Sonnet 69


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  • Who will we be talking about today.
  • William Shakespeare is who we will be discussing he was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon. He was the Creator of the Globe Theatre. He also wrote poems/sonnets and plays involving themes such as comedies, tragedies, and histories. The form he wrote his poems/sonnets in was in the form of ABABCDCDEFEFGG .He wrote 154 of these poems/sonnets.
  • We will be viewing deeper into sonnet 69.
  • Quatrain reading…With first visual of worlds eyeMeaning of this line-Those parts of you that are visible to the world. Basically how someone else views you on the outside
  • Quatrain reading continued…Meaning lack nothing, and no one could imagine improving them. Compare being perfect with a flawless diamond. This is there initial perception of you. Scholars believe thought of hearts means essential inner self potentially good and that mend means improve said by (Brent's Stirling) (1)
  • Quatrain cont… line means that Everybody admits this perfectness that they see, but they’re only saying what’s they see on the outside
  • Quatrain cont… Just a visual to emphasize the line how even enemies give praise because you have no flaws
  • What theme is he trying to portray with all this???
  • Just taking apart this first quatrain some researches believe Shakespeare could be focusing on continuing the discussion of public praise and the opinion of the world of from his previous two sonnets 67 and 68.
  • Lets not try figure out Shakespeare's meaning too quick lets take a look at a different part of the sonnet. To gain a better understanding. He did write 14 more lines for some reason.
  • (Make slide transition flicker black and white) imeaninglook beyond the surface of someone don’t only praise them for how they appear outwardly.
  • End of flashing transition
  • After you give all this public praise take a moment and take a look at them on the inside. What appearance really comes to surface?
  • Just with these 2 lines we see a start to change in theme completely. Lets finish the quatrain to see how it all changes.
  • Meaning-This raises the question of what have you done in your life. What actions have you done? Where they of kind favor or evil selfishness.
  • Meaning-Now that we have taken a look inside you to find out who you really are. You are not as beautiful as your outward suggest. In fact your inner is going through decay making you not desirable to be around at all.
  • Just a visual to emphasize the last slide
  • The meaning of this sonnet in its entirety is that even though you appear to be flawless and innocent don’t be quick too judge on outside appearance alone take a look at the persons personality and actions to see who they really are.
  • Sonnet 69

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