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GSMS Public Speaking Workshops 2010
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GSMS Public Speaking Workshops 2010

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Training is designed to transform individuals, teams, and organizations. We provide your team with the tools that enable them to deliver extra-ordinary results.

Training is designed to transform individuals, teams, and organizations. We provide your team with the tools that enable them to deliver extra-ordinary results.

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  • 1. About Dr. Doreen McGunagle Dr. McGunagle is an organizational consultant, facilitator, and speaker All About Key Notes with more then 20 years experience working with Fortune 1000 compa- nies. Dr. McGunagle mentors, advises, and coaches leaders on key strat- egy issues that improve market performance and gross profits. An ac- Global Strategic Management Solutions Workshops (half & full day) complished writer and professional: her publications include The Chinese Auto Industry: Taming the Dragon as well as numerous trade publica- Assisting individuals reach tions. Her educational background includes both a Ph.D. (Organization their full potential and become effective leaders. Topics include: and Management with a Specialization in International Business) and MBA (Management) . Leadership Development Dr. McGunagle is often called upon to deliver multi-day training work- shops in self-awareness, communications, team development skills for Speaker—Keynote Diversity/Conflict Management emerging leaders. Each workshop is customized to meet the client’s Sustainable Organizations specific areas of concern; many involve the use of personality assessment Capacity Building tools as appropriate to the group’s needs. Communications Training & Development Entrepreneurship About Global Strategic Management Solutions GSMS has considerable experience in solving complex assessments and Training is designed to transform individuals, teams, and organiza- Empowerment interventions. Strategies are based on the ideals of solving problems for tions. We provide your team with the tools that enable them to the benefit of our client while striving to create a sustainable organization. deliver extra-ordinary results. Call us today to create a program Goal Setting that fits your needs. We constantly face new challenges and devise solutions to solve complex Relationships problems with an entrepreneurial spirit. GSMS would be pleased to dis- cuss how we can work with your organization to cost-effectively solve your organizational challenges. Global Strategic Management Solutions Tel. 561.208.1071 | 866.417.2415 www.globalstrategicmgmt.com 866.417.2415 | 561.208.1071
  • 2. Leadership Development “Who’s the Boss: Managing Your Kingdom” Diversity Training |Conflict Management A leaders ability to understand people from a behavioral and cultural perspec- “How Do the Chopsticks Work: Learning to Deal with Diversity” Empowerment Series tive is critical to creating a healthy organization. Real leaders are those who inspire and motivate others, create teamwork, and achieve results. Successful Diversity in today’s workforce offers another layer of challenges to your communication. “Reaching the Top!” leaders require interaction of three properties: There are four different types of diversity that have the highest impact on your communica- tions: Managing your Success By Creating your Character—basic quality of leader Future. Culture If you think you can, you can. If you Knowledge—study and preparation Age think you can’t, you’re right. ~ Henry Ford Application—learn our recipe that will produce an effective leader! Gender The essence of leadership is achieving in the absence of any directions from others, based on an inner sense of what is morally and professionally right. Education “Surfing the Waves of Life” What are you trying to achieve in your life? This question is about purpose, values, and fulfillment in your life. Relationships “Stop the Boat! I want to get off: Navigating Change “ “Wired for Happiness: Managing your Emotions” Control the changes in your life and learn to navigate your way through life in harmony and understanding. Positive moods can facilitate creativity, integrative thinking, inductive reason, better net- working, and relationship building. Emotions can lead to more flexible planning, generation Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow to of multiple alternatives, a broadened perspective on solving problems, & motivating those reach new heights. ~ Pauline R. Kezer around you. Communications Sustainable Organizations “What did you Say: Effective Communications” “Checkmate: Strategies to Achieving Sustainable Organizations” Entrepreneurship Learn Keys to creating a Healthy Organizational Culture. Working on your mission, lead- “Dream It, Believe It & To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communi- ership, and management to create a sustainable business mode l. Achieve It!” cations with others. Create a framework for your busi- Goal Setting ~ Anthony Robbins ness that is built around your pas- “The Roadmap Ahead” sion. What are you trying to People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It is that achieve in your life? simple. ~ Earl Nightingale Some people go through life, others GROW through life. Learn to treat life as a journey. This question is about purpose, People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It is that simple. ~ Earl values, and fulfillment in your Nightingale life. This question sets the stage for your actions.