LAFS GD1 Session 3 - Assignments

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Assignments for Session 3 of The Los Angeles Film School's Game Design 1 course.

Assignments for Session 3 of The Los Angeles Film School's Game Design 1 course.

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  • 1. Session 3 David Mullich Game Design 1 The Los Angeles Film School
  • 2.  Create a timeline to your Scrolling Shooter game.  Create at least five timeline events, each with an increasingly challenging wave of enemy planes.  Create a final timeline event that ends the game and displays your final score.  Save your Scrolling Shooter Game as an EXE file  Write a Formal Fundamentals document with the following sections.  Players ○ Describe how your game presents an invitation to play.  Goals: ○ Describe the ultimate goal of your game and how it is made clear to the player? ○ Describe the intermediate goals of your game? How do you make the player aware that there are a series of goals? ○ Describe how the goals relate to each other in a meaningful way. If they don’t, how can you change that? ○ Describe how the goals are concrete, achievable and rewarding. If they aren’t, how you can fix that? ○ Describe the different ways the player can achieve their goals. ○ Describe whether you have a good balance of short- and long-term goals. If not, how could you change that? ○ Describe whether players have a chance to decide on their own goals. If not, how could you change that?  Procedures: ○ Describe your game’s set up, progression and resolution. ○ Describe the verbs in your game and the objects that each verb acts on.
  • 3.  Rules: ○ List the rules that define the objects in your game. ○ List the rules that restrict actions in your game.  Resources: ○ List the resources in your game and describe how they are both useful and scarce.  Conflict: ○ Describe the skills that your game requires from your player. ○ Does the game demand the right level of skill? If not, how can you change that? ○ What experience do you want to create for your game? Do the skills create the experience you want? If not, how can you change that?  Boundaries ○ Describe the boundaries in your game. Is it discrete or continuous? How many dimensions does it have?  Outcome: ○ Describe the different outcomes of your game and how they are uncertain .  Create a subfolder with your name in the “Assignment 3” Dropbox folder and place the following files.  ScrollingShooter.exe  FormalElements.pdf  Present your game to the class in Session 4 and discuss your finished work.