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Newsletter 6 2011 (Small)


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George Washington Univ. Political Science Newsletter. Mary Beth is featured on page 4.

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Newsletter 6 2011 (Small)

  1. 1. VOLUME 4, ISSUE 2 SPRING 2011 Department of Political Science Inves tor News l etter Newsletter INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Note from the Department Chair - Forrest Maltzman Greetings from Political Science 1 Three years ago, I was elected chair of NEWS FROM THE CHAIR the GW political science department. Forrest Maltzman discusses the When folks congratulated me on my Department’s latest advances election, I usually responded, “I think 2 condolences are more in order.” I was ENGAGED FACULTY stealing a line that academics have long Finnemore honored and faculty used upon being elected as chair.  But, I weigh in on policy debates lied. Chairing a department that is known 3 for its collegiality, that is emerging as one ENGAGED STUDENTS of the nation’s premier departments, that is Graduate student service located within a university that is projects and undergraduate absolutely committed to the department, internships and that has both a faculty and set of 4 students who intellectually engage each Elizabeth Saunders, and Caitlin ENGAGED ALUMNI other is nothing but a pleasure.  When I Talmadge).   Over the next few years, the Political science alumni take many began my term in 2008, we were a department is slated to make a number of different career paths department that had an extremely strong hires, and I anticipate the department will 5 foundation, a faculty that believed in the continue to grow and to improve.     GRADUATION collective good, and a vision of where we The GW political science is simply put RECEPTION wanted to go.  a department that has been and continues Graduating seniors, family, and The strength of the department today to fire on all of its cylinders.  faculty gather for celebration is reflected in our top twenty-five ranking One of the many strengths of the 6 by the national research council, the department is that we have been fortunate ALUMNI NEWS & NOTES productivity of our faculty, the popularity enough to be in a position where we The latest accomplishments and of both our graduate and undergraduate regularly rotate leadership positions and news on our alumni programs, the success of our students, and where many people step up to the 7 even the willingness of our alums to give plate.  Beginning next month, my THANKS TO OUR back to a program that so many of us care colleague Paul Wahlbeck will chair the CONTRIBUTORS about.  And I am convinced that the department, having been unanimously department is stronger today than it was approved by our colleagues.   I stepped three years ago.  Over the past three years, down to take on a role in the GW provost’s we have recruited new faculty away from office. I know Paul will thrive as the University of Chicago (Charlie Glaser), chair.  Paul has long been committed to the the University of Minnesota (Michael department’s norm of high standards, Barnett), Stony Brook (Brandon Bartels), collegiality, and a commitment to and Duke (Alexander Downes).  Finally, disciplinary pluralism. And Paul has long over the past three years, we have been promoted an agenda that will engage our joined by first rate colleagues who are just undergraduate and graduate beginning their careers (Celeste Arrington, students.  Upon his election, I gave Paul Eric Grynaviski, Jai Kwan Jung, Llewelyn my condolences.  I lied. Hughes, Stephen Kaplan, Harris Mylonas,DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE ● GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY
  2. 2. POLITICAL SCIENCE NEWSLETTER SPRING 2011Faculty Focus explore global governance andFinnemore Honored international organizations. She has Martha Finnemore was elected to the written several award-winning books:American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Rules for the World: International Organizationsjoining the ranks of some of the nation’s in Global Politics (coauthored withmost prominent scholars. Finnemore and Professor Michael Barnett) won theGW President Steven Knapp are among International Studies Association prizethe new members who will join one of the for best book in 2006; The Purpose ofnation’s most prestigious societies for Intervention: Changing Beliefs about the Use ofachievements in science, scholarship, Force won the 2004 Woodrow Wilsonbusiness, public affairs and the arts. Prize for the best book on government, Department Chair Forrest Maltzman politics, or international affairs.commented, “This is one of the highest “Being elected to the academy is ahonors that can be bestowed upon an great honor,” Finnemore remarked, “butacademic. The honor reflects the I could never have done this research Martha Finnemore at the celebratory receptioninnovative and creative approach Marty without the smart, sympathetic colleagues hosted by the Department and the Elliott School of International Affairshas brought to the table.” I have here at GW.  They keep me on my Finnemore, the first member of the toes intellectually, and WashingtonDepartment to achieve this distinction, is provides a never-ending stream of“home grown.” She began her career at political puzzles to challenge us.”GW in 1992 after completing her degreeat Stanford.  Her research and teachingAn Engaged Faculty much the upheavals have been about the politics. This attention has beenDepartment Middle last two—they really center on core issues advanced by the “Project on Middle EastEast Experts Opine on of constitutional structures and Political Science,” directed by MarcDemocracy Movement governance—and not the first. Islamist Lynch. This center is “designed to bring This spring has seen democracy movements have been players but hardly academic expertise to bear on publicprotests in the Middle East – first in the most significant ones in the discussions,” according to Brown. ThisTunisia and Egypt, and then seen in upheavals.” Movements, like the Islamic makes GW a player as a center forLibya and Syria among other nations. Brotherhood, are coping with a more studying the Middle East. Given GW’sPolitical science faculty have led the democratic environment, rather than the location in Washington, variousdiscussion and analysis of these more familiar authoritarian regime. governmental arms and journalistsdevelopments. Nathan Brown and Marc These developments affect the content routinely come to our faculty forLynch have been interviewed for articles of Brown’s courses in comparative expertise.appearing in a host of sources: CNN, politics. He is able to explore with What does the future hold? As recentNational Public Radio, and the students how much existing academic developments have demonstrated, the eraWashington Post. Brown appeared on approaches to understanding the Middle of change is not over. The one constantCapitol Hill in April to testify about East help us explain what is happening may be the ability of GW faculty to assessEgypt’s Muslim Brotherhood before the and how much they are now outmoded. political developments with a groundingHouse Intelligence Subcommittee on Brown said, “It made, quite obviously, for in their scholarship.Terrorism, Human Intelligence, Analysis very engaged discussions.” In the comingand Counterintelligence. semester, Brown anticipates rewriting Underlying their analysis is their some of his lectures based on the events.scholarship. For instance, Brown’s GW offers a unique vantage point toresearch examines three issues that are discuss these events. There is a great dealrelated closely: Islamist movements, of interest in Middle East politics on Follow the Department on campus: students take regional languages, Facebookconstitutionalism, and Navigate to http://www.facebook.com/semiauthoritarianism. “What is most attend programs on Middle East issues, GWPoliticalScience for Department andnotable to me,” Brown remarked, “is how and enroll in courses on Middle East alumni news and updatesDEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE ● GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY 2
  3. 3. POLITICAL SCIENCE NEWSLETTER SPRING 2011 GRADUATE STUDENTS SERVICE PROJECT Nine  graduate  students  and  staff  gathered  on  April  17  to   serve  lunches  to  about  100  people  at  So  Others  Might   Eat  (S.O.M.E.),  an  interfaith  community-­‐based   organizaFon  dedicated  to  helping  the  poor  and   homeless  in  DC.  The  graduate  caucus  also  collected  four   boxes  of  food  for  S.O.M.E.    “It  was  a  really  posiFve   experience,”  recounts  ChrisFna  Caan,  “and  SOME  is  an   amazing  organizaFon.    We  hope  to  work  with  them   Richie Wilcox and Lisel Hintz at again  in  the  future!”    The  graduate  caucus  collected  pet   S.O.M.E. (above); Chris Deering at the Washington Animal supplies  to  donate  to  the  Washington  Animal  Rescue   Rescue League (left) League  in  the  name  of  Lee  Sigelman. articles about the Department’s decisions argument was fascinating. “The dialogue on employment discrimination between the lawyers and Justices,” he complaints. These articles were posted observed, “would keep me on the edge of on the Department’s Online Digest to my seat.” Dorsey commented that the make its regulations more people at the Department of Veterans comprehensible by “painting a real-life Affairs made the internship great. “The picture for management officials” on how people that I worked with demonstrated to handle complaints. that internships are not just about Gary Wong interned at The Center for assigning errands and grunt work to Responsive Politics. In addition to students. Instead, its comprised of a updating the Center’s campaign symbiotic relationship in which building contribution database, he wrote news and fostering mentorship andStudents Engaged in Washington reports for their website about the role of professionalism that prepares students forUnderg raduates money in politics. One of Wong’s reports the real world is essential.” WongThrive in Internships gained a reference in a New York Times reinforced this view: the interactions with Political Science undergraduates enrich op-ed essay. Center staff made “the worktheir education through internships with Students pick up internships by hook or environment … very friendly andgovernment officials and public interest by crook. Jacob Stewart, who worked at conducive for professional growth.”groups. Year in and year out, more than the Supreme Court for the Curator’s These students found that internships80 students enroll in internships for Office, pursued his fascination with the expanded their knowledge about policy-credit. The 2010 graduating class judiciary by googling "Supreme Court making institutions and the impact ofreported that 77 percent had worked in internship" to see what was available. He policy. “I learned much more than justan internship during their college years. found that their website provides applicable skills for the ‘job world.’” This year, as in years past, students information on how to apply. Dorsey Stewart commented that he “learnedserved numerous organizations. These discovered the Veterans Affairs internship something new every day at the Court.”include government agencies, like the on the Career Center’s website. The Wong, recounting his experience at theDepartment of Justice and the internship in the Office of Employment Center for Responsive Politics, said, “TheDepartment of Veterans Affairs, policy Discrimination Complaint Adjudication internship complemented my GWadvocacy organizations, such as the was a good match given her interest in education in the sense that I gained aHeritage Foundation and Planned the law and her goal to become a judge. better understanding of the significanceParenthood, and members of Congress As she put it, “Because the Office is an of recent campaign financing laws, andor campaigns. adjudicating body, I was exposed to some its impact on elections.” Dorsey said that Interns help Washington work. They very critical skills which judges use daily the internship was more than just aupdate databases, give tours, take phone when making and writing decisions.” resume builder, but offered “exposure tocalls, and write summaries and reports. Internships are valuable on a number the work that I love (legal research andJazmine Dorsey, who interned at the of dimensions. Stewart said of his case analysis).”Department of Veterans Affairs, wrote Supreme Court internship, hearing oralDEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE ● GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY 3
  4. 4. POLITICAL SCIENCE NEWSLETTER SPRING 2011Alumni Careers testimony of the claimants seeking social How did Merrin move from a focus onAlumni Advance in security benefits. public opinion to a career as a corporateMany Fields Dixon concludes today that his advisor? She commented that each Political science alumni pursue many decision to attend GW in political science position “built on and drew fromdifferent vocations. In the last half year, was the right decision. Knowing that experience in the previous positions.our alumni have made a mark in GW’s political science department had an However, each was grounded in theeducational software development, excellent reputation, a degree from GW strong foundation I had from my Ph.D.journalism, government affairs, business, would be advantageous to his career by studies at GW.”and the law. The following are snapshots demonstrating of what he was capable if Her career began as a faculty memberof two alumni, their career, and the role he “could handle the coursework at Georgia State University where sheplayed by their GW education. requirements of GW’s Political Science taught courses on public opinion, publicAndrew Dixon (B.A. 1992) Department.”   policy, and research methods. Returning The connection of his coursework and to the DC area, Merrin worked at a his interest formed one of the highlights survey research company that developed of his GW years. He studied the a new survey methodology for the inequities of funding for inner city school Defense Department, directed program districts vis-a-vis their suburban evaluations for the federal government, counterparts.  Dixon used the knowledge and examined the Nielson ratings for that he gained in class “to become more NBC evening news. knowledgeable on a subject that had Merrin then went to Marriott for 10 always interested me.” years. As a Vice President she had Like many pre-law students, Professor responsibility for all research across the In August 2010, Andrew Dixon was Emeritus John Morgan inspired Dixon.  various operating divisions includingappointed as an Administrative Law “He was a charismatic older professor marketing, customer satisfaction, humanJudge for the Social Security who made his classes on constitutional resources, operations, food and beverage,Administration in Tallahassee, Florida. law so interesting that I forgot to take new product development and the His path to this position began after notes!” Morgan was the one professor globalization of the Marriott Brand.graduation when Dixon worked for the with whom Dixon made sure to have his Merrin also held a similar position forDC Government’s Office of Personnel. picture taken on Graduation Day. Choice Hotels.He represented the city in administrative Today, Merrin’s marketing researchunemployment compensation hearings Mary Beth Merrin (Ph.D. and communications company, Decisionagainst former District employees. As he 1976) Making Research - DMR, conductsroutinely beat attorneys in hearings, he analytical work for global corporatethought he was ready for law school, leaders, non-profits, and new ventures.moving to Miami to attend the St. Merrin comments that her GWThomas University School of Law. experience influenced her career path in Dixon’s legal career began as an three ways: sharpened her analytic skills;Assistant State Attorney in Broward provided options to work in a wide rangeCounty (Ft. Lauderdale). Dixon later of positions; made her “recognize thelanded a job at the Department of importance of not just knowing the facts,Health and Human Service as an but moving beyond the facts to theirAttorney Advisor for the Office of implications.”Medicare Hearings and Appeals in The highlights of Merrin’s GW careerMiami, authoring Medicare Appeals included serving as a teaching fellow indecisions for Administrative Law Judges. quantitative methods and analysis. She In his current position, Dixon presides found it rewarding to “help students inover and adjudicates social security Mary Beth Merrin uses her graduate the process of discovery.” She also spokeclaims. The position requires extensive training by advising corporate decision highly of the opportunity to work withreview of medical documents, review of makers. Her dissertation, reflecting her her major professor, Hugh LeBlanc, withopinion drafts prepared by decision interest in public opinion and public whom she published articles while inwriters, as well as conducting hearings policy, was entitled “The Issues in Issue graduate school.and eliciting the sometimes emotional Voting: An Analysis of the 1972 Presidential Election.”DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE ● GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY 4
  5. 5. POLITICAL SCIENCE NEWSLETTER SPRING 2010 GRADUATION RECEPTION The Political Science Department hosted a reception for our graduates in the City View Room on May 14. We were joined for the festivities by nearly 300 graduates and their families. The reception gave everyone the opportunity to celebrate the many accomplishments of our students. Graduation, following the GW tradition, took place on the National Mall.DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE ● GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY 5
  6. 6. POLITICAL SCIENCE NEWSLETTER SPRING 2011 ALUMNI NEWS & NOTES Katie Hogan (B.A. 2006) named deputy press secretary for the 2012 Obama campaign. Jason MacDonald (Ph.D. 2003) published an article, “Limitation Riders and Congressional Influence over Bureaucratic Policy Decisions,” in the American Political Science Review. Alumnus David Malet (Ph.D. 2009) received a Federal STAR grant from the EPAs Homeland Security branch to study public communications after a bioterrorist attack. Alumna Maria Rublee (Ph.D. 2002) named one of the new editors of International Studies Perspectives. Corey Shott (B.A. 2004) works in the National Wildlife Federations National Advocacy Center. Julie Silverbrook (B.A. 2009) created a program, Constitutional Conversations, for the Institute of Bill of Rights Law at William & Mary, and it was awarded the 2011 Virginia Public Library Directors Association Award for Best Cooperative Program in the State. Jared Starr (B.A. 2003) developed an educational, interactive DVD adventure, which received a Parent’s Choice Approved award. Send News to: Political Science Newsletter, George Washington University, 2115 G Street, NW, Monroe 440, Washington, DC 20052; or email us at polsci@gwu.eduThe Newest Alumni the Evans prize went to Jennifer Casazza,Underg raduates Amitis Darabnia, Thomas Giannettino,Finish Strong Brett Grey, Stephen Hawkins, John The Department’s graduating class is Meserve, and Peter Wilson.an award-winning group! Two students, Pi Sigma Alpha, the political scienceTayler Lofquist and Sally Nuamah were honor society, welcomed 37 newnamed Columbian College Distinguished members at their annual ceremony.Scholars and spoke at the Columbian Our outstanding class of graduatingCollege graduation ceremony on May 14. seniors are going in many exciting Fourteen students, perhaps a record directions. Several report plans tonumber, won Department prizes. The continue their education with 14 studentsSacks award was given to Tayler Lofquist pursuing graduate degrees and 11and Annie McGinnis, the Sigelman students planning to attend law school.award went to Emily Baer Bositis and In addition to graduate degrees inSally Nuamah, the Morgan award was political science and public policy,awarded to Dan Blumenthal, Danielle students will study elementary education Students at the Pi Sigma Alpha ceremony on April 17Desaulniers, and Tabisa Walwema, and and business. Our future law students Employment also includes service to will attend elite programs, including GW, members of Congress and teaching. Michigan, Columbia, Washington & Lee, We wish the Class of 2011 well as they Ohio State, Loyola, and Southern begin their new adventures. Methodist. Future employers include the federal government, corporations, advocacy groups, and law firms.DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE ● GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY 6
  7. 7. POLITICAL SCIENCE NEWSLETTER SPRING 2011Thanks to Our Donors Daniel LeClair ‘05 DONATE TO GWThese individuals made contributions to Marian Lee ‘76the Political Science Department or the John Mancus ‘76 AND POLITICALSigelman Fund in the 2010-2011 academic Elizabeth Matto ‘00 SCIENCE TODAYyear (May 1, 2010 - May 31, 2011). We John ‘75 & Sharon Moeser Gifts to the Department ofvery much appreciate your kindness and Michael Moran * Political Science allow us tosupport for our various activities. Wynne Walker ‘85 & Randall Moskop further our research andRobert Adcock ** Eric Nakano ‘04 educational goals. Each gift, noDavid Algranati ‘97 John ‘75 & Karen Nelson matter how large or small, makes a positive impact on ourDiego Areces * Leigh Noel educational mission and furthersKyle Bird ‘09 Toshiya Ozaki ‘04 our standing as one of theEmily Baer-Bositis ‘11 Robert Poogach nation’s preeminent programs.Elliot Bell-Krasner ‘08 Rebecca Rene ‘80 You can make your gift to theSarah Binder & Forrest Maltzman ** Peter & Sue Rogers Department in a number of ways:Lindsay Brooker ‘09 James Sadowski ‘89N. Joseph Cayer Joseph Sarreal ‘10 • Securely online atEdward Chaszar ‘72 Arun Selvaratnam * www.gwu.edu/give2gw. JustIngrid Creppell ** Arnav Shah * choose “other” underEmily Cummins ‘00 Carol and Lee Sigelman designation and type inBryan Daves ‘98 Julie Silverbrook ‘09 “Political Science Department”John Donaldson ‘05 & Li Qu Nidhi Srivastava ‘11Lynn Dorsey * Steve & Mariam Strosnider * • Mail your check, made out toMr. & Mrs. Leland Dribin ‘65 Frederick Thide, Jr. ‘08 The George Washington University and with “PoliticalMaurice East ** Paul Wahlbeck ** Science Department” in theSusan Flashman ’77 Lisa Williams ‘03 memo line, to the University atJames Fortin * Eric Wilmeth ‘73 2100 M Street, NW, Suite 310,Mark Frankel ‘76 William Ziegler Washington, DC 20052Wallace Gernt Jr. ‘83Stephen Glascock & Barbara Van Beuren * • By calling the GW Annual FundElizabeth Glusman * at 1-800-789-2611James Goldgeier **James Jewell ‘95 Department of PoliticalAlvin Kaltman ‘70 Science George Washington UniversityJames & Patricia Ann Kellogg Viola Political Science Graduate 2115 G Street, N.W.Emily Kowalski ‘05 Scholarship Endowment Funded Monroe Hall 440James Lebovic ** Gennaro Viola made a generous bequest to Washington, DC 20052 the Department to support internationalJoan & Maurice Kong * graduate students. Phone: 202.994.6290 E-mail: polsci@gwu.edu Web: http://www.gwu.edu/~psc * Parent/Student ** GW Political Science FacultyDEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE ● GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY 7
  8. 8. Department of Political Science Non-ProfitGeorge Washington University U.S. Postage 2115 G Street, N.W. PAID Monroe Hall 440 Washington, D.C. Washington, DC 20052 Permit 593