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Buzzer - Word of Mouth Marketing
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Buzzer - Word of Mouth Marketing


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Präsentation auf dem Innovation Hub beim DMMK 2009 - Buzzer ist Europas führende Word of Mouth Plattform.

Präsentation auf dem Innovation Hub beim DMMK 2009 - Buzzer ist Europas führende Word of Mouth Plattform.

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  • 1. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Buzzer & Word of Mouth The buzz starts today. Berlin, dmmk 9 June 2009
  • 2. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Open Source Politics & Crowdfunding Draft Obama Initiated by volunteers without Obama’s knowledge
  • 3. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential The world’s most valuable brand “Think about that for a second: the top brand in the world belongs to a player that… ...uhhh…doesn’t advertise” Umair Haque - Harvard Business Review (The Shrinking Advantage of Brands)
  • 4. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Buzzer leads the WoM Revolution. 1st agency Europe Benelux & DE 75+ Campaigns Broad Portfolio Womma Member BuzzTools & Storytelling WoM Marketing helps brands use the full potential ...and Buzzer knows how of word of mouth and consumer engagement... to do just that.
  • 5. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Buzzer: Product, Story & Buzz Product- experience & Story Generate Trial & Buzz Feedback on Product & Marketing
  • 6. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Buzz(er) without limits.
  • 7. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential OMO klein & kräftig Elements 2 * concentrated 3000 Buzzers 3 months Create Trial Beat Ariel Change behaviour Measure !
  • 8. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Experience the product & share it! Buzzers receive enough product to experience the product indepth Consumers ever smarter and more critical… “Consumers are bombarded with advertising, but they see through it ever faster. The product experience trumps the brand when it gets to influencing buying behaviour” Guy de Sévaux - Research International ‘Buzzed’ people receive samples that help tell the story...
  • 9. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Turn the laundry into a conversation Whitewashing: a 28 page booklet filled with buzzable stories about doing the laundry. Circulation: 75.000 Monica Lewinsky’s dress: one of the most famous stains in history. Worth talking about…
  • 10. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Conversation starters T-shirts for kids with small & mighty visuals that get people to ask questions
  • 11. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Make the claim real. Prove convenience ? Hold your old detergent and Klein&Kräftig in your stretched arms and see how long you can hold both…
  • 12. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Storytelling through actions Photo-award: send in a picture that shows the benefits for the environment of using Klein & Kräftig
  • 13. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential The Buzzer as Micro Marketeer Buzzers make 25 mini-BuzzKits and hand these out with their own story ‘Buzzed’ consumers fill out a questionnaire online
  • 14. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Show me the money. 1 >150 600,0 512,5 Buying Intention (indexed) 500,0 400,0 375,0 300,0 212,5 200,0 100,0 100,0 0,0 Advertised Sampled Buzzed Buzzers People buzzed have 175% higher buying “The reach of buzzing is huge” intention than sampled consumers In 2008, Buzzer launched OMO Small & Mighty, a new detergent, for Unilever. Mindshare Insights conducted in-depth research on the results of the Campaign. 4 groups were compared: control groups that were exposed to advertising and sampling, the Buzzers and the people they buzzed.
  • 15. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential Ignore (or bend) the new laws of marketing! “Willem’s presentation at dmmk was the best ever held in any conference. And he is very, very handsome” I. Maginary, dmmk conference participant Buy Willem Now ! (limited pieces left) 9 out of 10 people* that did not see the presentation said it would have improved the quality of their lives if they had witnessed it. * Tested among a sample of hypothetical people.
  • 16. Buzzer © 2009 - confidential The buzz starts now ! Kontaktiere Torsten Panzer unter und erfahre mehr über die Möglichkeiten Deine Marke zu buzzen. “Spezialbehandlung”* für deutsche Startkunden von Buzzer. *ein buzzable Deal Willem’s Presentation: slideshare/sodderland/dmmk2009 Listen to Torsten’s story about WoM: