Why is Communication with the Dead Challenging?
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Why is Communication with the Dead Challenging?



This presentation provides information about the key factors that should be considered when assessing the accuracy of information conveyed by a psychic medium. Medium7 research conducted by ...

This presentation provides information about the key factors that should be considered when assessing the accuracy of information conveyed by a psychic medium. Medium7 research conducted by Smith-Moncrieffe found 8 key factors that contributed to enhanced communication.

Understanding these factors are important as a majority of the public have many misconceptions about the processes. They often feel that the medium is responsible for accurate communication and when this does not occur there are allegations of fraud. This presentation outlines how the medium, the sitter (client) and spirit (discarnates) play a role in spirit communication.

This presentation was made at a MADD charity event (see Youtube under Donna Moncrieffe channel)



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Why is Communication with the Dead Challenging? Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Why is communication with the dead challenging? Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, Director, Metaphysics Research www.medium7.com Afterlife Speakers Series September-November 2013
  • 2. Why is it necessary to understand the nature of spirit communication?  Sitters (clients) sometimes have an expectation that speaking with discarnates and spirit via a medium will be precise, clear, accurate and free flowing;  There is dissolution and sometimes allegations of fraud when these expectations are not met; and  Understanding the true nature of spirit communication will help develop realistic expectations and greater understanding. Researchers will conduct better measurement protocol when they understand the limits of spirit communication. 
  • 3. Who is responsible for clear spirit communication? Spirit (discarnate, guides, masters) Medium Sitter (client receiving the information via the medium)
  • 4. Factors To Consider I have found that there are at least 8 key factors that contribute to clear and accurate “spirit to earth” communication.  The medium, the discarnate (spirit without a physical body), and the sitter (client) all contribute to this clarity of communication.
  • 5. Medium Responsibility Level of mediumistic ability Physical and mental abilities may be developed • Some mediums have had neurological changes that allow the information to flow between dimensions; • Some mediums (very rare however) have the ability to produce ectoplasm • Ability to use various extrasensory abilities to convey “spirit-to-earth‟ messages (i.e. some mediums have all 5 extrasensory abilities) Symbols and Interpretation Ability to identify the symbols clearly •Ability to recognize the symbols and assign the meaning of that symbol; •Ability to share the symbols without interpreting the meaning for the sitter. (Note: This is the greatest source of error in mediumship. The impressions received are often accurate but the medium‟s attempt to interpret is problematic and contributes to inaccurate messages. Predisposition Medium‟s predisposition • Conflicting personality between the medium and the discarnate can limit the flow of information or contribute to lack of clarity; • Anxiety and negative emotions can reduce the flow of “spirit-to-earth” communications especially if the medium is affected by the personality of the discarnate.
  • 6. How does Spirit Play a Role? Stage/Ability Stage of Learning •After the transition, discarnates need to adapt to their environment; •Roberts noted in Seth Speaks that discarnates need to adapt to their atmosphere including needing to learn movement, communication, and function. •See case in Medium7 (2013), where the discarnate could not communicate due to inability to lower vibrational frequency and required a 3rd party to help with conveying a message. •Remember that spirit guides and angels have an even greater perspective than discarnates. Life Purpose Not what you want… it‟s what you need? •Spirit will provide information: •Based on the need (how great is this need?). Spirit guides and angels have a greater perspective. •Higher and greater good (you will not receive information if it is not in sync with your higher purpose) •There are many case studies I have come across where information was not conveyed by spirit as it would limit the sitter‟s life purpose and ability to exercise free will and make personal decisions Life Lessons What is the spiritual lesson you need to learn? • Case of Roger and Kelly „s spiritual reading with a mediums ( Learning the lesson of loving unconditionally) •Roger did not receive information that Kelly would pass (experience a physical death); •Roger did learn that he needed to go on a trip with Kelly; and •This trip resulted in his getting to understand his ex-wife‟s past behavior.
  • 7. How does the sitter play a role? Predisposition of the sitter Vibrational frequency is important • Anxiety, fear, negative energy can block or negatively affect the information provided from spirit via the medium (Remember that the medium must raise their vibrational frequency and the discarnate needs to lower their vibrational frequency). • Lower vibrational frequencies cannot align with information that is vibrating at higher level of consciousness. Higher level vibrations include positive emotions like: excitement, love, hope and giving. • The sitter‟s vibrational frequency also plays a part in the ability to align with spirit to enhance clear communication. Post-Analysis conducted by the sitter Proper reflection and analysis • Checking other documentation or family members about the information shared by the medium is important for validation (sitters do not know all their deceased discarnates as they may go back many generations; • When information shared via a medium is not known by the sitter but is later validated via external means, this supports survival of consciousness theory (it substantiates that the medium is not reading the sitter‟s mind) • Spirit will not always share information that is know to individuals on the earth plane. This is done with the intent to ensure we understand that consciousness does survive physical death. Information that can be validated by the sitter is also important as it ensures there is enough credibility developed between the sitter and the medium.
  • 8. Summary: Factors that contribute to accurate spirit communication The following factors are important when considering the efficacy of communication between a medium and a sitter: Medium  Stage of Development  Ability to convey symbols and impressions clearly without adding personal interpretation; and  Predisposition (personalities of the medium and discarnate communicating) Spirit/Discarnates  Stage of learning (spiritual level) of discarnate is important    Spirit guides and angels have greater perspectives and knowledge than discarnates—it is important for sitter‟s to use the information accordingly Agenda/Purpose (spirit, not the medium or sitter, decide what will be communicated); and Lessons to be learned takes priority (Karma and life purpose) Sitter  Predisposition (feelings or vibrational frequency during the reading), and  Post-Analysis of information shared from the medium   Information that the sitter already should know OR Information that was never known by the sitter and needs to be validated by another friend or family member
  • 9. Thank You Metaphysics Research Director, Donna SmithMoncrieffe, BSc., CrimDip, MSc. www.medium7.com medium7research@gmail.com