Crisis of trust and accountability, Internet governance, icann50, ccNSO Desiree Miloshevic
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Crisis of trust and accountability, Internet governance, icann50, ccNSO Desiree Miloshevic






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  • No, really….nobody broke the Internet but the word last year. <br /> Somebody scanned the Internet… or ATE the Internet… <br /> <br />
  • Software guys provided 1 through 7 layers on the picture. Let’s not have the people on level 8 and 9 screw it up.
  • Philosophical Disagreement about the Role of Governments <br />
  • We designed the internet to be any-to-any … to allow anyone to develop a protocol or communications without ASKING PERMISSION. `’we’ is everyone.

Crisis of trust and accountability, Internet governance, icann50, ccNSO Desiree Miloshevic Crisis of trust and accountability, Internet governance, icann50, ccNSO Desiree Miloshevic Presentation Transcript

  • “Crisis of Accountability, Crisis of Trust” Desiree Miloshevic ccNSO @ ICANN 50 June 24 2014 London UK
  • 2Desiree Miloshevic
  • Latest Developments in Internet Governance IANA Transition NetMundial WSIS +10 IGF 3Desiree Miloshevic … all as paths of the Internet governance journey We will explore recent global shift in focus on what’s required to re- build digital trustworthiness within the Internet ecosystem as well as among stakeholders and institutions.
  • Latest Developments in Internet Governance 4Desiree Miloshevic Can we imagine healthy development of our digital society without solving the post-Snowden challenges it brings to citizens, technology, community and governments as well
  • Latest Developments in Internet Governance For the first time in human history, the power of ideas has greater potential leverage than the power of corporations. 5Desiree Miloshevic
  • 6Desiree Miloshevic
  • 7Desiree Miloshevic
  • Growth and geo politics 8Desiree Miloshevic
  • Accountability? 9Desiree Miloshevic
  • NetMundial 10Desiree Miloshevic Hamadoun,Dilma,Fadi Multistakeholderism?
  • ICANN Accountability 11Desiree Miloshevic
  • IANA Transitions Subject is being discussed 12Desiree Miloshevic
  • WSIS +10 13Desiree Miloshevic 2.pdf
  • What is This All About? (Then and Now) 14Desiree Miloshevic LeonardKleinrock VintCerf NetworkDiagrams Thefirstemail TheInternetToday ICANN WWWCatVideos
  • PERMISSIONLESS INNOVATION … is at threat Multistakeholder processes at threat Governance institutions are at threat 15Desiree Miloshevic
  • Where Are We Going? 16Desiree Miloshevic Globalization vs Internationalization? Shared Economy?
  • What are the main obstacles on the way? 17Desiree Miloshevic Re-establishing Trust and Balance between stakeholders vernment-apathy-following-snowden-disclosures/
  • Reset the Net June 5 2014 Schism between industry and the state 18Desiree Miloshevic
  • What’s the Final Destination of the Journey? Balance and innovation Preserving the core *I* values and architecture: openness, neutrality, anonymity New governance structures should ensure new Internet commons Internet governance: “Open and inclusive to all stakeholders complaint with human rights and respectful of the rule of law” (N.K ) . 19Desiree Miloshevic
  • … For large number of people it’s the most important thing – the Internet. Reminder of how importance the Internet is and why these discussions are complex and important 20Desiree Miloshevic
  • Questions? 21Desiree Miloshevic @Des Desiree Miloshevic Afilias