT DAMA CHICAGO Officers DAMA Chicago was founded in the Fall of 1986 with the first meeting in Chapter President December of that year. DAMA Chicago holds six bimonthly meetings Ray Coffman annually on topics pursuant to DAMA’s goals. These meetings include Treasurer informal round-table discussions, featured presenters, invaluable sharing Susan Earley through association with professionals in our field, two Special Interest Secretary Groups, and much more. The Chicago Chapter has attained broad appeal in Olena Dikina the Midwest as a resource for Information Resource Management. Co-Secretary Alan D. Arico PURPOSE VP Membership The Data Management International (DAMA), Chicago Chapter is a non- John Grage profit, vendor independent professional organization dedicated to the AVP Membership advancement of data asset management concepts. DAMA Chicagos mission vacant is to engage in activities that promote data asset management concepts and to VP Programs broaden the skills of professionals who work in this field. Cathy Nolan GOALS AVP Programs Lucy Hubrich • To promote and develop data asset management concepts and practices. Librarian • To be a focal point for issues relating to data asset management practices. Michael Ryan • To further the professional development of data asset management VP Conference professionals. Management Michael Miller • To enhance Corporate Management’s understanding of how data asset management affects the bottom line. VP Online Services Jeff Ridge AVP Online Services MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS vacant • Bi-monthly meetings Come VP Marketing • Member Newsletter join us Latha Nair • Information Exchange Forums and Special Interest Groups for a Information Exchange Coordinator • Heavily discounted training targeted to the DM Professional meeting Mike Smilg • Lending Library of top DRM books and DAMA International Liaison • Corporate discount on dues see for Cathy Nolan • Annual member directory yourself Past President • Automatic membership in DAMA International Jeff Lawyer Join our LinkedIn Group at Keep up-to-date with DAMA happenings between published newsletters by joining our group.  You can start or join in a discussion, make announcements of interest to other DAMA Chicago members, post jobs, let other members know of other professional meetings or classes in the area, or just keep informed.  This is an easy way to network with your peers so join today!! GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK Please forward any questions, comments, or ideas regarding this newsletter to! PAGE 8