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Academic Success
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Academic Success


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. How to be successful at RMMS Work hard, play hard Mr. Morente, School Counselor
  • 2. The Goals of this Lesson•Students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills of how toattain academic success in middle school•Students will understand the importance of GPA and how tocalculate their own GPAs•Students will know how to ask critical questions•Students will identify school resources in where they can get help
  • 3. Tips on how to be successful•Do your homework•Read at least 20 minutes a day•Ask critical questions•Review your notes when you have test•Eat a healthy high protein breakfast•Go to bed early•Use your planner and binder
  • 4. What is GPA? Grade Point Average Why is it important? Minimum 2.0 GPA requirement to participate in school activities
  • 5. How to calculate your GPA Mr. Ayala’s report cardA = 4 POINTS Subject GradeB = 3 POINTS PE FC = 2 POINTS Lang Arts CD = 1 POINT Soc Stu CF = 0 POINTS Math D Sci F Explorer B 8 point/ number of classes
  • 6. 1.33 GPA
  • 7. Who cares about GPA? You should because o It will affect the classes you pick for next year o You will not be eligible to attend school activities such as dances and field trips o high school counselors and teachers look at student’s GPA in middle school and they will determine what classes you should take in high school o your grades do not only affect you but it affects your family.
  • 8. Where to get help•Teachers•Counselor•Bulls Club•Friends
  • 9. TESTDirections: Read all questionsbefore beginning with questionone.
  • 10. 1. Put your name on this paper in the upper left corner.2. Put the date in the upper right corner.3. Put the total number of questions on this test under the date.4. Stop and think.5. Take a deep breath.6. Scratch your head. Be sure your teacher sees you do this so that he or she knows you are following the directions.7. Stand up.8. Turn around three times.9. Hop on one foot twice.10. Sing Happy Birthday to your teacher while standing on one foot.11. Be seated.12. Write the alphabet at the bottom of this page.13. Stand up. Bend over and touch your toes.14. Fold this paper.15. Put your name on the outside.16. Turn in the paper to your teacher.17. Only do questions 1 - 2 and 14 - 17.