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Business Intelligence Project Portfolio
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Business Intelligence Project Portfolio


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  • 1. Business Intelligence
    David Mrasek
  • 2. Table of Contents
    Project Overview
    SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Samples
    SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Samples
    SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Samples
    Performance Point Server (PPS) Samples
    MOSS Excel Services Samples
  • 3. Project Overview
    This presentation displays various samples from a Business Intelligence project, which entailed the design and build a SQL Server 2005 database to track employee and customer information, timesheet and labor rates data, as well as job order information, job materials, and customer invoices for a construction company, Allworks. In the current state, the AllWorks stores this information in Excel Spreadsheets, XML files, and CSV files.
    SQL Server 2005 Integration Services was used to integrate these external data sources into the SQL Server Staging database.
    Utilizing SQL Server Analysis Services and utilizing the SQL Staging database as the data source, several custom views and a series of cubes, dimensions, custom MDX queries, and key point indicators (KPIs) were developed to analyze and measure profitability and costs.
    Finally, Using SQL Server Reporting Services, Performance Point Server, and MOSS Excel Services, a variety of deliverables such as standard reports , Scorecards, and Dashboards were created to deliver the information to the end-user in a significantly improved and meaningful form and usability.
  • 4. SSIS – Control Flow Sample
    This Master Package will perform Data Base Maintenance Tasks, then execute four separate threads for updating , in this case, multiple staging database tables
  • 5. SSIS - Data Flow Sample
    This Data Flow reads an Employee Timesheet, transforms time fields, perform Lookups to validate content, then performs 1 of 4 actions (Insert, Update, or rejections) based on the validation results
  • 6. SSIS – Script Task Sample
    In certain cases, it is necessary to extend the functionality of a package by adding a script to perform a custom function.
    In this example, a VBA script updates a counter for processing multiple flat files within the Foreach Loop
  • 7. SSAS - Data Source View Sample
    This sample displays the data model generated by the cube creation. The model contains multiple fact tables and several supporting dimensions in a simple snowflake schema style
  • 8.  
    Screen clipping taken: 1/5/2010, 3:00 PM
    SSAS –Dimension Usage Sample
    The sample illustrates the relationships established between Fact and Dimension data, in the generation of the cube. Relationship created in the cube generation can be overridden to reflect the desired result
  • 9. SSAS – Drill-through Action Sample
    Actions are use used support the summary data, by allowing a end-user to “drill” down into the lowest level of detail data, or link to an application from which the data originated
  • 10. SSAS – Calculations Sample
    Calculated Members are useful for the development and re-use of standardized expressions, based on either Dimension or Fact data elements, and are commonly used in the definition of KPIs
  • 11. SSAS – Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Sample
    Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are defined objects in SSAS which allow end-users of Analytical Cubes to view the status of their most important business metrics.
  • 12. SSAS - Partitions Sample
    Partitions are used for performance purposes, to physically divide the data into sections based upon a criteria (in this case , data range) , which are transparent to the end-user
  • 13. SSAS – MDX Code Sample
    This simple MDX query lists the Hours Worked and Total Labor for each Employee
  • 14. SSAS – MDX Code Sample
    This MDX query displays the Top 3 Employees work hours by Jobs, sorted in alpha order
  • 15. SSAS – MDX Code Sample
    This MDX query displays the percent change between two (2) Overhead Categories in alpha sort order
  • 16. SSAS – MDX Code Sample
    This MDX query displays the percent change between two Overhead Categories in alpha sort order
  • 17. SSRS - Report Sample
    This summary report list the various Overhead Categories with previous and current Quarter results and percent change
  • 18. Performance Point Server Sample
    This PPS Scorecard displays for the selected Quarter, the Overhead trend, along with the detail category KPI status, in tabular form
  • 19. Performance Point Server Sample
    This PPS Scorecard displays for the selected Client, the Material Purchases in four (4) categories in Bar Graph form
  • 20. Performance Point Server Sample
    This Dashboard displays, for a selected Employee, the Total Labor by Quarter in Bar Graph form, Profit % plotted in Line Graph form, and a detail list of Labor $ by Project
  • 21. MOSS Excel Services Sample
    This Labor History Chart displays for the selected Client and Years, the quarterly labor breakdown in Bar Graph form
  • 22. MOSS Excel Services Sample
    This Job Profitability Chart displays for the quarterly Job Profits in Bar Graph form, with Profit Percentage plotted in Line Graph form