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Chiquita and Workday at the HR Technology Presentation
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Chiquita and Workday at the HR Technology Presentation


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Workday’s co-CEO and chief customer advocate joined Chiquita Brands CIO Manjit Singh on stage today at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago. Chiquita is Workday customer #17 and Manjit has been a …

Workday’s co-CEO and chief customer advocate joined Chiquita Brands CIO Manjit Singh on stage today at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago. Chiquita is Workday customer #17 and Manjit has been a huge advocate of SaaS in the enterprise for a long time.

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  • 1. HR Technology Conference 2009 Dave Duffield D D ffi ld
  • 2. Workday at a Glance • Full suite of enterprise- Passion Experience Culture class business solutions • Multi-tenant SaaS • Built to serve mid size, large, and very large companiesi • Lower TCO for today’s economic conditions • 101 customers • 365 passionate, experienced employees Employees Customer Service Innovation g y Integrity Fun y Profitability
  • 3. New Approach Driving Growth “ Workday could definitely be the next ” 2009 101 David Smoley, Chief Information Officer, customers 63 in production Flextronics 2008 Update 9 2007 200,000 employees , p y 2005 - 06 SAS 70 Type 2 and Safe HCM V2 released. Harbor Certification $75M Funding Dave Duffield and Awarded Top HR Aneel Bhusri Product Round found Workday Financials released Announced Integration On Demand; acquired Cape Clear Payroll in GA HCM 1.0 debuts; Largest customer 80 employees >25,000 employees iPhone & BlackBerry First customer 1st User Conference
  • 4. Workday Customers S i Services Technology Financial Services Manufacturing Healthcare Other Industries
  • 5. Manjit Singh • CIO at Chiquita Brands International • Regional CIO for Gillette, Singapore • Advocate for the Cloud, Web 2.0, SaaS • Computerworld 100 CIOs for his SaaS Innovations • InformationWeek’s Top 50 Global CIOs • InformationWeek s InformationWeek’s 15 Innovators to Watch in 2009 • Workday customer #17
  • 6. SaaS and Global HR Transformation at Chiquita Brands Manjit Singh Chief Information Officer Chief Information Officer Chiquita Brands International
  • 7. Chiquita Brands International • Global marketer and distributor of fresh and  value‐added food products value added food products • Annual revenues nearly $4 billion • 23,000 employees worldwide • Operations in more than 80 countries p
  • 8. Takeaways Today • Sense of the CIO’s perspective • A view into our global HRIS challenges A i i t l b l HRIS h ll • Partnership with HR • Chiquita’s HRIS selection and deployment • Working with vendors Working with vendors
  • 9. RULES
  • 10. Five Rules I Live by… 1. Focus on business enablement  2. Information must be transparent and easily  2 I f ti tb t t d il available 3. Stay customer focused 4. Be agile  g 5. The Cloud is the new platform 
  • 11. Need for Transformation Consolidated employee management across  business units and geographies to enable high  business units and geographies to enable high performance organization
  • 12. Challenges and Issues Globalization Reporting Business Process Integration Cost Organizational Structure
  • 13. 2007: HRMS Situation Review • Challenges for HR  – Payroll was system of record y y • 80 countries • 23,000+ employees • 5,000 US,  15,000 Tropics, 3,000 EMEA 5,000 US, >15,000 Tropics, 3,000 EMEA • 4 Payroll systems in NA, multiple instances in Latin America, EU  primarily spreadsheets – Little to no business process automation  – No standard data – limited ability to report – Need for manager and employee self‐service  Need for manager and employee self service – Reporting and information access non‐existent – Complex, matrixed, global operations p g p
  • 14. 2007: HRMS Situation Review • Challenges for IT  – Management and maintenance overhead x3  g – No integration across systems – Significant manual overhead to generate reports – Costs
  • 15. System Selection • Stakeholders  – HR – Managers, employees – IT operations IT operations • Criteria – HR operational requirements: workflow, reporting, etc. – Time to deploy –C t Costs  – 5 Rules: Business, Information, Customer, Agility, Cloud 
  • 16. System Selection: Common Concerns Scalability Privacy Security SOA Vendor Stability Vendor Stability
  • 17. System Selection • Approach – Assemble global team of cross‐functional decision makers – Strategic impact matters most S i i – Know the difference between Need & Want  – Strong top management support (CEO, CPO, CIO) • What worked (and didn’t) – User engagement is go/no‐go criteria – HRIS is a catalyst for change – Getting team focused on need/buy‐in – Global team making global decisions
  • 18. Project Phase 1 – North America • Build the Global Chiquita‐tized business processes – Implement Core HR with single data repository p g p y • Functionality – Core HR, Benefits & Self Service were critical – Performance Management & Payroll we knew up‐front would  be added later • Go Live Approach – first with HR community then MSS and Go Live Approach  first with HR community then MSS and  shortly thereafter limited ESS – Integration with Payroll and planned for Active Directory – Use WBN Network 
  • 19. Project Phase 2 – Latin America • Discovery:  on all of LA initially and how to fit it into the  Global Business Processes – What fit globally?  What did not?  And how to make it work • Infrastructure analysis was critical – Increased WAN and Internet – Implemented QoS technology • Implementation approach: phased approach by country Implementation approach:  phased approach by country – Roll out core HR & MSS first; ESS shortly after – Integrations with Payroll and approx. 7 other systems used in  g y pp y the core business and operations across multiple Latin countries
  • 20. Timeline 2009 Q1 ‘09 Q2 ‘09 Q3 ‘09 Q4 ‘09 Live! Live! Tropics Discovery, Design & Panama Roll Out CR Roll Out HN, GT Configuration Live! Europe Discovery, Design & Europe Roll Out Configuration North American Initiatives PM PM 2 Live! Live! Workday  Versions
  • 21. Timeline 2009 ‐ 2010 Q3 ‘09 Q4 ‘09 Q1 ‘10 Q2 ‘10 Live! Training Live! Costa Honduras, Honduras Guatemala Ecuador Placeholder Rica Roll Out with SMF Roll Out Mexico, Chile, Asia IT Updates from CAF to ADAM Live! Li ! Training Europe Live! Discovery, Design & Europe Roll Out Configuration Open Enrollment PTG Calibration Training PTG Calibrated & Live! Live! MIP Global Initiatives – Perform to Grow, Goal Setting , g Payroll Discovery Parallel for PTO & PTO & Timesheets Config in NA for Parallel begin June /Config/Test NA Timesheets? in NA ? 2010 – Live Jan 2011 Workday  Versions
  • 22. HR Accomplishments • Business process automation improving focus  on the decision & discussion – not the data! on the decision & discussion not the data! • Information access changing how we execute  & operate & t • Clarity in organizational structure, roles & HR  support • Global function now a global team
  • 23. IT Accomplishments • System consolidation • Information availability  I f ti il bilit • Integrations  • Update experiences
  • 24. Lessons Learned • Integration • C ll b ti Collaboration • Accountability
  • 25. Vendor Partnership • Great time to be a technology customer • W kd Workday customer #17 t #17 – Version 1.0 – First large enterprise – Product influence, alignment – SaaS lends itself to accountability – Time to value, time to innovation
  • 26. Questions?