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PowerPoint presentation of IT Hospital

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  • The IT Hospital will implement 110 evidence-based care plans into their Meditech Electronic Health Record including clinical summaries and links to the original source material. The ZynxCare Online Care Plans have demonstrated efficient documentation, measurable quality improvement, and improved regulatory compliance.
  • The project objectives after the kick off meeting on February 1, 2011 are to develop a project charter by February 9th. The Project will begin with an assessment of the current hardware systems, to determine if all units can run the ZynxCare software. Once all computers are updated, we will begin the planning on February 10th with an anticipated rollout by February 28th. Over the next three months, the team will coordinate unit based training, mandatory education classes and complete system installment by June 9, 2011. Also throughout this time, project team members will be developing unit based customization and weekly project team meetings. The final report to the stakeholders will be on June 29, 2011.
  • The ZynxCare project is a multiple department program, with each department dependent on communication and task completion. The IS department will be responsible for reviewing hardware capabilities, installing software, and making requested modifications. The nursing departments will work with the care plan templates to select those that apply toward their patient population and learn how to customize the screens to the individual patients. Nursing will be pivotal in providing feedback on changes to the system to make sure electronic care planning is meeting the needs of their patients and staff.
  • Some of our milestones along the way…but our main project success criteria will be the software must be thoroughly tested with minimal employee work disruption. Care plan documentation goal will be usage on over 90% of inpatients within six months of project completion date.
  • We anticipate that a majority of the budget will be allocated in the first two quarters. As we have begun to accomplish a few of the tasks, the actual work hours are reflected in graph.
  • Funding for the project will require a new financial allocation with the anticipation of improved quality of care and patient satisfaction. Operation and Maintenance are estimated at $210,000 in the first year. This includes the initial software purchase price of $140,000 and the $10,000 annual maintenance contract. The second quarter will begin mandatory staff training during the rollout period.
  • The project team represents several key departments at IT Hospital. Our approach will be to update network servers, develop detailed cost analysis, request necessary upgrades, begin training super users, nursing, and ancillary staff and conduct pilot test programs on the unit level.
  • Our CEO as one of the major stakeholder, will be the Project Sponsor and outline recommendations for the plan. There will also be a weekly update meeting in the form of a colorful bulletin presented to show the progress of the plan.
  • The CFO as another main stakeholder will be allocating the budget and present at the weekly status report meetings. He will also be a part of establishing the business requirements.
  • The Project Manager will be overseeing all the different aspects of the project with Information Systems, Nursing Education, Stakeholders and Human Resources. One of the main focuses is the communication between departments and keeping track of the system changes. We have an experienced and resourceful workforce that needs to stay on track to complete the system rollout in three months. We will be developing a Blog for the staff to post comments and suggestions. Weekly the Project Manager will create a blog summary to the department managers to present at staff meetings or posted in the nursing common room. We anticipate that suggestions brought up in one area of the hospital will benefit other departments as well.
  • Our database manager will be reassigned to work exclusively on this project in order to meet the milestones. She will be leading the weekly project team meetings and present the final project presentation.
  • We will also be assigning a full time analyst to help gather the departmental input and output needs, as well as work with the Nursing departments on setting up the prototype.
  • ZynxHealth will assign a systems analyst to help create sample screens and make changes based on nursing feedback.
  • The Director of IT will create the main screen and test database. He will also be part of the stakeholders and attend the weekly meetings.
  • Human resources will help organize the super users and contribute to the feedback from the different departments. As part of the Project Team, they will support both the information systems and nursing departments.
  • Nursing Education will be responsible for creating the mandatory class that all nursing staff must attend. They will create an online manual and manage the inquires related to education from the Blog.
  • We anticipate that within six months the ZynxCare Plan system will be a part of every patient chart within 24 hours of admission. The care plan will reduce the time required to develop customized paper care plans and encourage patients to participate in their plan of care. We will have consistent patient education between departments and shifts. There will also be seamless system integration and frequent updates to evidenced-based practice with online collaboration and links to references. The hospital will also improve regulatory compliance. All departments anticipate success with open communication and the project is within the anticipated budget. Thank you for your interest in our ZynxCare Online Care Plan Program.
  • Romanik power point_unit 8

    1. 1. *Deborah RomanikProject Manager
    2. 2. *
    3. 3. ZynxCare Project TimelineTask Name Duration Start FinishProject Tracking Database 106.13 days Tue 2/1/11 Wed 6/29/11 Initiating 7 days Tue 2/1/11 Wed 2/9/11 Kickoff meeting 1 day Tue 2/1/11 Tue 2/1/11 Develop project charter 6 days Wed 2/2/11 Wed 2/9/11 Milestone: Charter signed 0 days Wed 2/9/11 Wed 2/9/11 Planning 12 days Thu 2/10/11 Fri 2/25/11 Develop project plans 6 days Thu 2/10/11 Thu 2/17/11 Review project plans 6 days Fri 2/18/11 Fri 2/25/11 Milestone: Project plans approved 0 days Fri 2/25/11 Fri 2/25/11 Executing 74 days Mon 2/28/11 Thu 6/9/11 Analysis 20 days Mon 2/28/11 Fri 3/25/11 Design 30 days Mon 3/28/11 Fri 5/6/11 Implementation 24 days Mon 5/9/11 Thu 6/9/11 Milestone: System Implementation 0 days Thu 6/9/11 Thu 6/9/11 Controlling 98.13 days Wed 2/2/11 Mon 6/20/11 Status Reports 95.13 days Wed 2/2/11 Wed 6/15/11 Report performance 1 day Wed 6/15/11 Thu 6/16/11 Update project management plan 1 day Wed 6/15/11 Thu 6/16/11 Control changes 95.13 days Mon 2/7/11 Mon 6/20/11 Weekly Project Team Meeting 95.13 days Mon 2/7/11 Mon 6/20/11 Closing 12 days Mon 6/13/11 Wed 6/29/11 Prepare final project report 2 wks Mon 6/13/11 Mon 6/27/11 Present final project 5 days Wed 6/22/11 Wed 6/29/11 Project completed Milestone 0 days Wed 6/29/11 Wed 6/29/11
    4. 4. ** Charter Signed February 9, 2011* Project Plan Approved February 25, 2011* System Analysis March 25, 2011* System Design May 6, 2011* System Implementation June 9, 2011* Project Presentation June 22, 2011* Project Completed June 29, 2011
    5. 5. *Kick-Off Meeting * Presentation to Stakeholders * Network Needs AssessmentWeekly Project Team Meetings and Reports * Feedback from End Users * Status ReportsControl Customization Changes * Adjustments * Staff TrainingFinal Project Presentation
    6. 6. * Joseph Tracy, CEO Mike Garofalo, CFO Deb Romanik, Project Manager Kathy Wells, Database Manager John Fiske, IT Analyst Mary Greene, Systems Analyst ZynxHealth Chris Kovach, Director of IT Denise Conlin, VP, Human Resources Management Helen Gallagher, Director of Nursing Education
    7. 7. *Major Tasks: 25%  Start up and orientation 20%  Project Sponsor  Outline 15% recommendations Allocated  Weekly progress 10% Overallocated meeting  Close project at final 5% report 0% Feb Mar April May June
    8. 8. *Major Tasks: 25%  Determine business requirements 20%  Assign project manager 15%  Allocate budget Allocated  Participate in 10% Overallocated weekly status report meetings 5% 0%
    9. 9. *Major Tasks: 120%  Organize team 100% reports  Update changes to 80% plan 60%  Report to Allocated stakeholders 40% Overallocated  Make adjustments to timeline as needed 20%  Develop Hospital 0% blog for staff communicate
    10. 10. * 120%Major Tasks:  Create Scope 100% Statement  Weekly Project Team 80% Meeting Leader  Present Final Project 60% Allocated Presentation Overallocated 40% 20% 0% Feb Mar April May June
    11. 11. *Major Tasks: 120%  Gather detailed 100% requirements for desired outputs from 80% the database  Create data input 60% Allocated and main screens 40% Overallocated  Review new prototype with 20% nursing departments 0%
    12. 12. *Major Tasks: 120%  Create charter plan 100%  Submit project plans 80%  Create sample screen 60%  Make adjustments Allocated based on end user 40% Overallocated feedback 20%  Create edit fields 0%
    13. 13. *Major Tasks: 120%  Create a project 100% team  Create a sample 80% report 60%  Develop queries Allocated  Create main screen 40% Overallocated  Test database 20% 0%
    14. 14. *Major Tasks: 60%  Organize 50% departments to coordinate 40% representatives  Participate in team 30% Allocated meetings 20% Overallocated  Contribute feedback from departments 10% 0%
    15. 15. *Major Tasks: 60%  Review prototype 50% with customer  Develop training 40% classes 30%  Create online help Allocated and user manual 20% Overallocated  Coordinate mandatory training 10% classes 0%
    16. 16. *Improved Care Plan Compliance in the first 24 hours of admissionConsistent communication on shift changesCustomized for unit based practicesMeet JCAHO guidelines