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  • * by “technology” we mean: web, mobile, silicon
  • This isn’t “out with the old, in with the new”...
  • > Tech sector in UK accounts for greater than £100bn of UK revenue > Bath and Bristol is the 2nd largest area for chip design after Silicon Valley because of companies like PicoChip and XMOS
  • We wanted to do something for everyone. This is an event about normal people and their relationship with technology. Hence: - coding for kids - teaching digital - the web for the terrified... etc
  • Bath Digital general introduction

    1. 1. working to connect the digital and creative industries of Bath
    2. 2. hello
    3. 3. We are... • ..a number of existing groups who have come together with a common aim • ..a group of people working in or around
    4. 4. monthly talks for web people > networking meetups for tech types > conference for people working in mobile > a conference connecting mobile devs / business >
    5. 5. geeky fry-ups > creative sector knowledge exchange >a geeky mailing list, like _ only...mellower > rapid fire talks >
    6. 6. All about the content ROBOTS! Linked Data AIR Current Cost Mobile Web Its all design AV Artificial Intelligence The Things We Make Startup Night Web design Arduino Accessibility Mobile No fluff, just stuff GTD Natural 3d, sex, lies, video games Quizzes The spirit of openness User Experience Dragons Den Bring your own: gadgets and
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Why Bath? ‘cos it’s not just Jane Austen and big hats • Fantastic work/life balance • London: 1.5 hrs • High levels of innovation • Amazing creative people • Well connected to Bristol, Taunton,
    9. 9. Why tech? • local tech companies are forecasting 19% increase in employees and 18% increase in turnover in 2012 compared to 2011 • In 2008 - 2010 the tech sector was the only one to show positive employment growth in the city (14%) • Software, digital entertainment and electronic publishing now largest sub-sector in employment terms in
    10. 10. The festival • In March 2012, we came together for Bath’s first ever Digital Festival • 28 events over 10 days • 20 sponsors • ~2,500
    11. 11. Mobile Symphonia X Media Lab conference, Expo and Not for profit Digital Workshop Web for the Terrified Bath Tweetup Business Clinic Feature Films in Digital AgeD:Bate: Coding For Kids Is Digital Killing Print Industry? Storm Hackday Business Clinic Bath App Pitches Gov West Sparkies Teaching Digital OpenMIC Solderathon Instameet Roadmap for Startups BathCamp Big M Ignite BA1 Records club night Geek Dads Breakfast Digital Open Decks
    12. 12. What next? • Continue to work on raising the profile of local tech - running events, writing and talking about what we’re doing • Make Bath Digital an entity...of some kind.. • Aim to help foster tech competency, especial amongst kids • Look for sponsorship for next years’ digital festival -- and for Bath Digital in
    13. 13. You can help by.. • ..getting involved: come along, talk, workshop, help out • ..helping to spread the word • ..sponsoring us • ..coming to talk to us if you’ve got any other
    14. 14. Thanks!