LAFS GD1 Session 8 - Assignments

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Assignments for Session 8 of The Los Angeles Film School's Game Design 1 course.

Assignments for Session 8 of The Los Angeles Film School's Game Design 1 course.

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  • 1. Session 8 David Mullich Game Design 1 The Los Angeles Film School
  • 2. 1. Write a Playtest Report for your game today:  Summarize your playtester’s findings in your own words about these topics: ○ Elevator Pitch ○ Core Mechanic ○ Interface and Controls ○ Conclusion  List the changes you will make to your game based on these changes. 2. Create a new version of your prototype:  Implement the foundational changes you determined you needed to make based on your Playtest Report.  Implement the following structural elements: ○ Objectives ○ Procedures ○ Rules ○ Resources ○ Conflict ○ Outcome
  • 3. 3. Write a Structure Document for your game answering the following questions:  Objectives ○ Ultimate Goal: What is the ultimate goal of your game? ○ Intermediate Goals: List the intermediate goals. Describe how they will be concrete, achievable, and rewarding.  Procedures ○ Set Up: Describe all of your starting conditions and action ○ Progression: Describe the ongoing procedures after your starting action. ○ Resolution: Describe all the conditions that brings gameplay to a close  Rules ○ Objects: Describe all the rules defining objects in your game. ○ Restrictions: Describe all the rules that restrict the player’s actions ○ Effects: Describe any rules that can trigger effects based on certain conditions.  Resources: List all the resources in your game.  Conflict: List all the sources of conflict in your game.  Outcomes: Describe the possible outcomes in your game and how they are triggered
  • 4. 4. Save the following into the Dropbox “Assignment 8” folder:  Prototype.exe  Playtest Report.pdf  Structure.pdf 1. Deliver your revised Prototype to the class for playtesting in Session 9.