As declared by the United Nations, 20th October 2010 (20-10-2010) is being celebrated worldwide as
first World Statistics ...
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World statistics day


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World statistics day

  1. 1. As declared by the United Nations, 20th October 2010 (20-10-2010) is being celebrated worldwide as first World Statistics Day (WSD) to celebrate the many achievements of Statistics. In the words of Paul Cheung, Director, United Nations Statistics Division: "The year rounding in '0' has always been an important year in official statistics. In many countries, this is the year when the population and housing census is conducted. … …. In 2010, some 3 billion people will be counted in some 60 countries. This is why we choose 20-10-2010 to emphasize the importance of this year in official statistics calendar." The following link provides details about the WSD: The Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Ramjas College, University of Delhi, will celebrate the first World Statistics Day on October 20, 2010 (and Oct 21st) at its two day event Covergence’2010. The event will begin with an Inaugural Talk by Professor Dinesh Singh, Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, followed by a series of popular talks and Presentations by statisticians and Professionals in Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Sc, on applications of Statistics in contemporary real life. In addition there shall be Panel discussions on one of the following themes: Role of Statistics in Service of the Society, Role of Statistics in Good Governance, and Role of statistics in Nation Building. The audience shall be the undergraduate students of Mathematics and Statistics plus the Faculty of the college and some participating Guests. Eminent persons from ISI Delhi, CSO, IASRI, IIT Delhi, IIPA, DU and JNU have already consented to participate. On this occasion there will be several students’ Prize Winning Competitions like Essay Competition, Poster Competition, Mathematical Rangoli Competition, Brain Storm Quizzes, Paper presentations, Pictionary, and Debate competition etc. on some theme on Statistics and Applications. Well known books on Statistics and Applications shall be given as Gifts to the Prize Winners. The caps with World Statistics Day Logo shall also be distributed among all participants. The college event is already listed in the calendar of events of International Statistical Institute on the web page: The college has a tech tie-up with Slideshare Inc who will upload all talks and other deliberations of the event on their front page. The Schedule and a Poster have already been uploaded by them and one may view it at the following links. Soon they will share it with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: For further Information contact any one of the following: 1) Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Principal, Ramjas College, University of Delhi; Website: 2) Dr. Man Mohan, In-Charge, Dept. of Maths & Stat, Ramjas College, Delhi University E-Mail: ; Mob.: 9811842820 3) Dr. (Mrs.) Ruchika Verma, Convenor WSD @ Convergence’2010 E-mail: ; mob: 09212903280