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SCS Environmental Contracting Statement of Qualification
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SCS Environmental Contracting Statement of Qualification


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. SCS Environmental Contracting, Inc.
    Statement of Qualification
    SCS Environmental Contracting, Inc. was incorporated in 1988. The corporate office is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with a satellite drilling office in Columbus, Ohio.
    The variety of specialized equipment and “turn-key operation” is what sets SCS Environmental Contracting apart from competitors. SCS has the ability to complete all phases of a subsurface environmental project, beginning with the initial site investigation and ending with remedial installation. SCS is committed to a continuous improvement plan for finding ways to increase the value of our company while reducing the costs associated with performing the necessary activities.
    Our office staff has over seventy-five years of combined environmental contracting experience. It is our goal to hire the best people, as well as provide them with superior training and equipment. Our highly skilled and experienced staff routinely works with nationally recognized consulting and engineering firms. We strive to provide our clients with quality services on time and within the client’s budget.
    SCS Environmental Contracting is a fully licensed and certified contractor working throughout Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia.
    Mark Matson, Principal
    Mark is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of SCS Environmental Contracting. Mark also oversees field activities and excavation estimating. Mark has managed thousands of projects, including UST removal/installation, the removal and disposal of impacted material, as well as remediation system related projects. Mark is well versed in every aspect of environmental construction
    Curt Luebbert, Drilling Manager, Fort Wayne, IN
    Curt oversees drilling activities and estimating in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan. Curt has a vast understanding of drill rigs and Geoprobe units. He was able to use his knowledge to assist Geoprobe in the engineering of the Geoprobe 54DT unit, which allows for the installation of angle soil and groundwater sampling sparge point remediation systems. Prior to joining SCS Environmental Contracting in 2001, Curt was a Principal and Drilling Manager for Soil Exploration Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Curt received his education at Indiana University from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.
    Scott Guyer, Drilling Manager, Columbus, OH
    Scott oversees drilling activities and estimating in Ohio and West Virginia. Scott’s years of experience have allowed him to mater the skill of rock coring. Prior to joining SCS Environmental Contracting in 2009, Scott was the drilling manager for Belasco Drilling Services in Columbus, Ohio for approximately 20 years.
    Dale Ocock, Controller
    Dale is an essential component to ensuring SCS’s financial and accounting information is successfully managed. Dale’s responsibilities include financial statement and tax return preparation, banking and lending negotiations, insurance administration and making certain SCS is in compliance with the ever changing standards of the environmental industry.
    Darin Coy, Business Development Manager
    Darin is predominantly focused on growing existing client relationships, identifying new clients, and researching innovative techniques in the environmental industry. Darin also assists in excavation estimating and internal project management, including identifying and hiring subcontractors. Darin received his education at Indiana University from the Kelley School of Business and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.
    Excavation Support Service
    Spill Response
    Confined Space Entry
    Site Demolition
    Environmental Excavation and Remedial Construction
    Soil Remediation and Disposal
    Vac Truck Services
    Non-Hazardous liquids/solids disposal
    UST Removal and Installation
    Commercial and Industrial Power Washing
    Landfill Repair/Restoration

    Remedial Support Service
    Hydrocarbon Recovery
    Groundwater Treatment
    Soil Venting
    Air Sparging
    Support Structure Construction
    Remediation System Installation
    Hydrovac/Excavation Support Service
    Day Lighting/Potholing
    Emergency Non-Hazardous Recovery
    Routine/Maintenance free Product Recovery
    Vacuum Enhance/Groundwater Pilot Testing
    Utility pole
    Slot Trenching
    In-Plant trenching
    Underground repairs
    Culvert Cleaning

    Services Cont.
    Drilling Support Service
    Temporary Well Installation
    Flatbed Onsite Decontamination Trailers
    Groundwater Observation Wells
    Groundwater Recovery Wells
    Hollow Stemmed and Solid Core Augers
    Geotechnical Drilling
    Shallow Bedrock Drilling
    Shelby Tube Soil Sampling
    Soil Vapor Extraction Wells
    Split Spoon Soil Sampling
    Five Foot Continuous Soil Sampling
    Standard Penetration Test
    Decommissioning Wells
    Probing Support Service
    Angle and Vertical
    Soil/Groundwater Sampling/Air Sparge/Soil Vapor Sampling
    HRC/ORC/RegenOx Injection (Bottom to Top/Top to bottom)
    Large Bore Soil Sampler/Marco-Core Soil Sampler
    Dual Tube Soil Sampling
    Discrete Screen Point Sampler
    Temporary Piezometer Installation
    Project Experience
    Project: Pipeline Compressor Station
    Location: Shelbyville, IN
    Over 80,000 gallons of groundwater was pumped from the excavation area into a Frac Tank and filtered through a Granular Activated Carbon Filtration System and discharged into a ditch.
    Wet contaminated soil was mixed with fly ash in a solidification pit constructed by SCS before being hauled off-site.
    Roughly 2,500 tons of petroleum impacted soil was then excavated and hauled off-site.
    Backfilling was completed and topsoil was spread back over the construction work area and restored to its original profile.
    Project: SSA 6109
    Location: Indianapolis, IN
    Excavation and hauling of 6,450 tons of petroleum contaminated soil
    Backfilling was completed and topsoil was spread back over the construction work area and restored to its original profile.
    Project: Marathon Unit 202162
    Location: Peru, IN
    Excavation and hauling of 9,560 tons of petroleum impacted soil
    Installation of 570 linear feet of groundwater interceptor trench
    Backfilling was completed and topsoil was spread back over the construction work area and restored to its original profile.
    Project: Former SSA 6394
    Location: Greenfield, IN
    Installation of twenty-six (26) 4-inch vapor recovery wells
    Trenching, directional boring, and installation of PVC piping from a remediation system building to each of seven (7) pre-existing recovery wells, twenty-six (26) recovery wells, and three (3) existing groundwater pump and treatment wells. This required nearly 2,500 feet of 1, 2, 3, and 4 inch Sch. 40 PVC piping
    Excavation of four (4) connector trenches, totaling 965 feet, to an approximate depth of 15 feet
    Installation of remediation system building pad
    Project Experience Cont.
    Project: Gas & Service Stations
    Location: Evansville, IN
    As of February 2010, 26 UST’s have been excavated, cut, cleaned, and disposed of from this ongoing project
    Excavation and hauling of 5,343 tons of petroleum impacted soil
    Project: Construction Debris Landfill
    Location: Bowling Green, OH
    Installation of 2 bedrock wells to approximately 25 feet
    Continuous sampling to the top of rock was required. The top of the rock was at 10 feet for each location
    After a 10’ core run was completed the barrel was removed and the rock was removed from the barrel. It was then reinserted back in the boring and the boring was completed to depth.
    After the core barrel was removed and emptied, the tricone bit was reinserted and the boring was reamed to the total depth of the core hole. Following the reaming a two inch PVC monitoring well was installed and completed as an above ground well
    Project: Manufacturing Facility
    Location: Greensburg, Indiana
    Remedial cleanup of chlorinated solvents
    Over 100 borings with the Geoprobe 6620 using conventional split spoon hollow stem auguring techniques to depths of 20-30 feet
    Borings included installation of electrical heating resistance electrode wells, pressure monitoring points, as well as double cased monitoring well
    Confirmation samples reached temperatures well over 100 degrees, making typically acetate liner techniques impracticable
    Project Experience Cont.
    Project: Manufacturing Facility - Annually
    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
    130 borings to 30 feet with 1.25 inch rods
    Injection of over 675,000 gallons of corn syrup for remediation purposes
    Manifold pumping to 5 borings at a time, from a 10,000 gallon baker tank, through a water poly tank
    Project: Manufacturing Facility
    Location: Marion, Indiana
    Injection of over 10,000 lbs of ORC compound
    Top to bottom injection of 90 lbs per probe location to a depth of 20 feet
    Injection by direct-push technology and direct-pressurized injection
    GS-2000 grout pump and top-bottom injection insured the ORC was distributed throughout the contamination zones uniformly
    Project: Dry Cleaner
    Location: Valparaiso, Indiana
    Vertical profiling for chlorinated solvents
    Five 2 inch wells were set ranging from 110 feet to 130 feet using the Dietrich 120
    Continues sampling occurred
    The above mentioned projects are an example of work performed. SCS Environmental Contracting assists countless nationally recognized environmental consulting companies on a daily basis with jobs of larger and smaller magnitude than what is cited above.
    Health & Safety
    The team at SCS understands the value of “safety first.”   SCS Environmental Contracting is dedicated to the protection of its employees from on-the-job injuries. All employees of SCS Environmental Contracting have the responsibility to work safely on the job. We are known for conquering the most difficult projects and executing them in a safe manner by applying the principles of continuous improvement to safety, in order to achieve the highest levels of best practices.
    All SCS Environmental Contracting Employees are:
    OSHA 40-Hour Hazwoper Certified with OSHA 8-Hour Refreshers Conducted
    OSHA 10-Hour Construction Certified
    First Aid & CPR Certified
    Veriforce Pipeline Operator Qualified
    SCS Environmental Contracting has met the new safety standards for contractors and subcontractors for the Marathon Petroleum Company.