LAFS GD1 Session 4 - Assignments

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Assignments for Session 4 of The Los Angeles Film School's Game Design 1 course.

Assignments for Session 4 of The Los Angeles Film School's Game Design 1 course.

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  • 1. Session 4 David Mullich Game Design 1 The Los Angeles Film School
  • 2. 1. Add a story to your Platform game.  Change the player avatar, background and other graphics to depict the story’s character and world.  Convey the story’s complication and ultimate goal through the How To Play screen or in-game text and/or graphics.  Create a series of increasingly difficult obstacles and challenges that form the smaller problems the player must solve.  Create a final challenge that the player must overcome to achieve the game’s ultimate goal.  Reward the player for achieving the game’s goal through in-game text, graphics and/or an end-of-game screen.  Save your Scrolling Shooter Game as an EXE file.
  • 3. 2. Write a Dramatic Elements document with the following sections.  Theme: Describe your game’s theme or premise and how you’ve change the game to support that premise.  World: Write a backstory for your game’s world and describe what makes it more appealing for the player than the real world.  Character ○ Backstory: Write a backstory for your protagonist and explain how your players with empathize with the character. ○ Traits: Describe your characters traits and how they work (through iconic qualities, character transformation, actions and/or appearance) to have your players empathize with the character. ○ Needs: The protagonist’s goal(s). ○ Wants: What the protagonist needs to achieve his/her goals. ○ Hopes: What you want players to hope for the character. ○ Fears: What you want players to fear for the character.  Story: ○ Complication: Describe the problem that the protagonist is trying to solve in the game. ○ Body: List each of your level(s) intermediate goals describe how each plays a part in providing the player a steady stream of not-too-easy, not too-hard challenges, taking into account the fact that the player’s skills may be gradually improving. ○ Climax: Describe the game’s final obstacle or challenge. ○ Resolution: Describe how you reward the player for overcoming the final obstacle by providing a sense of achievement or closure to the story.
  • 4. 3. Create a subfolder with your name in the “Assignment 4” Dropbox folder and place the following files.  ScrollingShooter.exe  DramaticElements.pdf 4. Present your game and story to the class in Session 5. RECOMMENDED READING FOR NEXT SESSION  Game Design Workshop, Pages 111-146.  The Art of Game Design: Pages 153-169.