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  1. 1.
  2. 2. Realtor Issues• Add new property in • Searching for desired listing or database property in different listings or databases• Promotion of a property in the internet • Collecting data about the property (due diligence)• Promotion of a property in magazines and • Financial solutions newspapers (mortgage, insurance) + legal advice + business process management + communication
  3. 3. Realtor Tools• Agency’s website • Insurance companies websites• A number of different multilisting systems and • Government’s websites databases • Another agencies &• Real-Estate magazines realtors websites• Real-Estate newspapers • Lawyers, mortgage brokers, other specialists• Banks’ websites websites
  4. 4. Realtor Problems• Many different registrations, passwords, personal profiles• Nonprofessionals trying to meet realtor’s needs• CRM-systems for realtors are not linked in multilisting systems and property databases, agency’s websites, magazines and newspapers, and also very expensive• Websites for realtors are typically built and desinged using old technologies and ancient CRMs
  5. 5. Can we help realtor and address all these issues with one solution?
  6. 6. www.DOMHUNTER.prorealtor’s professional tool
  7. 7.• CRM - cloudbased system designed by realtors for realtors and deeply integrated in one big international property database• Property promotion and advertisement all over world wide web• Real time deals and business processes management• One website meets all realtors needs• World wide multilisting system• Personal realtor’s cloud office
  8. 8. www.DOMHUNTER.proStructure Design and System Development Step 1 Virtual Assistant
  9. 9. Business Process Management System• Designed by realtors for realtors• Integrated database• Full management service• Advertising efficiency measurement• Quality analysis
  10. 10. Property Database• World wide property database• Connected with all multilisting systems and bases• Integrated with a CRM - realtor adds new client’s needs into application and system suggests relevant property
  11. 11. Oneclick Promotion• Property promotion in the most popular multilisting systems• Property promotion in real estate magazines, newspapers• All actions can be perfomed from one window of one system
  12. 12. www.DOMHUNTER.proStructure Design and System Development Step 2 Socialization
  13. 13. Lawyers Mortgage Contract creation Banks programs Consulting and advising in taxes and property Mortgage online calculators laws New programs promotion Technical information about propertyPromotionof a property throughout the internet Government DH Services Property rights informationTaxes and ownership historyInformation about tax system Statistics Insurance How many people have checked a property + Programs information marketing analysis Online calculators News, promotion Promotion of property in newspapers and Onsite advertisement magazines RealEstate Agencies Realtors Developers Banks, Insurance, Law companies
  14. 14. Blog CRM-system Realtors personal Integrated realtors Personal services experience business management What can you do? What do you sell? Can be used by realtors, lawyers, What are you thinking about/ bankers, insurance managers. Whats going on Realtor can share his ideas,Property objects news, thoughts, properties withInformation, working Personal Cloud office @DH facebook, twitter and so on.process, prices and so on Personal informationCommunication circle - partners, Realtor shares personalcompanies, clients information, about his company,Realtor can share his objects, create closed deals and so on.special circles to sell propertytogether with another realtors, or Services to buysend interesting objects to his clients Realtor can buy any needed service with one click
  15. 15. In-System advertisement Direct-advertisement in search results like «this property can bebought with this bank’s special deal» or «this apartment can be insured by...»
  16. 16.• iPhone/iPad and Android Application• Facebook Application• Partnership network with other real estate web resources• Property promotion and advertisement all over world wide web, in special magazines and newspapers• Unique services – videopromotion, online ownership history, contract online creation• Geotargeting• Professional property search engine
  17. 17. Customers:• Real estate agents.• Real estate companies.• Banks, insurance companies, lawyers, tax advisers. Everybody who wants to buy or sell property.