Chilean Pisco with Capel
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Chilean Pisco with Capel



Meeting with Javier Marcos from Capel. An introduction to Chilean Pisco.

Meeting with Javier Marcos from Capel. An introduction to Chilean Pisco.



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Chilean Pisco with Capel Presentation Transcript

  • 2. WHAT IS PISCO ? Pisco is a young aromatic spirit distilled from Muscat grapes Translucent or lightly amber in color due to aging in wooden casks Graduation : 40º Gl.
  • 5. PISCO PRODUCING ZONE The Pisco Region is located in the northern part of Chile in the semi-arid III and IV Regions. This is 500 kms north of Santiago- the Capital- and south of the Atacama desert, the driest in the world.
  • 7. LAND OF ORIGIN OF PISCO Unique physical and geographic characteristics – Luminous, sunny and cloudless skies – Crystal clear waters that flow from the Andes Mountains – Extreme temperatures High during the day Low at night
  • 8. DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN Due to the singular physical surroundings this zone was officially named the Land of Origin of Pisco in 1931: Law 18.455 Art. 28. Pisco is an alcohol produced and bottled in units of consumption in the III and IV Regions, through the distillation of genuine wine, from the vitis vinifera varieties determined by the law that are planted in those regions.
  • 10. HARVEST GRAPES Grape recollection Transport by trucks to processing plants Determine probable alcohol content Sanitary controls Vending machine - separates the juice from the stems MUST
  • 11. FERMENTATION MUST Maceration Tanks Filtering – Separates the must from the skin Clean must - add yeast Fermentation WINE
  • 12. DISTILLATION WINE Wine mixture Taken to Still Distillation occurs ALCOHOL
  • 13. AGING ACOHOL Wooden Casks - French/American Oak , Raulí From 6 months up to 2 years Soften the character of the new spirit without altering the aromatic condition of its origin Quality certification Mix - Filtering PISCO
  • 14. BOTTLEING PISCO Bottles Caps Labels Boxing Pallets PISCO DISTRIBUITION
  • 15. ENJOYING PISCO Pisco may be enjoyed in many different combinations: as an apperitif, a long drink, after dinner drink, fruit cocktail or in any way your imagination may advise you. As a fruit based spirit, Pisco is very versatile and a great mixer : with soft drinks, lemon, fruit juices, other drinks or you may enjoy it alone on the rocks.
  • 16. Holding Capel
  • 17. Our Company Capel Ltda. Is an Agricultural Cooperative created in 1934 (Cooperativa Agrícola Pisquera Elqui Ltda) that has more than 1.500 partners contributing with their grape production to Capel, who treats and elaborates them. Thus, more than 80% of the Elqui Valley grapes are processed by Capel industry. Capel´s 9 recepction and destilling plants are scattered all over the Pisco producing valleys of Copiapó, Huasco, Elqui, Limarí and Choapa, Elaborating more than 200 million kilograms of grapes and over 3,5 million 9 liter boxes.
  • 18. Capel in Chile and Export Market Capel is a cooperative that unites 1300 viticulturist, which specialize in the production of Pisco and coktails. Capel is the biggest company in Chile with the 58% of the market share Capel is the biggest exports company of pisco with 70% of market share. Capel exports to 36 countries
  • 19. Our Products
  • 20. What is Capel ? Capel is Pisco. It is a pure destillate from muscatel, young and aromatic, produced in one of the driest zones in the world, south of the Atacama desert. Capel is produced in a unique zone of the world with its incomparable transparent and luminous skies, crystaline and pure rivers flowing from the Andes along narrow valleys with a hot dry climate, all of wich are ideal feature for growing aromatic muscatel grapes. These natural characteristics of the region made it possible in 1931 to establish “ Denomination Of Origin” for the Chilean Pisco
  • 21. Pisco Capel Double Destilation • A transparent and bright product with a soft and elegant aroma, reminiscent of azahar flowers, lime, muscatel grapes and with a hint of lychee. •In mouth it is smooth with a lime tone and medium body..
  • 22. Capel Reservado 40º Aged •Made with selected grapes of the most noble lands of the Elqui valley utilizing an harmonic process of double distillation that allows us to obtain a refined and pure pisco, •Balanced in flavor and aroma combined with American and French oak barrel aging and resulting in a balanced, woody and elegant pisco.
  • 23. Pisco Capel Moai •Made with fine muscatel grapes and aged in American oak, superior in aroma and flavor. •Of deep bright amber color with a fruity aroma. •In mouth, an excellent balance between fruit and wood, well- rounded and with an excellent body
  • 24. Mango Cocktail • A cocktail made with mango and lemon blending the delicate aroma and flavor of mango together with the fresh and acidic zest of lemon. • Its color is an opaque orangish yellow and consists of medium thickness in texture. • It is 24 alcohol proof. • Its aroma is intensely tropical with a distinct bouquet of mango and its flavor, a pleasant balance between the sweetness of tropical fruit, the acidity of citric lemon, and the subtle elegance of fine pisco. •Forms of use: Product ready to consume, refrigerated or with ice. Apt for consumption at home or in restaurants, bars, pubs, and discos.
  • 25. Daiquiri Cocktail • A cocktail beverage consisting of pisco, rum and tropical fruit, opaque red-orange in color and of medium thickness. • Its aroma is intensely tropical, strong character of pineapple, guayaba and citric fruits. •Its taste incorporates the fresh flavours of citric fruit with the complexity of tropical fruit and is subtle in alcoholic content, a product of mixing pisco with rum. • A defined and persistent tropical fruit finish.
  • 26. Piña Colada • A cocktail beverage of pisco and rum mixed with cream, pineapple and coconut. • Its color is a milky white and has the distinct aroma of pineapple and coconut with a touch of cream. • It is smooth in alcohol but intensely flavored of ¨Piña Colada¨ , strong and persistant in flavor. •It is 24 alcohol proof. •Forms of use: Product ready to consume, refrigerated or with ice. Apt for consumption at home or in restaurants, bars, pubs, and discos.
  • 27. Toffee Cocktail • A cocktail beverage consisting of pisco and rum blended with cream, caramel and toffee. • Its color is that of milk and coffee and smells of sweetness, caramel butter, sugar, and cream. • Its smooth flavor has a hint of roasted hazelnuts covered in toffee. • It is persistent yet delicate to the taste •Forms of use: Product ready to consume, refrigerated or with ice. Apt for consumption at home or in restaurants, bars, pubs, and discos. It may be used in making pastry
  • 28. Pisco Sour Cocktail •It is prepared with pisco and natural lemon juice, has only 24 alcohol proof. •A quality product, opaque green in color of medium consistency. •It´s aroma maintains the strong citrus character of real lemon juice, with hints of lemon lime citrus flowers. These citrus notes are balanced with the elegant characteristics of pisco and it´s flavor is of perfect balance between citric zest, sweetness, and pure grade alcohol. •It is fresh and intense in lemon lime flavor and is smooth yet persistent to the finish •Forms of use: Product ready to consume, refrigerated or with ice. •Apt for consumption at home or in restaurants, bars, pubs, and discos. It may be used in making pastry
  • 29. Capel Gift Pack 40% Alc/Vol.
  • 30. Thank you for your time and interest in our products If you need more information please Contact me at Javier Marcos Exports Director +56 9 9194374