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  • 1. DISCLAIMER in g inThe presentation contained herein ra them aintends only to serve as a traininggeneral knowledge about Onmaterial to Sellers, providing r ly T the product. lethis presentation l es e useds sellingAll or any part of S o for r or any other initiativesshould not be F uo at marketing and/or selling thepurposesaimed rpproject.P
  • 2. in g in ra l y r T n le s O l e e s S o r p o rF u P
  • 3. Project Overview• Project Type in g : Residential condominiums in ra3-BR Tandem• Product Type : Hybrid development• Unit Type : 2-BR, T r & 2On 3-BR, ly• No. of Buildings :le l: 714 es e s 8 Mid-rise Hi-rise S o• No. of Units r p – P5.2M o r: P2.3M F u : May 2009• Price Range• RFO P (First 2 Towers)
  • 4. PROJECT IN FOCUS Location Map in g in ra l y r T n le s O l e e s S o r p o rF u P
  • 5. Area Distances• Business District in o BGC – 3.65 Km g in o Makati – 7.5 Km ra l y o Ortigas – 8.14 Km• Commercial T n o Market! Market! – 3.65 Km r le s O o Glorietta/Greenbelt – 7.61 Km l e o Tiendesitas – 8.78 Km e s o SM Megamall – 9.95 Km• S o Schools r p o Colegio de San Agustin – 5.14 Km o r F u o Assumption College – 8.01 Km o CEU Makati – 8.32 Km• P Hospitals o Makati Med – 9.18 Km o Ospital ng Makati – 3.05 Km o St. Luke’s Hospital – 4.40 Km
  • 6. in g in ra l y PRIMARY n T r le MARKET O lTARGET es e s S o r p o rF u P
  • 7. Primary Target Market: Early-Nesters gDemographics in inMarried couples between the ra ages ly30 – T fromn to of r e sO40 years old with 1 to 2 kids, toddler loccupying from middle to l e e positions in reputableelementary level, SThey ares r po currently residing intop management o or Mega Manila area and own acompanies.the Metro ur F Pfamily car.
  • 8. Early-NestersPsychographic n g ithat valuecomfort and time for the family. iThey are family-centered individuals n T nra spotsy thenearby malls and other family leisure They frequentmetropolis and enjoy roccasional out-of-town l in le s O l efamily trips with friends and relatives. e stheir first home withinThey intend S purchase r po to oinvestment, where they can nurture thethe next 2 years, seeing their new house as botha family u r F and a family legacy that they can leave tofamily, Ptheir children and grandchildren.
  • 9. Early-Nesters Emotional Needfamily needs to find work & inYoung urban couple starting a g Benefit Accessible to workplace. Travel time & the Activities & Experience Get home and have an early dinner with your wife & kids Link to Product/ Amenity Strategic Location infamily life balance to nurture traffic are minimizedtheir budding relationship allowing you & your family Spend some quality time teaching your ra l y to spend more time on kids lessons/homework from school bonding moments & activities you lovea balance in their r T nYoung starting family seeking Offers a wide variety of active play and passive Play soccer with neighbors and friends at the open playfield area. Amenities Area le s Orecreational and leisure relaxation for a moreactivities balanced life Relax after a hard week of work at the l e e s sauna. S oA startup family searching for A true value-for-money Go shopping every month like you use Affordabilitya good home deal that would purchase that gives you a to without worrying where to get your r pallow them to still keep the life o rthey lead and b able topursue other interests. lot at a price that will not empty your bank account. next house purchase payment. Flexible payment terms F uA young couple, busy withtheir budding careers, wants Spend quality time with family and lead a hassle- Watch a whole day at the Clubhouse with the whole family. Go swimming, Upgraded Property Management services Pto spend their time away from free life as RPR’s PMO watch a movie, go on a with the family takes care of the little things for you
  • 10. in g in ra l y SECONDARY T n r le MARKET O lTARGET es e s S o r p o rF u P
  • 11. Secondary Target Market Full-Nesters gDemographics in in T nraages ofly40 -45 years old with e r kids occupyingMarried couples between the l teenages O reputable l positions in e owne run a familycompaniesStop management and/or s and r They po currently residing in o r are F Manilau own several P and
  • 12. Full-NestersPsychographic in g inThey are career-driven, family-centered individuals thatvalue time with the family, security, comfort and ra l yconvenience. They travel a lot, here and abroad, either T nfor business or leisure. They are members of respected rbusiness organizations as well as exclusive organizations le s O l esuch as golf and yacht clubs. They frequent important e ssocial gatherings and big business conferences. S o r pThey may already own several properties, be it a condo o r F uunit near CDBs or a leisure estate outside themetropolitan area, though they still intend to buy a Pproperty either for themselves – as halfway home –and/or for their kids – to be near the best colleges.
  • 13. Full-Nesters Emotional NeedWorking parents yearn for in g Benefit RPR offers tranquil and fully Activities & Experience Your kids are safe and free to Link to Product/ Amenity 24-hr security ina secured & peaceful secured home environment have a stroll and play withinenvironment for their enveloped in a nature-rich RPR. Less worries for the Gated Entrancefamily to live in setting. busy parents ra l y Perimeter Fence rParents who wants to T nenjoy quality time with No need to travel to far away resorts and recreational areas Take a dip with you and your kids in the swim Amenities le s Otheir family in the comforts as we have a huge resort- like Parks, gardens and picnic areas l eof their own homes amenities complete with state Have picnics at the picnic of the art facilities and property areas or watch a movie with e s S o management services friends at the mini-theater r pWorking couple looking for o ra place that is accessibleand comes with a Accessible to exclusive schools, modern hospitals, popular malls, etc. Enough time to fetch your kids to school before going to work Strategic location F upersonalized service Get a relaxing massage in your own home for stress Upgraded Property management P relief and maximum services relaxation
  • 14. in g in ra l yPROJECT Tr NAME & n le s O l e LOGO e s S o r p o rF u P
  • 15. PROJECT NAME inROYAL PALM RESIDENCESg in ra l y Royal Palm is genus of palm tree common in Thailand, from which Royal Palm Residences takes its design T n inspiration, and other tropical regions such as Florida, the r le s O Caribbean, Central and South America. l e e s It is a single stemmed tree with pinnate leaves and an S o oblong-shaped fruit that has the ability to release their r p leaves during strong winds to prevent it from toppling. o r F u It follows the names of Projects within Township Central, and most of our Projects outside of it, which carry the P names of common tree species (i.e. Cypress, Mahogany Place, Rosewood Pointe, Sycamore)
  • 16. BUILDING NAMES in gTaken from Thailand’s famous beaches and island resort indestinations: ra l y • T n • Karon Kata r le s O • Railay l e e s • Phuket S o r p • • Yanoi Samui o r F u • • Nui Rawai P • • Kamala Pansea
  • 17. LOGO in g in ra l y r T n le s O l e• This logo consists of 3 main elements, namely text, a graphical icon and color. e s S o• The text is simple and regal. The stylized letters R and M (featuring an architectural detail found in almost all their structures) lend a uniquely Thai flavor to the text r p rendering o r F u• The lotus is an image that has long been associated with the Thais Buddhist ideals of peace, harmony and well-being. It is strategically positioned on top of the letter O, giving one the impression of a crown, which ties back to the concepts "Royal" theme. P• The colors used – purple and gold – connote royalty and is a traditional color combination used throughout Thailand.
  • 18. in g in ra l y VALUE T n r le s O l e PROPOSITION e s S o r p o rF u P
  • 19. VALUE PROPOSITION in gWhat : A Thai-inspired, tropical-resort residential in condominium ra l yWhere : nestled within DMCI Homes’ Township Central T n of the progressive City of Taguig rHow le s O : offering a haven for a balanced, healthy l e lifestyle e sWho S o : for the upwardly-moving, young achievers and r p professionalsWhy o r F u : seeking holistic wellness PWhen : in a time of increasing stress from the fast- paced life in the city
  • 20. A stone’s throw away from g everything you need in in ra l yAn ambient residential communitycomprising of 8 mid-rise and 2 hi- r T nrise structures located in close le s Oproximity to the country’s growing l e e sfinancial districts of Bonifacio S oGlobal City and Makati City, r ptrendiest mall destinations in o r F uBonifacio High Street andGreenbelt, top educational Pinstitutions such as Colegio deSan Agustin and Assumption andkey thoroughfares like EDSA andC-5.
  • 21. Thai-inspired design architecture in gLiving within this clustered, in ra l ymedium-density development isa relentless treat for the senses r T nas old world charm is le s Oexperienced and reminisced in l e e severy piece of its Thai design S oarchitecture adorned by r p o rintricate finial roof designs, F uorganic-earth colors andeclectic Thai ornaments further Penriched by the elegant fusionof elements from modern timesplendor.
  • 22. Tropical-resort themed amenities portfolio in g inIt prides itself with an impressive ra l ycollection of multi-functional rest r T nand recreational amenitiesdispersed across a one-hectare le s Oexpanse centrally located to offer l e e smaximum visibility and direct S oaccessibility. An amalgamation of r p13 indoor facilities and 22 outdoor o r F uamenities offering a broadselection of vibrant play and Ptranquil relaxation gives thisresidential development itsunique character and appeal.
  • 23. Integrated water features in gA multi-sensory delight that is inimmortalized by 1,000 SQ.M of ra l yvarious water amenities T nconsisting of soothing leisure r le s Opools, captivating water l ecascades, interactive water play e s S oand idyllic water ponds festooned r pwith oriental foliage and Thai o rfixtures spread throughout the F ucentral amenities area creating a Previtalizing ambiance andinspiring community milieu.
  • 24. Upgraded Property Management services in g in ra l yCarrying the flag of rHomes has beenT ninnovation for which DMCI le s O l eassociated with, Royal e sPalm Residences S ointroduces a first-of-its-kind r p o rlist of personalized service F uofferings employed in a Pmid-rise residentialdevelopment ranging frompayment assistance to do-it-for-you services.
  • 25. in g in ra l y T n rIN FOCUS lePROJECT s O l e e s S o r p o r F u P
  • 26. PROJECT IN FOCUS Site Development Plan in g Rosewood Pointe in ra l y Entrance r T n KARON KATA MR - 5 Floors RAILAY MR - 5 Floors le s O MR - 5 Floors l e MR e s SAM -5F S o UI l oo rs r p YANOI MR - 5 Floo rs o r F u LA RAW AI Floo rs P PANSEA - 19 NUI K AMA HR MR - 5 FloorsPHUKET rs MR - 5 Floors Floo MR - 5 Floors - 19 HR
  • 27. PROJECT IN FOCUS Site Development Plan in g Rosewood Pointe in ra l y Not less than 20m r T n le s O l e e s S o r p Not less than 8m o rF u P
  • 28. PROJECT IN FOCUS Site Development Plan in• Organic – all elements are in harmony g n iThai colors with nature & the living environment ra l y• Promoting Serenity – relaxing T n• Distinct façade le r and landscaping elements O l es e s details – Roof: r p S o • finials & triangular roof ornaments F u o r • steep gabled roof descending from an elongated pinnacle, into curved flame-shaped eaves P – Sandstone details• Landscaping – yellow & gold details resembling Buddhist influence
  • 29. PROJECT IN FOCUS Development Features in g• Grand entrance in ra l y• 24-Hour security r T n• Wi-fi at the Clubhouse le s O l e• Perimeter wall e s S o• Electrified fence r p o r• Overhead Water Tank and Cistern F u• Garbage collection facility P• Back-up generator at the Clubhouse• PM Office
  • 30. PROJECT IN FOCUS Building Features in g• Outside corridor feature in ra l y• Single loaded design T n• Elevator per Bldg. r le s O l e• Balcony in all end units e s S o• Fire exits at both wings r p o r• Thai-inspired Bldg. facade F u• Drying area at roof deck P• Central light court with skylight• Covered parking at Lower ground
  • 31. PROJECT IN FOCUS Typical Building Floor Plan in g in ra l y Stairs r T n Elevator le s O l e e s S KARON Facing Amenities r po o r F u 71.0 sqm P 50.0 sqm 62.0 sqm 100.0 sqm** only 19 units / floor
  • 32. PROJECT IN FOCUS Typical Building Floor Plan in g in ra l yElevator r T n Stairs le s O l e e s S KATA Facing Amenities r po o r F u 71.0 sqm P 50.0 sqm 62.0 sqm 75.5 sqm ** only 18 units / floor
  • 33. PROJECT IN FOCUS Unit Mix BLDG 71.00 in 62.00 g 50.00 75.50 39.50 70.00 51.50 78.00 64.00 inMid-riseKata 10 10 50 20KaronYanoi 10 ra l y T n 10 80 20 64 10Phuket r le s O 20 20 64NuiPansea l e e s 20 20 69 69Railay S o r p 10 10 80 o rSamui 20 69Kamala*F uHigh-rise 226 76Rawai*TOTAL P 30 30 210 20 20 100 226 787 10 76 152
  • 34. PROJECT IN FOCUS Unit MixBLDG 71.0 62.0 in 50.0 g 100 75.5TYPEKata 3BR 10 3BR 10 in ra l y 2BR 50 3BR 3BR 20Karon 10 r 10 T n 70 5TOTAL % 20 11% le s O 20 l e e s11% 120 65% 5 2% 20 11% S o r p BLDGKata o r F u 2BR 50 3BR 40KaronTOTAL%age P 70 120 65% 35% 25 65
  • 35. PROJECT IN FOCUSUnit Floor Plan – 50.0 sqm. in g in ra l y r T n le s O l e e s S o r p o rF u P
  • 36. PROJECT IN FOCUSUnit Floor Plan – 62.0 sqm. in g in ra l y r T n le s O l e e s S o r p o rF u P
  • 37. PROJECT IN FOCUSUnit Floor Plan – 71.0 sqm. in g in ra l y r T n le s O l e e s S o r p o rF u P
  • 38. PROJECT IN FOCUSUnit Floor Plan – 75.5 sqm. in g in ra l y r T n le s O l e e s S o r p o rF u P
  • 39. PROJECT IN FOCUSUnit Floor Plan – 100.0 sqm. in g in ra l y r T n le s O l e e s S o r p o rF u P
  • 40. PROJECT IN FOCUS Unit FinishesTURNOVER FINISHES in ga. FLOOR FINISHES in ra l yLiving / Dining / Kitchen / Bedrooms Low-maintenance resilient flooring with baseboardToilet & Bath r T n Unglazed Ceramic Tiles le s OBalcony Ceramic Tiles l eb. WALL FINISHES e s S oInterior Walls Painted finish r pToilet & Bath o rc. CEILING FINISHES Painted plain cement finish above tile F uLiving / Dining / Kitchen / Bedrooms Painted plain cement finish PToilet & Bath Painted ficemboard finish Granite finish countertop, with completeD. KITCHEN AREA cabinet system
  • 41. PROJECT IN FOCUS Unit FinishesTURNOVER FINISHES in gE. DOORSEntrance Door in ra l y Solid TKD panel type door on metal jamb with r T nBedroom / Toilet & Bath Doors aluminum screen door Solid TKD panel type door on metal jambBalcony Door le s O l e e s Aluminum framed sliding glass panel with insect screen S o r pOTHER UNIT DETAILS o r – Approximate ceiling heights F u • 2.5m in bedroom / living areas • 2.4m in T&Bs P – Aluminum sliding windows with insect screen – Provision for electricity, water, phone & cable TV connections
  • 42. PROJECT IN FOCUS Outdoor AmenitiesLap and Kiddie Pool in g Koi Pond Leisure Pool Basketball Court in ra l y r T n le s O l e e s S o r p o r F u P Skating Rink Themed Gardens Children’s Playground
  • 43. PROJECT IN FOCUS Outdoor AmenitiesTai Chi Grounds in g Pool Deck Entry Court Picnic Grove & BBQ Area in ra l y r T n le s O l e e s S o r p o r F u P Gazebo Lotus Pond Sand Pit
  • 44. PROJECT IN FOCUS Clubhouse: Concept in g in Thai ra of having Following the T raised lon y rhouses On tradition le posts, the Clubhouse l es e s a pavilion S o imitatesfloating in r p on stilts o r water.F u P
  • 45. PROJECT IN FOCUS Clubhouse in g in ra l y r T n le s O l e e s S o Front Elevation•• r p Lounge Area o r Open Function Hall • • Recreation Room Business Center•• F u Function Rooms Fitness Gym w/ Dance Studio • Entertainment Room•• P Reception Sauna • • Bar & Kitchen Multi-Purpose Hall• Locker Room
  • 46. PROJECT IN FOCUS Clubhouse: Ground Floor Plan in gFitness Gym with Dance Studio Recreation Room in ra l y Business Center r T n Open Function Hall Locker Room le s O l e e s Sauna Reception S o r p o r F u P
  • 47. PROJECT IN FOCUS Clubhouse: 2nd Floor Plan in g in ra l yMain Function Hall r T n Function RoomsEntertainment Room le s O l e Lounge e s Bar & Kitchen S o r p o rF u P
  • 48. PROJECT IN FOCUS PMO Services• in Move-in assistance g•• in Leasing Program ra l y Car wash service• T n Shuttle service r le s O• Utilities application and payment assistance• l e Realty Tax payment assistance e s•• S o Roving security personnel r p General maintenance of common areas•• o r Newspaper delivery F u Proximity cards•• P Taxi call-in service Organizing of community events• PMO staff to have a uniform
  • 49. PROJECT IN FOCUS PricingKaron Unit Types in g Price Range Price Range (Cash) in 2-Bedroom (Inner Unit, 50 sqm) Php 2.373M - 2.734M Php 2.136M - 2.461M 3-Bedroom (End Unit, 62 - 71 sqm) Php 3.407M - 4.291M Php 3.066M - 3.862M ra l y 3-Bedroom (Tandem Unit, 100 sqm) Php 5.074M - 5.266M Php 4.567M - 4.739MKata r T n 2-Bedroom (Inner Unit, 50 sqm) Php 2.373M - 2.461M Php 2.136M - 2.439M le s O 3-Bedroom (End Unit, 62 - 71 sqm) Php 3.407M - 4.359M Php 3.066M - 3.923M l e 3-Bedroom (Inner Unit, 75.50 sqm) e s Php 3.888M - 4.070M Php 3.499M - 3.663M S o r p Parking Price o r F u Covered Parking Karon - 72 slots Kata - 68 slots Php 355,000 P Street Parking Php 238,500
  • 50. PROJECT IN FOCUS Construction Milestones in g • Model Unit in ra l y – 1st wk of April • Karon & Kata Bldg. r T n – RFO in May 2009 le s O l e e sExcavation of Kata Building • 2nd QTR 2008 S o r p – Completion of Guardhouse o rF u • May 2009 – Completion of P Clubhouse Guardhouse
  • 51. in g in ra l y END T OF r le s O n l e e s PRESENTATION S o r p o rF u P