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Timeline project for us history Timeline project for us history Presentation Transcript

  • Timeline By david mitchelllate 1800’s to early 1900’s
  • Bessemer process-devoleped by the britishmanufacturer henrybess, this machineinvolved injecting air into moltoniron to remove carbonand other impuritys 1850 1857 1859 1862 Fredrick law Social Darwinism- The homestead act-law Olmsted- grew out of the enacted in 1862 that landscape English naturalist provided 160 acres of architect planned Charles Darwins land to any citizen or urban parks in theory of evolution, he intended citizen new york, he was said that some selected to plan species flourished central park in and pass their traits new york city down to the next generation
  • Sand creek Grandfathermassacre-it clause- the clausebrought peace states that even iftreatys with the a man failed aapache, kiowa, literacy test that orand cheyenne •the treatys couldn’t afford poll tax he was stillceded last land allowed to vote ifthey wandred as his father ornomads until a grandfather hadreservation was been able to votemade for them before january 1st 1867 1864 1865 1867 Oliver kelley- started a Andrew carnegie-one of the first patron of industrail moguls to make his own husbandry an founate, he left his job at the penn organization for state railroad, he entered the steel farmers business after touring a british that became steel mill witnessing the bessemer populary process in action known as the grange
  • George Grange-its original purpose Westinghouse- at the was age of 22 he invented to provide a social outlet a railroad for farm braking system families, but soon turned through compressed into air, he pursued many fighting the railroads improvements in railway signs and signals 1868 1869 1870 Tweed ring- betweenTammy hall- John D Rockefeller- 1869william w tweed establishing and 1871 boss tweedbecame head of standred oil led the ringthis organization, took a different of corrupt innew york city appoach to mergers defraunding themost powerful they joined city of NYCdemocratic with competingpolitical machine companies in trustin 1868 agreements
  • Eugene V Debs- was a american union leader one of the founding Jane adams- was a members of the pioneer settlement industrail workers of the world worker and founder of and several times canidate of the hullhouse in chicago socialist party of she was also a public america, debs was a member of philosopher, soicalist the democratic party and to the ,author and leader in indiana general womens sufferage assembly in 1884 1874 1875 1876George A Custer-reported that the black Jacob riis- hehills had gold “from the is known for Thomas Alva Edison- becamegrassroots using his a pioneer on the new industrialdown” a gold rush was photographic frontier when he established theon red cloud and and worlds first research laboratoryspotted tail another jounalistic in menlo park, NJ were Edisonsioux chief vainly talents to help perfected the incandescent lightappealed again to the bulbgovernment officials improvished in NYC
  • Gilded age- was the period Mark twain- a novelist and following the civil war roughly humorist inspired a host of from the other young authors created end of the reconstruction to the most classic literature in turn of the 20th centuary they america belived to be an era of serious social problems hidden by a thin layer of gold 1876 1877 1880Alexander Graham Bell- Wild bill hitchcock-invented the first telephone served as a scoutin 1876 it opened the way and spy during thefor world civil war and laterwide communication as marshall in kansasnetwork he was shot while holding a pair of aces and a pair of eight’s
  • Literacy tests- used so blacks couldn’tvote, the blacks were asked more Ida b wells-shedifficult became a editorquestions than the white voters or of a localgiven a test in a whole different newspaper ,laugage, officials racial justice waspassed and failed whoever they the main themewanted of her reportings 1880 1881Ragtime- a blend of Booker t washinton- belived that racismafrican-american spritals would end onceand european musical blacks acquired useful labor skills andforms provided their economicragtime first became value to society, he started tuskegeepopular in saloons and university in alabamasoon evolved in what is it taught blacks useful skills intoday agirculturecalled jazz, rock n roll,and the blues
  • Joseph pulitzer- ahungarian immagrant whohad brought the newspaper to new yorkhe pioneered popular Dawes act- this act broke up theinnovations such as a large reservations and gave land to individualSunday edition , native americans 160 acres eachcomic’s,sports, andwomens news to thenewpaper 1886 1887 1883 Samual gompers- led the cigar makers international unions to join with other craft unions, and was the american federation of labor with gompers as president focused on collective bargaining between represenitives of labor and management to reach a written agreements on wages, hours, and working conditions
  • George Eastman- he introducedhis kodak camera the purchase Wounded knee- onprice was 25$ and December 28th the 7thincluded a roll of film, once the Calvary custers oldflim was used up you could send regiment rounded up aboutthe camera back to the 350 starving and freezingfactory and for 10$ the pictures sioux and took themwere devoleped and returned with to a camp at woundedthe camera reloaded knee in south dakota 1888 1890 Ghostdance- this a was ritual dance that native Americans thought that it would bring their land back, the movement spread rapidly among the Sioux tribe
  • Vaudeville- african americans performers filled roles mainly in minstrel shows that featureSherman trust act- exaggerated imitations of africanmade it illegal to american music and performanceform a trust that music and dance to reinforceinterfered with free black stereotypestrade betweenstates or othercountrys 1890 1892 Settlement Ellis island- it was the largest house- immagration community center in the u.s and largest one centers in slum on the nieborhoods east coast that provided assistance to people in the area especially immagrants
  • w.e.b dubois- the first AfricanAmerican to receive a doctoratefrom harvard strongly Mail order catalogs- the postdisagreed with Washington office introducedgradually dubois founded the a free delivery system thatniagara movement which brought packagesinsisted that blacks should seek a directly to every homeliberal arts education so that thecommuntiy would havestrong inteligent african americans 1895 1896 William randolph hearst- had purchased the new york morning jounal, hearst who had already owned the san francisiso examiner sought to out do pulitzer by putting exaggerated tales in the jounal
  • William jennings bryan-democratic nomineePlessy vs. ferguson- the editor of the omaha world herald,supreme court said that the he deliveredseparation of races In public an impassionate address to thewas assembled delegateslegal and didn’t violate anypart of the 14th admendmentthey established the doctrineseparate but equal 1896William mckinley- republicannomination for president aftermuch debate the democraticparty came out in favor of thegold and sliver standred
  • Orville and wilbur wright- brothersthe wright brother’s were bicyclemanufactures fromdayton, ohio. They experimentedwith new engines powerfulenough to keep heavyerthan air crafts along, on december17th 1903 at kitty hawk, nc theirbiplane covered 120ftand lasted 12 seconds 1905 1910 Angel island- in the san francisco bay over 50000 Chinese immagrants came through this island to get to american in the early 20th centurary