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With your drink in hand and new associates at your side, kick off RIApalooza with insight into the current and future state of RIAs: Where we’ve been, what’s happening now, and what to expect from ...

With your drink in hand and new associates at your side, kick off RIApalooza with insight into the current and future state of RIAs: Where we’ve been, what’s happening now, and what to expect from the future as the market call for RIAs and experience-driven software applications becomes louder and louder.

Not only will this kick-off give you a feeling for what will be covered during Saturday's full-day at RIAPalooza, it will also provide valuable information about the future of RIAs, Rich “Connected” Desktop applications and digital user experiences in general. Meeker will talk about several key concepts related to the future of user experience and give a quick peek at some new and rather compelling technologies.



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Kickoff to RIAPalooza Kickoff to RIAPalooza Presentation Transcript

  • 1 Conference Cocktail Kick-Off Drinking & Thinking Dave Meeker |
  • 2 thanks to sponsors Illinois Technology Association
  • 3 why are we here? ?
  • 4 why are we here? ?
  • 5 in order to understand why we are here...we have to understand where we’ve been
  • 6 we have been on a constant search for tools to create better user experiences.
  • 7 1995 - 2000: “experimentation” Netscape Plugins ActiveX Controls Java Applets MS HTML Layout Control (IE3.0) CGI Push Video Framesets Shockwave MS Liquid Motion
  • 8 MS ActiveX Control Pad - 1996
  • 9 MS HTML Layout Control (ActiveX) - 1996
  • 10 Java Applet for Charting - 1996
  • 11 Java Applet Calculator - 1996 “Pocket Calc”
  • 12 We have been working to overcome the absurd rule of page-based applications, minimally-functional UI controls and “fetch --> display”
  • 13 Interactivity > HTML Building “Real” Applications using HTML as the primary GUI technology is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.
  • 14 2000 - 2004: “foundation” SOAP / Web Services XML Flash MX* Flash Remoting Macromedia Central Macromedia/Adobe Flex 1.0 MS .NET * With Flash MX, Macromedia Introduced the term “Rich Internet Application” to the Web Vernacular
  • 15 2005 - 2008: “revolution” Adobe Buys Macromedia SOA Adoption & Readiness AJAX Maturity Adobe Flex 2.0 - 3.0, AIR, Flash Player, FDS Microsoft Silverlight, Expression Studio, Surface Users now demand good experiences
  • 16 2008 - Beyond: “the (near) future” Web Applications Benefit from Hardware Graphic Acceleration & OS Connectivity Desktop & Web Blurring Continues Personal Remote File Storage Becomes Preferential APIs, APIs, APIs & more APIs The Thin Client Returns Mobile Gets Real Semantic Data Voice / Touch Input
  • 17 all of this technology was created with a single goal... creating better user experiences
  • 18 So, back to this... ? why are we here?
  • 19 in order to understand why we are here... we also have to understand who we are
  • 20 so... who are we? (you) Software Developer(s) ? Computer Scientist(s) ? Information Architect(s) ? Technology Project Manager(s) ? Consultant(s) ? Interaction Designer(s) ? Web Technologists? Business People?
  • 21 because you are here...
  • 22 it means that you are... Someone who Strives to Design & Build Better User Experiences Someone who is Passionate about Creative Technology Someone who will Help Shape the Future of Online Applications A Creative Problem Solver
  • 23 :-) Now, don’t you feel good? You are officially creative.
  • 24 we know who we are, where we are, and how we got here... now what?
  • 25 making the most of RIA for Designers & Developers (Keynote) Tim Heuer & Corrina Barber Agile Flex Application Development: How Mammoths Stay Slim Ka Wai Cheung, We Are Mammoth Best and Worst Practices Building a RIA Michael Labriola (Digital Primates) & Josh Holmes Fast. Smart. Agile. User Experience Driven Agile Development Matt Nolker, Pathfinder Development How RIA Changes In Application Design Geoff Cubitt, President & CTO - Roundarch Silverlight and RIA Corey Miller, Magenic Better Designer/Developer Collaboration with WFP & XAML Anthony Handley, Magenic
  • 26 communicate collaborate educate ideate innovate
  • 27 Building a Bridge Between Adobe AIR and Java
  • 28 What is Merapi? Merapi is a bridge between applications written in Java and those running in and created for Adobe AIR™ (Adobe Integrated Runtime™). Merapi has been designed to run on a user's machine, along with an Adobe AIR™application and provide a direct path between the Adobe AIR™ framework and Java, exposing the power and overall capabilities of the user's operating system, including 3rd party hardware devices.
  • 29 Why Did We Create Merapi? For Adobe AIR To have access to the features of the Java language and the myriad of Java libraries For Java To have access to the powerful user interface framework available in Adobe Flex / AIR applications
  • 30 How Did We Create Merapi? Flex <-> Java Communication on a local socket using Adobe open source libraries for AMF serialization
  • 31 Ways to Use Merapi Control Lego MindStorm Robots from an Adobe AIR game. Connect an AIR™ application to a Wii remote Perform TWAIN Capturing of Video or Images from a camera or scanner Use AIR™ to talk to a phone plugged in via USB Connect an AIR application to system hardware and OS properties Connect an AIR application UI to a GPS device Sending MIDI signals to instruments over a network using a Flex application GUI running in the AIR framework Create a new UI for a command-line Java application or Java Interface
  • 32 Q&A dave meeker - roundarch -